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Chapter 323: Entering the Ghost King’s Cultivation Cave

Initially, Zhao Chen’s focus was glued solely on Huang Xiaolong alone, but when he noticed his several half-Saint subordinates being easily killed in barely a breath’s time, and sensing the unreserved ghost aura flowing from the giant’s body, the expression on his face became tensed: “Ghost!”

Li Qiuping, Wang Lin, and the others who heard Zhao Chen, inhaled sharply, staring fixedly at giant ghost Feng Yang.

Such a scary level of ghost aura, it was only possible for…

Saint realm!

This ‘man’ in front of them was a Saint realm ghost cultivator! A Saint realm ghost!

Steward Feng and the other Saint realm expert were working hand in hand against Huang Xiaolong when they heard continuous screams, risking a glance over the other battle, both became ashen at the sight of the five half-Saints’ appalling ending.

Feng Yang let out a satisfied burp after swallowing the last two half-Saints’ souls, casually flinging the lifeless bodies to one side as the three-pronged blood spear appeared in his hand.

He then lunged forward, brandishing his three-pronged blood spear at Zhao Chen, glowing an eerie blood-red.

Before the three-pronged blood spear arrived, the death aura and rotten stench it emitted had enveloped Zhao Chen.

Taken by surprise, Zhao Chen waved his arms hastily, summoning his Saint realm space to counter the attack in front of him.

An explosion thundered in the square and Zhao Chen’s body flew back, straining his waist injury, he had to grit his teeth to keep himself from grunting out.

In that short exchange, the Asura Qi that was previously being contained by his Saint realm energy broke out, wreaking havoc internally.

Suffering double injuries made Zhao Chen pale.


Giant ghost Feng Yang hollered at the sky, the three-pronged blood spear thrust out another attack.

“Young Lord!” Seeing Zhao Chen’s dire situation, Steward Feng and the other Saint realm couldn’t be bothered with Huang Xiaolong anymore, they changed their target to giant ghost Feng Yang.

However, just as the two of them prepared to aid Zhao Chen, a shadow flickered and a cloudburst of thousands of millions of blade lights hindered their path.

That shadow was none other than Huang Xiaolong.

“Tempest of Hell!”

“Tears of Asura!”

The Blades of Asura in Huang Xiaolong’s hands served attack after attack, not giving Steward Feng and the Saint realm expert any breathing space, forcing them back, further away from Zhao Chen.

On the other hand, Zhao Chen fared no better, he was pushed into a corner by giant ghost’s Feng Yang’s three-pronged blood spear.

At the edge of the battle, Blood Dragon City’s, Saber Imperial City’s, and Green Ghost City’s disciples were watching, exchanging expressions of muted shock amongst themselves, none of them ever imagined this result.

“Second Senior Brother, should we lend a hand or…” Wang Lin regained a shred of reason, looked over at Li Qiuping and asked.

Regardless, Zhao Chen was Sin City Castellan’s, Zhao Yi’s son.

Moreover, Zhao Chen was highly favored by Zhao Yi, if he ever came to know that while Zhao Chen was in trouble, their Blood Dragon City disciples and others stood by, spectating as Zhao Chen was killed on the side, Zhao Yi’s wrath would burn over to Blood Dragon City, as well as the others.

“Lend him a hand.” Li Qiuping decided, his voice somber.

Whether it was for the sake of Sin City’s Castellan or the ally cooperation between Blood Dragon City and Sin City, he couldn’t stand idle and watch Zhao Chen get killed.

Wang Lin nodded at his decision.

With a low bark, a long whip appeared in her hand.

It was hard to tell what materials were used to make this long whip, the thong sections were actually segmented, with a total of thirteen parts.

With a flick, the long whip instantly bound giant ghost Feng Yang’s body.

Seeing Blood Dragon City’s disciples make their moves, disciples from Saber Imperial City and Green Ghost City had no choice but join in as well.

In a moment of confusion, giant ghost Feng Yang suffered a palm on his chest from Green Ghost City’s Guo Dehui and was knocked back.

Thick green smoke rose into the air.

“Go!” Watching the sudden change, Huang Xiaolong shouted towards Feng Yang, launching a State of Abundant Lighting attack with the blades in his hands.

A sky of rumbling lightning streaks drew a line between the attackers while Huang Xiaolong used Space Concealment to appear beside giant ghost Feng Yang.

Huang Xiaolong placed his hand on his shoulder and both of them vanished from sight in the next instant.

Zhao Chen was laboriously suppressing the Asura Qi in his body when he saw Huang Xiaolong and the giant ‘man’ vanish right in front of his eyes.

Roaring in anger, he hollered: “Search! Absolutely dig that little ghost out for me!”

But when he saw Li Qiuping and the others’ inaction, his anger spread to them: “What are you all still standing here for, go fㅡking search!!”   

Li Qiuping’s brows furrowed with discontent with Zhao Chen’s attitude, shouting at them as if they were his subordinates.

He sneered in retort.

“Zhao Chen, we’re not your slaves.”

Zhao Chen was indignant.

“Come on, come on, all of us here are brothers, don’t fight because of a small Xiantian.

He can run away from the monk, but can’t flee the temple.1 He definitely won’t be able to run out of the Bedlam Lands, when we manage to corner him later, Brother Zhao Chen can deal with him however you like.” Guo Dehui played the mediator, smiling amiably.

Only then did Zhao Chen’s face looked slightly better.

“That kid probably ran into the Ghost King’s cultivation cave.” A disciple from Saber Imperial City spoke, “Let us hurry in too, in case that kid gets the first dip, looting the Ghost King Sutra and Ghost King Dan.”

“Ghost King Sutra and Ghost King Dan” Zhao Chen snickered with contempt, “Are these treasure items things that he could lay his hands in just because he wants to” Not saying more, Zhao Chen took out a talisman and initiated the array formation inscribed within, summoning Sin City’s experts.

After advancing into the Saint realm, one would posses the ability to manipulate space.

Certain array formations or talisman, such as these, could be used to summon comrades and relay messages.

Moments later, Zhao Chen and the rest too made their move into the Ghost King’s cultivation cave.

Huang Xiaolong, on the other hand, quickly passed through the first floor of the Ghost King’s cultivation cave to the second floor with giant ghost Feng Yang guiding the way.

The first floor was a vast field of snow, whereas the second floor was an endless range of mountains.

A bright sun that never seemed to set hung high up above the mountain peaks, a picture of calm and peace.

But giant ghost Feng Yang faced Huang Xiaolong with a dignified expression: “Owner, the mountains on this second floor are rigged with powerful array formations, to the extent that bumping carelessly into a single leaf or a branch could trigger their activation.

We must fly across this long mountain range in one go, cautiously.”

Fly over this mountain range without stopping at all Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

Then he breathed out in relief, this matter may be difficult to others, but not to him.

Because he had the Godly Mt.


Borrowing the power of the Ten Buddha Formation, he could fly using the Godly Mt.

Xumi all the way until they reached the third floor entrance.

“Other than this, what else do I need to pay attention to” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong didn’t seem to place importance on his previous reminder, he couldn’t resist emphasizing the matter once more: “Owner, the arrays around this mountains are very strong, accidentally triggering any of them, even a Saint realm expert could fall on the spot.”

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, “You don’t need to worry about this.”

Feng Yang could only stop and change the topic from Huang Xiaolong’s demeanor, “Other than that, on this second floor space lives a kind of ghost creature, called Blood Dagger Ghost.

Although these Blood Dagger Ghosts are not strong, half-Saint strength or at most the peak of half-Saint strength, the problem lies in their numbers.

They are extremely tenacious and extremely difficult to kill.”

“Blood Dagger Ghost” Huang Xiaolong was baffled, “Didn’t you say there are array formations everywhere How come these Blood Dagger Ghosts aren’t afraid of them”

Giant ghost Feng Yang shook his head helplessly, “About this, this slave doesn’t know the exact reason behind it, if this slave dared to make an assumption, then the reason why these Blood Dagger Ghosts aren’t afraid or obstructed by the arrays on this floor would probably be because Lord Ghost King made some markings on the formation eye when he laid the arrays.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement.

He didn’t care much for these Blood Dagger Ghosts, those who needed to fly across this mountain range need to watch out for the attacks coming from them, but Huang Xiaolong was free from this worry since he was using the Godly Mt.


Not wasting more time, Huang Xiaolong brought up the Godly Mt.


The moment the golden mountain appeared, Buddha luminescence and energy brightened up the space around them.

“Let’s go.” Before the rounded shocked eyes of giant ghost Feng Yang, the scene changed as he was brought into the Xumi Temple.

Huang Xiaolong then initiated the Ten Buddha Formation and the Godly Mt.

Xumi shot forward in a golden streak, disappearing from view.


He can’t run far 


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