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Chapter 3193: Extreme East Old Mans True Strength!

After the old man spoke, he slowly got to his feet.

Terrifying waves of pressure started to emerge from his body, and every time it increased by one level, the entire city trembled as though it was about to crumble.

Many experts retreated in horror, and that included the world masters who were present! Even Di Xiaolong wasnt able to stand against the old mans strength!

The only person who managed to hold her ground was the Sixth Princess of the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire, Zeng Ying!

When Gu Chunguang and Di Yu saw the princess reaction, a weird light flashed through their eyes.

It seemed as though they had underestimated her strength.

As the aura of the Extreme East Old Man grew even stronger, experts who werent in the city could feel a sense of fear gripping their hearts.

With thirteen lights swirling around the old mans body, a brilliant glow expanded to illuminate the entire region.

When it reached the heart of the Blazing Dragon World, the Blazing Dragon Sacred Land, it was finally stopped by the restrictions surrounding the land.

“Thirteen elements!” The faces of Gu Chunguang, Di Yu, and the others changed instantly.

In the past, the Extreme East Old Man could only control twelve elements.

No one would have thought that he would comprehend the power of time after disappearing for so long.

The experts of the various superpowers, like the Nether Spirit Palace, Lightning Yang Race, and the others, couldnt help but feel their hearts shaking in shock.

Thirteen elements!

There were countless geniuses in the Blazing Dragon World, and every generation would produce someone whose talent couldnt be measured by ordinary standards.

Despite that, the number of people who comprehended all thirteen elements could probably be counted on one hand.

In fact, that was very much true as there were less than five people in the Blazing Dragon Empire who managed to comprehend all thirteen elements.

Someone at that level would hardly appear every one hundred million years.

There were tons of people present at the auction, but even they hadnt seen someone who wielded the power of all thirteen elements!

From what they could see, the Extreme East Old Man reached perfection level in eleven of the thirteen elements!

Even though the power of time was only at the minor completion stage and the power of space was at the major completion stage, the rest were at perfection level!

Some people who had no idea who the Extreme East Old Man was finally realized why the Sixth Princess of the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire would be so respectful to the old man.

With a snort, the Extreme East Old Man grabbed at Huang Xiaolongs group of four.

“All four of you, kneel!”

Hisattack contained nine elements at perfection level, and the number of people in the universe who could stand against him were few.

Of course, two of them were standing right in front of him.

With an expressionless face, Huang Xiaolong glanced at the old man as though he was a fool.

A heaven shaking roar escaped Yuan Tianyis lips and the sound waves sent everyone standing around flying.

A mere roar from Yuan Tianyi was terrifying to the extreme!

Soon after, thirteen lights formed around Yuan Tianyis body and like the Extreme East Old Man, they were only stopped by the restrictions around the Blazing Dragon Sacred Land.

The aura Yuan Tianyi emitted wasnt any weaker than the Extreme East Old Man!

“Thirteen… Thirteen elements!” Lei Qianhai felt his mind going numb when he realized how strong Yuan Tianyi was.

Even the Mysterious Pool Black Devil and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor couldnt believe it!

Di Xiaolong was equally stunned.

Gu Chunguang and Di Yu, who were about to reveal themselves, stared at Yuan Tianyi with their eyes wide open.

When You Wuyi, who was sent flying by Yuan Tianyi earlier, looked at the thirteen lights emerging from Yuan Tianyis body, he felt a sense of dread appearing in his heart.

The killing intent that once remained rooted in him dissipated without a trace.

Thirteen elements with eight of them at perfection level! Two of them were at the peak of major completion stage, and the power of space, time, and radiance were at the major completion stage!

Even the Extreme East Old Man was stunned.

He traveled through countless worlds, and he met several experts who had also comprehended all thirteen elements.

However, all of them were terrifying experts who could cause the world to shake with a stomp of their foot!

Now, the person standing against him was the same, the only difference was, he was a subordinate of some nameless junior!

When Di Xiaolong, Zeng Ying, and the others were too shocked to speak, Yuan Tianyi sent a palm strike containing the power of ten elements towards the Extreme Eat Old Man!


As their attacks slammed into each other, a heaven shaking explosion rang in the skies.

The entire Blazing Dragon World trembled under the might, and a terrifying shockwave swept through the lands.

The experts standing in the plaza were strong, but they werent strong enough to withstand the blast from the exchange of two peak-level monsters.

Miserable shrieks rang through the skies instantly.

After the exchange, Yuan Tianyi and the Extreme East Old Man took a step back unsteadily.

Surprisingly, they were equally matched!

Those still standing felt their jaws dropping in shock.

Even though the Extreme East Old Man didnt use everything he had, he realized that neither did Yuan Tianyi!

Earlier, he was confident of suppressing Yuan Tianyi the moment he struck.

Of course, suppressing the man was the best outcome he could hope for.

With Yuan Tianyis strength, he would be unable to kill the man even if they fought for several days straight.

If he wanted to kill Yuan Tianyi, he would need to reach perfection level in all thirteen elements.

With his strength, he refused to believe that he couldnt kill a mere subordinate of a youngster he had never heard of before!

Staring at the Extreme East Old Man, Huang Xiaolong muttered, “I told you.

Youre overestimating yourself if you think that you can do anything to me.”

Di Xiaolong and the others no longer dared to feel that he was bluffing.

Previously, Di Xiaolong even said that Huang Xiaolong would piss his pants if he knew how strong the Extreme East Old Man was.

However, he wisely chose to remain silent now.

Roaring with laughter, the Extreme East Old Man felt a trace of excitement and killing intent rising in his heart.

“Brat, do you really think that a mere subordinate will be able to protect you! Regardless of your identity, Ill kill you right here and now! I, the Extreme East Old Man, have been in existence for so long and no one will be able to stand in my way!”

“Im not someone you can insult and get away with, you little ant!”

As soon as he spoke, the Extreme East Old Man lunged at Huang Xiaolong.

This time, he used his full strength and he wanted to kill Huang Xiaolong regardless of the consequences.

“Brat, lets see if your slave can stop me now!” A malevolent laugh escaped his lips.


All of a sudden, Yuan Tianyis body shook and he returned to his true form.

He turned into a giant beast that was god knew how many feet tall, and his body seemed to be a pillar that held up the heavens.

His palm that covered the span of several sacred lands came crashing down on the Extreme East Old Man.


Once again, the two of them were sent flying.

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