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Chapter 3187: President of the Radiance of Spring Chamber of Commerce

It was unforgivable that someone tried to impersonate the young patriarch of their race! If anyone were to commit crimes in the young patriarchs name, that would tarnish the reputation of the entire race!

As such, they were planning to punish the perpetrator seriously to serve as a warning for everyone else.

They wanted the world to know the outcome of committing such a crime!

In an instant, the gazes of everyone present turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

When You Wuyi saw what was going on, he couldnt help but feel a trace of joy sprouting in his heart.

A frown slowly formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

He had never proclaimed himself as the young patriarch of the Lightning Yang Race, and the members of the Lightning Yang Race didnt even bother clarifying it with anyone.

Yet, they chose to take action in front of everyone in the auction!

It was clear that the Lightning Yang Race thought that he was a rollover they could mess with anytime they pleased.

When the experts of the Lightning Yang Race looked at Huang Xiaolongs lack of reaction, a snort left the lips of the eminent elder.

“Are you the one who dared to impersonate our young patriarch! How dare you stand there like a fool!”

“Get over here and apologize right now! At most, well cripple a hundred thousand years of your cultivation.

If you refuse, Ill cripple you completely!”

The eminent elders yell shook the heavens, and everyone felt a buzzing in their ears that refused to subside.

Many experts present gasped in shock.

They didnt expect that the eminent elder of the Lightning Yang Race would act so overbearingly!

When the soundwave finally subsided, those experts who tried to pay Huang Xiaolong a visit but were refused at the door sneered, “Does he really think nothing will happen to him if he refuses to go up there!”

“Haha! His legs should be completely soft right now after the threats! Im pretty sure I can smell the stench of urine in the air!”

Many people present burst into laughter.

When everyone was roaring with laughter, Li Shuo reached out and grabbed at the eminent elder of the Lightning Yang Race.

Seeing how Li Shuo had made a move, a sneer left the lips of the eminent elder.

“How dare a lowly slave move against me!” As soon as he spoke, he slapped downwards and a million lightning dragons came crashing down from the skies.

Every single lightning dragon had the power to tear a sacred land to shreds, and just when everyone thought that Li Shuo would be beaten half to death by the eminent elder from the Lightning Yang Race, a shocking scene played out before them.

The lightning dragons that were shooting towards Li Shuo disappeared as though they never existed in the first place!

No one understood how they disappeared!

As their jaws dropped, they saw the eminent elders figure slowly turning blurry.

When he reappeared, his neck was gripped firmly in Li Shuos hand.

Raising his arm slowly, Li Shuo looked like he was holding a dead chicken in his hands.

A look of terror formed in the eminent elders eyes when he looked at Li Shuo.

“What!” Everyone in the plaza yelled in shock.

The eminent elders previous show of strength shook the hearts of everyone present, but from the looks of it, he couldnt even fight off a random slave!

Li Shuo glared at the eminent elder and growled, “Impersonating the young master of your race! The identity of your young master is nothing more than a piece of sh*t in His Highness eyes.

Why would he waste his time impersonating you”

Piece of sh*t!

Li Shuos words rang loud and clear through the plaza.

As soon as they heard what he said, the expressions of those standing around turned weird.

Killing intent rose in Lei Qinghais heart, and the experts standing behind him jumped to their feet in rage.

“You lowly slave! How dare you!”

“Get to your knees and beg for mercy right now!”

Two experts from the Lightning Yang Race leaped at Li Shuo instantly.

The two of them were also eminent elders of the Lightning Yang Race, but they were much stronger than the eminent elder who was in Li Shuos hands.

If they were to use the Extermination List of the Huang Long World as a benchmark, the two of them would be ranked in the twenties! Their power wasnt something anyone could underestimate, and when they joined hands, the threat they possessed was pretty huge! Massive lightning bolts formed in the skies as it rained down towards Huang Xiaolongs group.

Seeing as the lightning rain was about to land on its target, two snorts rang through the air and caused the Exiled Dragon City to shake.

Two shadows, with only their blood red eyes revealed to the world, charged into the air and they emitted a dense sea of death and corpse qi.


The lightning rain was scattered in an instant.

The two eminent elders of the Lightning Yang Race were blown away instantly, and they slammed into one of the nearby pavilions, shattering it into pieces.

Everyone stared at the two shadows standing behind Huang Xiaolong in shock.

“Fierce Souls!”

Moreover, the two fierce souls that stood behind Huang Xiaolong were of considerable strength!

The eminent elders of the Lightning Yang Race might be easy for anyone in the party to deal with, but Huang Xiaolong didnt wish to reveal the strength of Yuan Tianyi and the others.

To add insult to injury, the two fierce souls Huang Xiaolong summoned were the weakest among the hundred he had.

“Humph!” A cold snort left the lips of Lei Qinghai.

As the Exiled Dragon City shook once again, a terrifying aura filled the skies.

The experts who felt Lei Qinghais aura felt their expressions changing.

Even You Wuyi had to turn serious.

Right before Lei Qinghai could make his move, a voice rang through the air.

“Young Patriarch Lei Qinghai, my auction will be starting soon.

I, Gu Chunguang, hope you can stay your hand.”

His voice wasnt aloud, but everyone present heard it clearly in their minds.

Everyone was shocked but a sense of excitement filled their hearts.

Gu Chunguang!

He was the president of the largest chamber of commerce in the Blazing Dragon World!

One could say that he was an existence only lesser than a God of Creation! Gu Chunguang might have hidden himself from the world, but no one would dare to ignore his presence!

As soon as Lei Qinghai heard his name, he jumped in fright.

He didnt expect that Gu Chunguang would be present for the auction!

Turning around, he clasped his fists together and he bowed, “Greetings to Lord President.

Lei Qinghai didnt intend to offend you.

Please forgive my rash actions.”

A grunt rang through the air before silence took its place.

Not a single sound could be heard throughout the entire sacred land.

Only after a long time did the buzz return.

When the experts in the plaza realized that Gu Chunguang was present, they felt their legs going soft.

Especially those who were planning something stupid.

They shelved their ideas instantly.

Even You Wuyi, the Mysterious Pool Black Devil, the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor, and the princes of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire felt a sense of pressure in their hearts.

The only person who was completely unaffected was Huang Xiaolong.

He turned to look at a certain place in the void as he casually raised one of his eyebrows.

Even though Gu Chunguang was strong, he couldnt escape from Huang Xiaolongs senses.

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