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Chapter 3104: I Only Want The Pure Soil

Wangu Xu, Pang Rui, and everyone else turned to look at where Wangu Qinger landed.

Their eyes widened in shock.

With a wave of pain shooting through his heart, Wangu Xu roared in anger, “Qinger!” His figure disappeared and he reappeared beside her body.

Pang Rui leaped to his feet and sent a punch flying towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, Ill cripple you!” He treated Wangu Qinger like his own daughter, and the amount of love he showered her with was comparable to Wangu Xu!

As an expert ranked on the Extermination List, he wasnt weaker than the region lord of the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, Jin Hongyuan! His fist contained the power to shatter the heavens.

The stars dimmed and the earth trembled.

The entire city shook as his fist flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

Too bad for him, Wind Cloud Dao Venerable reached out and stopped his punch with a single palm.

As Peng Rui was sent flying through several walls before he was stopped by the light barrier created by the formations surrounding the area.

Even though Pang Rui was as strong as Jin Hongyuan, he was far too weak to be compared to Wind Cloud Dao Venerable.

As soon as Pang Rui was sent flying, the experts in the hall leaped to their feet.

“Hold it right there!” Wangu Xus voice boomed through the hall.

His voice rang caused the city to tremble, and everyone in the hall stopped to look at him.

Getting to his feet slowly, Wangu Xu stared at Huang Xiaolong and growled.

“Huang Xiaolong, who would have thought that you managed to comprehend the power of radiance and darkness to the minor completion stage Im a little surprised by your talent… In fact, you might be able to challenge my young master.”

The power of radiance and darkness were displayed by Huang Xiaolong when he sent Wangu Qinger flying.

However, Wangu Xu continued, “Whatever the case, youre going to die today.

Think of how you wish to die! Ill make your wish come true whether you like it or not!”

He planned to personally kill Huang Xiaolong for his transgressions.

His threats fell on deaf ears as Huang Xiaolong started laughing in response.

“Your daughter chose to challenge me.

I warned her not to, but she insisted on fighting me.

What has her injuries got to do with me” Huang Xiaolong stared at Wangu Xu and continued, “Are you planning to kill me now Hehe, I dont think you have what it takes to do so.”

Wangu Xu was shocked, but a snort left his lips the next instant.

“Do you really think Lei Yu and Wind Cloud Dao Venerable can protect you Since theres no longer a point hiding this from you, let me tell you that weve already laid down thirty six genesis level formations around this branch! None of you will be able to escape today!” After he spoke, he waved his hands in the air and several beams of light shot into the skies.

They surrounded the entire branch in a light barrier.

Liu Qiuan and the others felt their connection to the outside world getting cut off all of a sudden.

Ordinary creeds would only have a single genesis level formation if they reached a certain level.

It could be considered their life saving formation, and it had the ability to turn their territory into a fortress.

When the Mystical Pavilion opened thirty six of such formations, even an existence in the top ten ranks of the Extermination List would feel a little pressured! It was no wonder Wangu Xu felt so confident.

Huang Xiaolong and the others felt a heavy pressure descending on them.

“Are you surprised to feel the suppression of spatial energy Hahaha, out of the thirty six formations, some of them are of the space element! There are some made from the poison element, and youll be able to utilize seventy percent of your strength at most!” Wangu Xu sneered.

However, Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent as he stared at the man.

“Even with seventy percent of my power, Ill only need to use a single hand to exterminate all of you.” He turned to look at the void above and spoke all of a sudden.

“Wangu Xu, youre not the main fighter sent by the Mystical Pavilion.

Stop acting like it.”

Everyone followed Huang Xiaolongs gaze and they saw a figure made from flames appearing in the skies.

“We greet Lord San Song!” Wangu Xu and the others suddenly cupped their fists to greet the newcomer.

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Pang Rui and the others were even more respectful as they bowed.

As for the disciples, they kneeled on the ground.

There were more than four hundred experts of the Everlasting Dao Convergence present, and even the patriarch bowed.

“You can rise.” San Song spoke.

Hearing him, Wangu Xu and the others finally got to their feet.

Even Lei Yus expression tensed up when he saw the person who just arrived.

No one would have expected that the Mystical Pavilion would send out a monster ranked sixth on the Extermination List to deal with them!

Of course, Lei Yu and the others were merely surprised.

They felt a little on guard, but their minds were completely at ease.

After all, there was an expert standing beside them who ranked fourth on the Extermination List, and there was the even more terrifying Huang Xiaolong!

As the figure of flames blocked off his face, he was like the Myriad Formation Devil who ambushed Huang Xiaolong previously.

None of them could see his face.

He slowly walked towards Huang Xiaolong and the power of flames scorched everything in its path.

Lord San Song was someone who reached perfection level in the powers of radiance, absolute blaze, and absolute earth!

With the power of absolute blaze at perfection level, the heat was something ordinary patriarchs couldnt withstand.

However, Lei Yu blocked off the heatwaves trying to hit Huang Xiaolong.

Purple flashes of lightning qi surrounded him and it formed a wall before Huang Xiaolong and San Song.

Glancing at Lei Yu, San Song quickly arrived before Huang Xiaolong.

He was extremely confident in his strength, and he wasnt afraid Lei Yu and Wind Cloud Dao Venerable would make a surprise attack.

“Huang Xiaolong, how about this.

If you hand the Pure Soil over, I wont make things difficult for you.

I will allow you to leave.” San Song spoke without letting the flames around him dissipate.

Wangu Xu couldnt help but jump in shock.

“Lord San Song, this…”

Hearing Wangu Xus outburst, San Song raised his hand and stopped the man from speaking any further.

“Are you really only here for the Pure Soil” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Thats right! I only want the Pure Soil you have on you!” San Song felt that everything would go smoothly as long as Huang Xiaolong agreed to hand it over.

After all, Lei Yus alliance with Wind Cloud Dao Convergence would pose a problem.

There were also tons of experts around Huang Xiaolong, and the Mystical Pavilion was bound to suffer some degree of damage if they forced Huang Xiaolong into a corner.

“I still have two quasi creation artifacts and two genesis level trees on me.

Even though they cant compare to the Tree of Origin, theyre pretty valuable.

Let me ask again.

Are you sure you only want the Pure Soil”

Huang Xiaolongs words stunned everyone, including San Song.

San Song stared at Huang Xiaolong with a suspicious gaze.

“Two quasi creation artifacts!” Wangu Xus eyes lit up all of a sudden.

“Two genesis level trees!” Even though the Mystical Pavilion was rich and had many treasures, the value of whatever Huang Xiaolong said was something they couldnt ignore.

After all, even the experts in the top three ranks on the Extermination List would go crazy for a quasi creation artifact.

The patriarchs of the other factions stared at Huang Xiaolong as their gazes heated up.

If Lord San Song wasnt present, they would have pounced on him.

“Of course!” Huang Xiaolong narrowed his eyes and revealed a brilliant smile.

He waved his left arm and tossed out a dragon scale, and it was the exact same one his father left behind in the Holy Dragon World in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

The Purple Lightning Peak appeared in front of everyone.

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