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Chapter 3115: Sure

As he crossed creed after creed, an endless amount of eyes turned to stare at him.

In the inner palace of the Death Beast Army, the nine beast kings were equally as focused on the upcoming battle.

The Origin Heavenly Cave fell silent as the World Master made his way over to the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

Xiao Yuncheng, Xuan Kong, and the various marshals stared in the direction of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce without blinking.

Everyone held their breaths, and a suppressive atmosphere descended on the lands.

After five whole seconds, countless figures charged out of the main palace of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

The Myriad Formation Devil, He Zhen, San Song, Wangu Xu, Lei Yu, and the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable stood side by side as they looked at the incoming threat.

With the five of them standing as one, the aura they emitted was no weaker than Xiao Tianqi himself.

With his gaze landing on He Zhen, Xiao Tianqi sighed, “In the past, no one knew what Dao Friend He Zhen looked like.

Its fortunate for us to meet here today.”

He Zhen stared at Xiao Tianqi and chuckled, “Dao Friend Xiao looks too highly upon me!” However, his tone changed the next instant.

“His Highness is still in seclusion, and he ordered for no one to disturb him unless the Main Pavilion Master of the Mystical Pavilion arrived.”

His words were implying that someone at Xiao Tianqis level wasnt qualified to force Huang Xiaolong out of seclusion.

When the experts watching the exchange heard what he said, their expressions changed.

It was especially so for the members of the World Masters Manor.

Rage filled their hearts.

“Who the hell does he think he is! The World Master personally appeared to challenge him to a battle and hes cocky enough to shut him out at the door!” A senior commander of the World Masters Manor raged.

“He should be honored that Lord World Master is challenging him to a battle!”

“Hes definitely scared of Lord World Master.

Hahaha, Huang Xiaolong is nothing but a wimp!”

The experts in the World Masters Manor roared in anger.

Even the patriarchs of some creeds sneered at Huang Xiaolongs actions.

He Zhen interrupted all of them, “If Dao Friend Xiao really wishes to do battle, I will take you on.” He released his aura completely the moment he spoke.

The world turned dark, and several formations formed in the skies above him.

The formations created separate spaces all around them.

Everyone was shocked that the Myriad Formation Devil would make his move without any warning.

They fell silent, and they had to admit that He Zhen had the capabilities of addressing Xiao Tianqi as such.

Even Xiao Tianqi gasped in shock when he realized that the Myriad Formation Devil was willing to take him on.

Maintaining his calm look.

Xiao Tianqi looked at the Myriad Formation Devil.

“Dao Friend He Zhen, your art of formations can be considered the best in the world.

However, you have reached perfection level in only two types of absolute powers.

You are not my opponent.”

A confident and majestic aura started to spread from Xiao Tianqis body.

With a frown forming on his face, He Zhen didnt deny the fact that he wasnt a match for the World Master.

“Fellow Cultivator Xiao has reached perfection level in the powers of absolute wind, earth, blaze, and water, and you might be able to use the grand dao energy and origin energy contained in the Origin Holy World.

Even so, youre not His Highness opponent!”

Everyone stared at He Zhen in shock.

“He Zhen is out of his mind! He hasnt fought Lord World Master, and he wouldnt know Lord World Masters true strength! How would he know that Huang Xiaolong is stronger!” Murong Xiang growled.

Yang Yuyuan explained, “Hes Huang Xiaolongs subordinate, and he has to say that Huang Xiaolong is stronger than Lord World Master…”

Other than the experts of the World Masters Manor, everyone else felt that He Zhen was exaggerating.

After all, no one knew how strong Xiao Tianqi was if he used the full extent of the powers of the Origin Holy World to support himself!

Even the Mystical Pavilion who reigned supreme didnt dare to disrespect Xiao Tianqi!

A clear laughter rang through the skies when Xiao Tianqi heard what He Zhen said.

“Since fellow cultivator says so, I shall challenge you to a battle! If you lose, I will challenge Huang Xiaolong!”

Xiao Tianqi no longer hid his aura and a horrifying pressure descended on the lands.

San Song and the others felt a sense of oppression like they had never felt before.

Not even He Zhen could force them to feel so helpless!

Before Xiao Tianqi could make his move, pillars of purple light shot into the skies from the depths of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

In an instant, lightning dragons filled the skies and even the death beasts standing outside the Origin Heavenly Cave managed to feel the shocking amount of power contained in the lightning bolts.

Xiao Tianqi gasped in shock.

“Power of absolute lightning at perfection level!”

Everyone who heard him revealed an uneasy expression.

It was especially so for Xiao Yuncheng and Xuan Kong.

When they had seen Huang Xiaolong in the past, they had discovered that he had reached perfection level in the power of poison and absolute frost! Now that he had reached the perfection level in the power of absolute lightning, he would have mastered three elements!

The fact that Huang Xiaolongs Dao Bodu of Heaven and Earth was at perfection level stage was also no secret from them!

From what they knew, his power of nirvana was also at the major completion stage!

Their knowledge was a little outdated, as they had no idea that Huang Xiaolongs strength had reached a whole new level.

Xiao Yunchengs expression changed.

If they knew how strong Huang Xiaolong actually was, their reactions would be even more exaggerated!

When everyone stared in the direction of the lightning dragons, they started to transform into pools of purple lightning water.

The puddles soon transformed into a massive raging river!

Lightning bolts containing horrifying power flashed through the skies, and Xiao Tianqis expression turned solemn.

Evidently, Huang Xiaolong had managed to comprehend the power of absolute lightning to perfection level during his time in seclusion.

Looking at the lightning qi surrounding them, he didnt expect that Huang Xiaolongs proficiency in the power of lightning would reach such a high level!

No one spoke as they watched the scene play out before them.

Not even Xiao Tianqi spoke.

After half a day had passed, the lightning qi in the air started to dissipate, and it seemed as though it didnt exist in the first place.

Xiao Tianqi was shocked as he had no idea when Huang Xiaolong retrieved the lightning qi in the air.

“All of you can step down now.” A voice came from deep inside the hall.

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“Yes, Your Highness!” He Zhen, San Song, Wangu Xu, Lei Yu, and the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable replied in unison.

They didnt dare to disobey Huang Xiaolong as they quickly retreated.

When they disappeared, a figure started to walk towards Xiao Tianqi.

With a single step, he appeared before the World Master.

A handsome young man without any traces of power appeared in front of Xiao Tianqi, and he didnt appear nervous in the slightest.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Light flashed through Xiao Tianqis eyes when he saw the figure standing before him.

The person who appeared was precisely Huang Xiaolong who had been stuck in seclusion all this time!

“Yes.” Huang Xiaolong looked at Xiao Tianqi placidly.

Roaring with laughter, Xiao Tianqi addressed the man, “Daoist Friend Huang Xiaolong, you are finally here to battle with me!”

“Sure, Ill fight you,” Huang Xiaolong replied.

“However, youre not my opponent.”

Before he had reached perfection level in the power of lightning he could already beat three to four Xiao Tianqis if they were to appear before him.

Now that he reached a whole new level in strength, Xiao Tianqi wouldnt even be able to withstand a few hits from him!

“Well see!” As soon as the words left his lips, Xiao Tianqi charged at Huang Xiaolong with everything he had.

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