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Chapter 3196: Eleven Elements at Perfection Level

Di Xiaolong frowned when he saw that the two of them wanted to act along with him.

However, he chose to remain silent about it.

He knew what they were concerned about anyway.

In the void above, Di Yu shook his head silently.

“Looks like hes unable to resist the urge…”

Gu Chunguang sighed, “Arent you his second uncle Perfect timing.

You have a legit excuse to stop him, and if the other brat encounters any trouble, Ill deal with it.”

Di Yu could only nod helplessly.

When their discussion concluded, the three of them unleashed their attacks in unison.

As Di Xiaolongs fists shot out, the power of twelve elements turned into two golden dragons that charged at Huang Xiaolong.

A terrifying flame filled the air, and the Hidden Sacred Land and the area around it felt as though the fire of a thousand suns was threatening to burn them into a crisp.

Dark shadows filled the air when the Mysterious Pool Black Shadow made his move!

Scary figures completely black in color covered the skies as they leaped towards Huang Xiaolong.

As for the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor, he summoned an uncountable number of golden bamboos that were massive pillars in the empty skies.

The alliance of the three strongest experts present caused the heavens to tremble and the earth to shake.

A crushing pressure filled the Blazing Dragon World as everyone around felt the frightening amount of power contained in their moves.

Experts who werent in the Blazing Dragon World hastily opened their heavenly eye in order to watch the battle that caused such a huge commotion.

When they saw the third prince of the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire acting alongside the Mysterious Pool Black Devil and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor in order to deal with a nameless brat, they were shocked.

“Who is that kid! How is he able to incur the wrath of the three of them at once! Hes definitely going to die there today.

The only person who can possibly stop them would be the Extreme East Old Man, right!”

Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong as they wanted to see how he would react.

Just as their attacks were about to arrive, a smirk formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

His right fist slowly rose into the skies, but the power he used was no longer the same as before.

Previously, he used the power of nine elements at perfection level.


The power of nirvana, radiance, darkness, poison, lightning, metal, blaze, frost, wood, wind, and earth could be seen swirling around his fist!

As eleven rays of light emerged from his fist, it was as though he held in his hands a mini sun.

The heavens and earth lost their color instantly.

Regardless of how strong the power contained in their combined attack, it was eclipsed by Huang Xiaolongs punch.

As the rays of light blinded those standing around, a massive blast rang through the air.

The two golden dragons from Di Xiaolong were magnificent, but in front of Huang Xiaolong, they were like worms who had been struck by a massive sledgehammer.

Releasing a pitiful cry, the dragons were sent flying away.

Next, the dark figures summoned by the Mysterious Pool Black Devil started to disappear.

They were devoured by the light coming from Huang Xiaolongs punch, and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

At almost the same time, Huang Xiaolongs punch landed on the golden bamboo that filled the skies.

Instead of flying towards Huang Xiaolong, the bamboos were sent flying everywhere as they burst into tiny little fragments.

They were like pretty little golden fireworks that were set off in the skies.

The explosion lit up the surroundings, and even those outside the region managed to catch a burst of light.

Di Xiaolong, the Mysterious Pool Black Devil, and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor were sent retreating from the impact.

Out of the three, Di Xiaolong fared the best as he stopped himself after stepping out of the city gates.

As for the two old monsters, they basted through several mountain ranges before ending up on a random rock somewhere.

As silence descended on the lands, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of rocks shattering when the two old monsters landed in the distance.

The experts from the various worlds, ancient races, and even the other celestial empires stared at Huang Xiaolong with their mouths agape.

Even the experts who were watching the battle from outside the region felt their minds going blank.

“Eleven… Eleven elements at perfection level!” Zhen Shifeng from the Purple Vision World gasped in shock.

As for the young master of the Purple Vision World Masters Manor, Zi Juedao, he felt his legs going numb.

In the past, he wanted to challenge Huang Xiaolong to a battle after hearing the rumors about the man.

Luckily for him, he managed to resist the urge!

Otherwise, the battle wouldnt really be called a battle.

It would probably end in one move!


In fact, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt even need to make a move! He would be able to end Zi Juedaos life by just taking a deep breath!

Zeng Ying finally turned to look at Huang Xiaolong seriously.

A pretty light flashed through her eyes, and her expression fluctuated slightly.

“Eleven elements at perfection level…”

Someone at that level was definitely able to cause her heart to tremble.

“What a pity…”

Huang Xiaolong might have reached perfection level in eleven elements, but he didn\'t seem to have comprehended all thirteen elements! Even though eleven elements were a lot, it meant nothing if he couldnt comprehend all thirteen elements! The only way one could ever become someone important in the universe was if they reached perfection level in all thirteen elements!

Huang Xiaolong was merely a slightly more interesting person in her opinion.

As for Gu Chunguang and Di Yu, their minds were trembling in shock.

Eleven elements at perfection level… Existences at that level would be considered hegemons in the universe no matter which world they resided in!

The expression on Gu Chunguangs face turned a little unnatural.

“Have you ever heard of this kid before!” Di Yu asked with a complex expression on his face.


Sweeping his gaze across those present, Huang Xiaolong sighed, “Anyone else wishes to obtain the Flower of Time, Void Reincartiona Thistle, or the corpse of the dragon”

Huang Xiaolongs gaze lingered a little longer on Lei Qinghai and You Wuyi who were sent flying out of the sacred land previously.

When they felt his eyes on them, they wanted to vomit another mouthful of blood.

They thought that the alliance of Di Xiaolong, the Mysterious Pool Black Devil, and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor would be able to kill Huang Xiaolong once and for all, but they were wrong! The smiles that decorated their faces froze, and they hastily shook their hands in fear as they took several steps backwards in haste.

If they knew that Huang Xiaolong reached perfection level in eleven elements, they wouldnt have tried anything even if the leaders of their factions were present!

In front of everyone, Huang Xiaolong casually left the area with Li Shuo, He Zhen, and the fierce souls.

The expressions on the faces of the three who finally managed to crawl to their feet might be one of extreme reluctance, but none of them dared to make another move.

It was especially so for Di Xiaolong.

There were traces of humiliation and rage that flashed through his heart, but a feeling of disappointment and regret soon followed.

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