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Chapter 3195: Ill Give You A Fair Deal

When the experts present saw how strong Huang Xiaolong was, they couldnt help but jump in fright.

Even the patriarchs of various ancient races couldnt hide their shock.

Zeng Ying was equally as shocked.

As for Di Xiaolong, his expression turned extremely complicated.

If he knew that Huang Xiaolong already attained perfection level in nine elements, and had a subordinate who comprehended all thirteen elements, he would be more than willing to offend the Nether Spirit Palace to take him in!

When Huang Xiaolong sent You Wuyi and Lei Qinghai flying with a single slap, he turned to look at the various experts of the two factions.

He saw them trembling in their shoes as fear threatened to overwhelm them.

Not one who would allow favors to go unpaid, Huang Xiaolong gave the order.

“Kill them all.”

In an instant, a hundred fierce souls lunged at the members of the two factions.

As miserable shrieks filled the skies, disciples of the Nether Spirit palace and the Lightning Yang Race were devoured by the spirits.

When everyone else saw what happened, those who were still planning on killing Huang Xiaolong for his treasures felt the blood draining from their faces.

A chill crept down their spines.

“Killing so many disciples of the two races… Hes definitely going to offend them this time.

He might have nine elements at perfection level, but hes no match for the palace master of the Nether Spirit Palace or the patriarch of the Lightning Yang Race! If he ever runs into them, hell definitely have to give up his life!”

“Youre right! The kid is too arrogant.

After all, the Nether Spirit Palace Master and the Lightning Yang Patriarch are experts who comprehended twelve elements with eleven of them at perfection level!”

Discussions rang about, but all of a sudden, the Mysterious Pool Black Devil and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor appeared before Huang Xiaolong.

Their actions drew the attention of everyone present, and the discussions immediately changed direction.

“Are the two of them planning to join hands to deal with the Purple Lightning Young Master” Someone in the crowd gasped in shock.

Everyone felt a trace of excitement bubbling in their hearts.

Even if the two of them were not as strong as the Nether Spirit Palace Master or the Lightning Yang Patriarch, they were still pretty terrifying existences.

If they joined hands, wouldnt that mean…

Even Gu Chunguang and Di Yu frowned.

Zeng Ying raised a single eyebrow in interest at the sudden change in situation.

The Mysterious Pool Black Devil smiled, and he revealed his stained teeth to the man.

“Purple Lightning Young Master, I didnt expect that you have attained perfection level in nine elements.

However, its too bad Im working with the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor today.

We want the corpse of the dragon.

As long as you leave it behind, well allow you to leave.”

The Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor didnt say a word, but it was clear he agreed to what the old devil said.

It seemed as though they had already reached a conclusion before they moved.


Ill be bringing it with me.

Like what I said.

If youre strong enough, come at me.” Huang Xiaolong muttered softly.

The two of them were stunned as they didnt expect that Huang Xiaolong would reject them outright.

A chuckle left their lips, and it rang in the ears of everyone present.

“Are you sure!” The Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor sneered.

“Blood will spill the moment we make our move.

With us working together, you wont be able to escape!”

“You better think twice.”

If it was anyone else, the two of them would have already killed the man.

There was no need to waste their breath with anyone else.

However, Huang Xiaolong reached perfection level in nine elements, and his identity remained unknown.

They had no idea who was backing him up, and they felt that being a little more careful wouldnt hurt.

“Your Highness, this is a good chance!” Caretaker Pang spoke to Di Xiaolong all of a sudden.

“Why dont we work with the two of them!”

A flash of light lit up Di Xiaolongs eyes.

Ordinarily, he wouldnt want to offend a mysterious power at the level of the Purple Lightning Young Master.

However, the herbs were too tempting for him to pass up.

“Your Highness, the brat is only an expert with nine elements at perfection level! No matter how mysterious his background, we have no need to be worried about it!” Caretaker Pang continued, “With the Flower of Time and Void Reincarnation Thistle, Your Highness might just reach perfection level in the eleventh element! You might even comprehend the final element and reach a whole new level!”

“If Your Highness manages to comprehend the thirteenth element, Lord Creation might change his mind and decide to groom Your Highness as the Son of Creation!”

Caretaker Pangs evaluation rang through his mind.

Making up his mind instantly, Di Xiaolong appeared before Huang Xiaolong.

When everyone saw Di Xiaolongs appearance, they couldnt help but stare at Third Heaven in shock.

“Is His Highness planning to work with the two old monsters”

The Mysterious Pool Black Devil and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor were equally as shocked.

“Your Highness, this…” The old devil couldnt help but ask.

Even though he was curious, he still remained respectful.

Di Xiaolong raised his hand and stopped the two of them from asking any more.

“Im only here for the Flower of Time and the Void Reincarnation Thistles.

Your desires have nothing to do with me.”

They heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts when they heard what he said.

After all, if Di Xiaolong was adamant about obtaining the corpse of the creation level dragon, things might get ugly.

Di Xiaolong turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong.

“The starting price of the herbs was set at fifteen trillion.

Ill cut you a fair deal now.

Ill give you fifteen trillion, and you give me the herbs.”

Huang Xiaolong nearly burst out laughing instantly.

He bought them for fifty trillion, and Di Xiaolong was planning to obtain them for fifteen trillion.

He even called it a fair deal! That was the joke of the century if Huang Xiaolong ever heard one!

In fact, there was basically no difference between his deal and an actual robbery.

Di Xiaolongs expression fell and he growled, “What are you laughing at”

“Im laughing at your stupid face.” Huang Xiaolong smirked before replying.

Everyone watching the scene play out in front of them felt their eyes widening in shock.

Even Zeng Ying couldnt believe what she was hearing.

A piercing light emerged from Di Xiaolongs eyes and he snapped, “Since you dont know whats good for you, you wont be leaving alive today!” After he spoke, he released the power of all twelve elements from his body.

With ten of them at perfection level, his strength was something that rivaled some of the very strongest present.

He might not be comparable to the Extreme East Old Man, but his bloodline gave him a very significant boost.

With the power of the Blazing Dragon Bloodline coursing through his veins, the aura he emitted was only slightly weaker than the Extreme East Old Man.

The Mysterious Pool Black Devil and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor realized that it was time to make their move too and they circulated their energies.

The two of them comprehended eleven elements, and ten of them were at perfection level!

In the Blazing Dragon World, the number of experts who had ten elements at perfection level were rarely seen.

However, with Di Xiaolong, the Mysterious Pool Black Devil, and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor showing off their might, they planned to kill a nameless youngster who was nothing more than an ant compared to them! Or so they thought.

Excitement bubbled in the hearts of everyone present when they realized that the fight was about to begin!

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