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Chapter 3133: Sh*t! Its Him!

When Man Yihui and the others charged towards Huang Xiaolongs location, the Black Frost Abyss trembled uncontrollably.

A terrifying wave of energy swept through the lands and sent chills down the hearts of Man Yihui and the others.

“Someone used an artifact to strike a protective formation!” Man Yihui cried out in shock.

“The power seems to originate from the direction of the young man… Dont tell me he managed to locate some sort of ancient cultivation cave…” One of the eminent elders guessed.

“That is indeed possible…” Man Yihui growled.

He turned around and barked, “Hurry up! We cant allow the b*stard to snatch the treasure!”

The members of the Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race roared in unison as they sped up.

While they were messing about, Huang Xiaolongs Blood Dragon Stele had already smashed into the barrier.

The space Di Shuang was in trembled unceasingly and Di Shuang, who was deep in cultivation, snapped back to reality.

He was at the most important moment of his cultivation, and he was just about to reach perfection level in the power of darkness.

With Huang Xiaolongs casual smash, he was sent back to the peak of the major completion stage.

Rage erupted in Di Shuangs heart, and killing intent filled his heart.

The space around him started to shake when they felt his killing intent, and it even leaked out to the surrounding area.

The beasts in the Dark Frost Abyss felt his killing intent, and they kneeled on the ground quietly.

None of them dared to move a single muscle.

Di Shuangs killing intent was like trillions of formless blades that shot out in all directions, and it seemed to slice through the entire Dark Frost Abyss.

However, Huang Xiaolong ignored the other partys killing intent and he smashed the Blood Dragon Stele at the barrier once again.


Another heaven shattering blast rang through the skies.

The formation might be one of the ten strongest formations in the Origin Holy World, but it started to tremble under the unending assault of the Blood Dragon Stele.

Huang Xiaolong didnt use any of the elements he comprehended.

He only used forty percent of his cosmos energy.

“Who!” Di Shuang was finally unable to control his temper and he roared, “Get lost right now! Otherwise, Ill come out and exterminate your entire clan!”

Huang Xiaolong ignored the man and he slammed the Blood Dragon Stele towards the barrier once again.


The formation trembled under the shocking power of the Blood Dragon Stele.

No longer able to control himself, Di Shuang rushed out from the formation.

As a pillar of light shot out from the Nine Heaven and Ten Earth Grand Formation, Di Shuang appeared in front of Huang Xiaolongs party.

The instant he emerged, Man Yihui and the others arrived.

When Man Yihui and the others looked at Huang Xiaolong and Di Shuang, they couldnt help but gasp in shock.

They thought that Huang Xiaolong located some sort of secret immortal cave, but as it turned out, they were wrong!

Looking at Di Shuang, a trace of doubt flashed through Man Yihuis eyes.

The sturdy looking middle aged man standing in front of them looked a little familiar.

He felt that he had seen the man somewhere before, but he couldnt recall the mans name,

“Patriarch, thats him! He killed Man Long and the others!” One of the eminent elders pointed at Huang Xiaolong and snapped.

Man Yihui turned away from Di Shuang and he glared at Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, and the others.

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“Did you kill my son and the experts of my Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race!” Man Yihui growled.

As Huang Xiaolong and the others had their backs to Man Yihui and the others, they failed to look at Huang Xiaolongs expression.

Ignoring the man, Huang Xiaolong spoke to Di Shuang, “Di Shuang, looks like you were unable to reach perfection level in the power of darkness… Did I interrupt your cultivation”

It was nearly impossible to reach the perfection level in a single type of element, much less something as powerful as the power of darkness.

Di Shuangs anger filled his heart when Huang Xiaolong brought the subject up once again.

Chilly killing intent flashed through his eyes.

“You motherf*cker!” As soon as he spoke, he looked at Lei Yu and the others before turning back to address Huang Xiaolong.

“Since you know who I am, you have to be crazy if you wish to provoke me.

I shall let you experience the worst way to die!”

Hearing how the two parties ignored him, Man Yihui felt a trace of irritation rising in his heart.

He was just about to make a move on Huang Xiaolong when a horrifying pressure descended from the skies.

Di Shuang released his aura, and the entire Black Frost Abyss trembled in terror.

The Black Frost Abyss that was comparable in size to a super region, was swallowed by Di Shuangs aura!

Even the dark and frosty qi around the area stopped moving!

Under the suppression of Di Shuangs energy, Man Yihui found it hard to breathe.

He felt as though he was an ant standing in front of a giant several million miles tall.

He couldnt believe that as an expert who was strong enough to rank in the top twenties of the Extermination List, he would feel so helpless before someone!

He only felt that way when he faced the ten overlords of the Origin Lands.

No… In fact, he only felt that way when he met with the leader of the ten overlords of the Origin Lands in the past!

How could that be!

The person in front of him wasnt Overlord Cang Xun! He knew what the man looked like!

Hold up… Di Shuang… Di Shuang!

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A terrifying thought flashed through Man Yihuis head.

He nearly broke down then and there when he recalled who the person standing in front of him was.

If the patriarch of the Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race felt helpless, there was no need to mention the other members of the Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race.

They felt as though their hearts were about to stop beating.

Huang Xiaolong stared at the leader of the ten beast kings with an impassive expression.

“No wonder youre hailed as the strongest among the beast kings.

Youre a lot stronger than Xiao Tianqi!”

When the members of the Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race who hadnt realized who they were looking at heard Huang Xiaolongs introduction, they felt a warm stream running down their pants.

There were even some who fainted on the spot.

Even Dao Venerables would succumb to their fears.

Staring at Huang Xiaolong in shock, Di Shuang roared, “Who the hell are you! Since you can compare my strength to Xiao Tianqi, you have to have fought with him in the past!”

Keeping silent, Huang Xiaolong released his aura.

In an instant, the dark qi and frosty qi in the Black Abyss disappeared completely.

In front of Huang Xiaolongs power, Man Yihui failed to keep his footing.

He retreated time and time again, and the other experts of the Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race vomited mouthfuls of fresh blood.

Man Yihui and the others looked at Huang Xiaolong with terror plastered on their faces.

They realized that the young man they were hunting was much stronger than Di Shuang himself!

If Di Shuang was a pillar who could hold up the heavens, Huang Xiaolongs strength was like an endless sea that could swallow everything in its path!

Di Shuang, who was hell bent on killing Huang Xiaolong jumped in fright.

His face changed and he roared, “You… Sh*t! Youre Huang Xiaolong!”

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