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Chapter 3192: Eight Elements at Perfection Level

Pointing his finger at Yuan Tianyi, a terrifying ray of gray light shot out.

When Di Xiaolong, Zeng Ying, and the others noticed his strength, their expressions changed.

They could see that the ray of light contained the power of ten different elements!

Just as the ray of light could reach Yuan Tianyi, a golden dragon covered in flames appeared in the void above them.

It charged at the ray of light, and the gray beam was shattered like it never existed in the first place.

Everyone stared at the sudden change in shock.


“Old man, what if Im here too” Another majestic voice descended from the void.

“Di Yu!” The Extreme East Old Mans expression finally changed.

As soon as the words left his lips, Di Xiaolong got to his feet.

He cupped his fists at the void and greeted, “Xiaolong greets second uncle!”

Everyone present felt a bomb going off in their minds.

Second uncle! Di Yu!

That was the third strongest expert in the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire!

Many people got to their knees in an instant as they greeted Di Yu respectfully.

“All of you can get up.” Di Yus voice rang through the air once again.

When they got his permission, they finally got to their feet.

As the Extreme East Old Mans expression started to sink, his mind started to move.

He didnt expect Di Yu to be present as well.

He wasnt afraid of anyone else in the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire, but he had to admit that Gu Chunguang and Di Yu would really be able to threaten him.

Moreover, a terrifying possibility flashed through his mind when he noticed Di Yus presence.

With this expression turning dark, he got back in his seat.

“One hundred and thirty-one trillion.” The Extreme East Old Man snorted.

“One hundred and forty trillion.”

With icy light flashing through his eyes, the old man snorted, “Brat, do you really think the two of them can protect you forever When you leave the auction venue later, youll die a horrible death!”

“If youre poor, just admit defeat.” Yuan Tianyi snorted.

“Your threats wont work.”

Zeng Ying felt her brain buzzing when she heard how Yuan Tianyi spoke to the Extreme East OId Man.

He was just a subordinate, but he was even more arrogant than her! Even with her identity and status, she wouldnt dare to slight the Extreme East Old Man.

However, Yuan Tianyi didnt just disrespect the man, he threw out a sleuth of insults!

With his expression turning darker by the second, the Extreme East Old Man snorted, “Youre just a dog of a slave.

You will die a death several thousand times worse than your master!”

A sneer left Yuan Tianyis lips, and he didnt bother replying.

Finally, the old man gave up on the bidding process.

With one hundred and forty trillion, Huang Xiaolong purchased the corpse of the creation level dragon.

After handing over the dao coins, Huang Xiaolong retrieved the corpse and placed it in the Sun Moon Furnace.

After obtaining the batch of herbs and the corpse of the dragon, Huang Xiaolongs strength would take another leap forward.

He might even be able to immediately bring his comprehension of the power of space to perfection level!

If that was the case, he could easily suppress experts who had reached perfection level in all thirteen elements without lifting a finger.

When everyone saw how Huang Xiaolong brought out the cash, a complicated expression appeared on their faces.

There were some who were shocked, and some were jealous.

There were some who were gloating in his misfortune, and there were others who shook their heads in pity.

“This young man caught my attention…” Gu Chunguang looked at Huang Xiaolong and continued, “If he dies in the hand of the Extreme East Old Man, that would be a pity.”

Di Yu chuckled.

“Should we join hands and save the brat”


The two of them chuckled in amusement as they looked at each other.

A massive blade was the final item of the auction, and it was a creation level artifact.

Naturally, many experts started to bid for the treasure.

With Huang Xiaolong sitting out of the bidding process, the fight was naturally extremely intense without some crazy bugger adding tens of trillions at a time.

Now that he had the entire Huang Long Armor Set, the Sun Moon Furnace, the Purple Lightning Peak, and the Blood Dragon Stele, Huang Xiaolong couldnt be bothered with some random blade.

When everyone realized that Huang Xiaolong really had no intentions to snipe the item at the end, they heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, everyone saw the terrifying financial power in Huang Xiaolongs pockets.

No one would be able to outbid him if he chose to fight for the item.

Eventually, the blade fell into Di Xiaolongs hands.

With the final transaction complete, the auction ended.

As soon as it ended, everyone turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

Everyone knew that as soon as Huang Xiaolong stepped out of the auction venue, the Extreme East Old Man would make his move.

Even if the old man didnt do anything, the Nether Spirit Palace wouldnt let him off.

Of course, he had too many treasures on his body.

With the herbs, along with his terrifying amount of dao coins, even the Golden Bamboo Old Man might make a move.

As everyone kept their gazes on him, Huang Xiaolong got to his feet.

With Yuan Tianyi, He Zhen, and Li Shuo, Huang Xiaolong left the venue.

As soon as he did, many auras locked on to him.

Despite that, no one made a move as they turned to look at the Extreme East Old Man.

A sneer left his lips.

“Theres no need to look at me.

You can do as you wish.

As long as his slave lives, I wont do anything to you guys.

All I want are the herbs and the corpse.”

“All of you can take whatever you manage to obtain.”

As soon as the words left his lips, the venue erupted.

More than a hundred experts leaped towards Huang Xiaolong at once.

Even the weakest one of them would be able to rank on the Extermination List of the Huang Long World!

Chen Yingxue and the various disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace sprung into action instantly.

Just as they were about to arrive, a hundred black shadows appeared beside Huang Xiaolong.

A horrifying amount of death qi and corpse qi filled the air and swallowed the entire region.

Miserable shrieks filled the skies, and golden blood formed clouds that rained down on the lands.

Including Chen Yingxue, everyone who lunged at him was killed.

Everyone stared at the scene before them in shock.

They saw how the hundred figures swallowed the souls of their victims, along with their physical bodies.

The scene where an expert at the level of Chen Yingxue was torn apart with a single move filled the minds of everyone present.

“Motherf*cker!” You Wuyi screamed in anger.

His sword slashed forward, and an uncountable amount of sword qi slashed at the spirits.

With seven elements at perfection level, one could only imagine how strong You Wuyi was.

As sword qi rained down from the skies, the power of radiance, darkness, lightning, metal, frost, wind, and earth stabbed at the fierce souls.

They were strong, but they were comparable to an expert with five elements at perfection level at best.

With a snort, Yuan Tianyi slapped at the incoming sword qi.

As a blast resounded through the skies, You Wuyi was sent flying.

As he retreated, he smashed through god knew how many structures.


Lei Qinghai and the members of the other races balked in shock when they saw what happened to the young palace master of the Nether Spirit Palace.

Even Di Xiaolong, Zeng Ying, and the others had no idea what just happened.

With seven elements at perfection level, You Wuyi was one of the most talented cultivators in the younger generation! However, he couldnt even take a single attack from Yuan Tianyi!

“Eight elements at perfection levle!” The Extreme East Old Man was stunned for a moment, but he burst into laughter in the next second.

“No wonder youre so arrogant…”

Indeed, Yuan Tianyi used the power of eight elements at perfection level when he stopped You Wuyi previously.

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