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Chapter 3086: Ten Trillion Dao Coins

The Ice Prince, along with the others, were shocked.

He was killed with a single strike!

Everyone turned to look at the Old Monster Flame as he was the one who had made the move.

If Jin Xiaoxiao was present, she would definitely recognize his strike! It was the same move that had killed Dao Jianchou previously!

The Star Lightning Dao Venerable, Yang Yu, stared at the Old Monster Flame in shock.

“Absolute… Absolute blaze…”

That was the power of absolute blaze!

Everyone in the surroundings fell silent, and it became so quiet that one would be able to hear the sound of a pin drop.

The Old Monster Flame had moved too quickly, and most people present couldnt recognize his power.

As the Star Lightning Dao Venerable, Yang Yu was able to see what most couldnt.

As the ninety-second ranked expert on the Extermination List, he was capable enough to see what had happened.

When everyone heard what Yang Yu said, complex emotions filled their hearts.

Even Feng Yuxuan was stunned.

No one would have thought that the skinny, old man standing behind the youngster and the three-headed beast to be an expert capable of wielding the power of absolute blaze!

When everyone was stuck in their thoughts, Feng Yuxuan rushed through the crowd and ran towards Huang Xiaolong.

The Ice Prince and the others following behind her were shocked.

“Young lady!” The Ice Prince wanted to rush over, but she made a deep bow towards Huang Xiaolong all of a sudden.

“Feng Yuxuan greets Your Highness.”

The two maidservants behind her got to their knees and kowtowed towards Huang Xiaolong.

Their young lady might be able to bend the rules a little and bow to Huang Xiaolong, but they were mere maidservants.

They didnt dare to show the slightest disrespect! After all, one had to know that when Huang Xiaolong had visited them in the past, all the eminent elders had got to their knees!

Those standing around stared at Feng Yuxuan in horror.

No one would have thought that the princess of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce would show such respect to the young man riding the three-headed beast!

Wouldnt that mean that Feng Yuxuan not only recognized him, but their relationship was…

When Zhang Qin and Sun Shanglong heard that the power the skinny, old man behind Huang Xiaolong wielded was the power of absolute blaze, they nearly pissed their pants.

Now that they saw how respectful the Wind Rain Princess was acting, they nearly passed out.

As for the Ice Prince, he wanted to question Huang Xiaolong about his actions outside the gates of the hall.

After all, he didnt care about the reputation of the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce when he made his move.

However, he thought otherwise when he saw how respectful Feng Yuxuan was acting.

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly as he remained impassive about the whole matter.

Everyone stared at him in stunned silence.

Was that it! The other party was Princess Feng Yuxuan of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce!

When Huang Xiaolong finally allowed them to get to their feet, the Ice Prince came forward while cupping his fists.

“I wonder how I should address you”

“Huang Xiaolong.”

Huang Xiaolong

Everyone present stared at each other with a questionable gaze.

They thought that he hailed from some sort of superpower, but they couldnt think of anyone with the surname Huang on the top of their heads.

They had no idea who he was!

“Its our honor to play the host, however, about the matter with Eminent Elder Zhu Jingchen and Hall Master Xie Li…”

He knew that Huang Xiaolongs identity wasnt simple, and his relationship with Feng Yuxuan wasnt what it seemed.

However, the two had met a grizzly fate in the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce.

As someone who had some authority in the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce, he had to put up a show so that he could respond accordingly to the powers when they came knocking.

“I was indeed the one who killed them.

If the Tyrant Beast Creed and Mysterious Sparrow Creed come knocking, you can send them to the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce to look for me.

I will remain there for quite some time,” Huang Xiaolong replied.

Everyone standing around felt their hearts skipping a beat when they heard what he said.

Since he said that he would remain in the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce for some time…

His words were grossly misinterpreted by the others.

“In fact, Im not here to attend the banquet,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

“I wonder why dao brother came all the way here” The Ice Prince couldnt help but ask.

“My genesis level pills are running out, and Im here to purchase a batch of your Ice Orchid Pills.” Huang Xiaolong continued, “Ive heard that you have some Liquid of Life and Dazzling Gold Stone lying around.

Im here to buy them all.”

Everyone stared at him with their eyes wide open.

He wanted a batch of Ice Orchid Pills! A batch of them!

He also wanted all the Liquid of Life and Dazzling Gold Stone the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce had!

Their first reaction was that Huang Xiaolong was overestimating himself.

After all, a single pill would cost an astronomical price.

Not to mention the fact that the Ice Orchid Pills were one of the top ten genesis level pills in the Origin Holy World!

As for the Liquid of Life and Dazzling Gold Stone, there was even less of a need to mention them.

It wouldnt be easy for him to purchase all of them.

After all, even if he had several hundreds of billion, he wouldnt come close to the amount required to buy them all!

Even Princess Feng Yuxuan was slightly taken aback.

She felt that Huang Xiaolong had overestimated himself.

“Brother Huang, are you sure” The Ice Prince frowned.

He didnt believe that Huang Xiaolong could bring out the amount required to purchase everything he stated.

When Huang Xiaolong brought out a furnace, Yang Yu couldn\'t help but scream in shock.

“Peak-grade cosmos artifact level furnace!”

Peak-grade cosmos artifact level furnace!

Everyone couldnt believe their eyes.

The number of high-grade cosmos artifact level furnaces in the Origin Holy World might have been aplenty, but the number of peak-grade cosmos artifact level furnaces could probably be counted on one hand.

Even super chambers of commerce like the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce didnt have one!

Indeed, Huang Xiaolong took out the Sun and Moon Furnace, and after so many years of tempering, it had reached the peak-level cosmos artifact level!

When everyone thought that Huang Xiaolong was planning to use the furnace to trade for the items he listed, he lifted a tiny restriction on the furnace, and a massive continent made of dao coins appeared in the skies.

“Heres ten trillion,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

“This should be enough, right”

“Ten… Ten… Ten trillion!” Yang Yu of the Star Lightning Creed gasped in shock.

Everyone present felt their hearts pounding against their chests when they saw the amount sitting before them.

Even Feng Yuxuan couldnt help but swallow a mouthful of saliva in shock.

The Ice Prince felt his throat going dry.

Ten trillion dao coins! As the young master of the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce, this was his first time seeing so much money before him!

That wasnt a hundred billion dao coins, and it wasnt a trillion.

It was ten whole trillion!

Of course, none of them would know that ten trillion dao coins was merely a drop in the ocean to Huang Xiaolong.

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong had plundered to his hearts content, and he had basically swept up the fortune in the various superpowers.

The amount he had couldnt even be counted in the trillions! If he really wanted to round the numbers up, he wouldnt be able to notice even if several tens of trillions had disappeared!

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