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Chapter 3283: Visiting The Tan Family

When everyone was still trying to find out what happened in the Blue Dragon Orchard, Huang Xiaolong assisted Huang Xin in breaking through to the Enlightenment Realm.

Helping someone to breakthrough had already gone out of the scope of understanding of mortals.

However, it was as easy as breathing to Huang Xiaolong.

It was even easier than helping his parents condense an immortal-rank golden core.

Within ten minutes, Huang Xin entered the Enlightenment Realm.

He used the Great Zhou Heaven Formation to pull in the power of the stars to consolidate his foundations.

Seeing that Huang Xin wasnt to be disturbed, Huang Xiaolong strolled over to his parents palace and he saw them packing their valuables.

Chests and chests were filled to the brim.

A helpless smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

“What are you doing Were going to visit her, not move in with her! Why do you need so many things”

After visiting the Tan Family, Huang Xiaolong and his parents decided to visit his sister, Huang Wen.

Wang Meilan glanced at Huang Xiaolong from the corner of her eye and snapped, “Lin Xiaotian hasnt been treating your sister well at all! Ive heard that he only gives her three low-grade spirit stones as allowance every month! Your sister isnt able to get more money by herself, and her life is extremely difficult! Now that were going over, we should bring whatever we can!”

“Also, I havent seen my grandchild in such a long time! In the past, he looked like a skinny little monkey! His father doesnt like him at all, and he probably hasnt tried these fruits before…” Tears welled up in her eyes all of a sudden.

A trace of coldness flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he sank into silence.

In order to pander to Huang Houde, Lin Xiaotian didnt hesitate to make life difficult for his sister! He even dared to hate on his own son!

Wang Meilan quickly spoke up when she saw the dark look on Huang Xiaolongs face.

“Xiaolong, as long as he treats her better in the future, well let it pass! You cannot make any rash decisions when we head over later…”

Just several hours ago, Huang Xiaolong killed Demon Blade Fan Yidong.

That terrified Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan, and they didnt believe that Huang Xiaolong was the same son that went missing a hundred years ago.

The expressionless face he had when he killed the other party shocked them all.

How could they know that Huang Xiaolong was already a monster several million years old

To them, Huang Xiaolong didnt care about human life at all!

They were terrified that Huang Xiaolong would start a massacre as soon as he saw his sisters husband!

“Alright…” Huang Xiaolong nodded helplessly when he saw the looks on their faces.

After picking more than twenty types of spiritual fruits from the Blue Dragon Orchard, she filled up more than thirty large chests.

As for the spiritual herbs in the garden, they managed to fill more than fifty large chests! Of course, they were kept properly in special chests made of jade.

Even though they wouldnt need to travel too far to visit his sister, Huang Xiaolong purchased two massive flying ships from the BMW dealership.

With the flying ships, he would take less than six hours to get there!

The flying ships were massive, and it could easily store the chests filled with goodies.

Of course, the chests of fruits and herbs werent the only thing Wang Meilan packed.

She made a trip down to the department stores and spent several hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones to buy a ton of stuff.

There were clothes, daily necessities, shoes, and even underwear! She managed to fill a hundred large chests and even Huang Jiyuan felt his jaws dropping in fright.

The Huang Family disciples who were in charge of moving the chests took a solid while to finish their job.

Before they left, Huang Xiaolong reminded Huang Shengan to hasten the sale of the spiritual fruits.

At the same time, he wanted Huang Shengan to purchase all the different types of spiritual fruit seeds to fill the rest of the space in the garden.

Now, he only used half of the land in the Blue Dragon Orchard.

According to Huang Xiaolongs estimations, he would be able to earn three to four million low-grade spirit stones a day if the entire garden was full.

“If its possible, but all the surrounding land around the Blue Dragon Orchard.” Huang Xiaolong continued.

There were at least five hundred hectares of land around the manor, and it would be for the best if he could buy them all.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Huang Shengan bowed, “I will get to it right now!”

The night passed as usual, and the first rays of dawn illuminated the lands.

Under the escort of Huang Shengan and the others, Huang Xiaolongs family left the Blue Dragon Orchard on their flying ships.

By the time they arrived at the Tan Family, Old Ancestor Tan Bi had already led all their grand elders to give them a warm welcome.

Without Huang Xiaolong stepping out from his flying ship, Tan Bi hastily brought everyone forward and kneeled at the front of the doors.

Every single expert in the Tan Family was stunned by their old ancestors actions.

In the past, Tan Bi had already instructed everyone to kneel in order to receive Huang Xiaolong, but the elders didnt take his words seriously.

After all, Huang Xiaolong was a mere grand elder in the Huang Family, but he should only be at the high-level Nascent Soul Realm.

Why would they kneel before him

In the Huaxia Alliance, only the six leaders had the authority to make them kneel!

But when they saw their old ancestor and grand elders getting to their knees, they jumped in fright.

A look of amazement could be seen on their faces as they stood there in shock.

As for Tan Wei, she was also allowed to welcome Huang Xiaolongs party because of her relationship with Huang Datou.

When she saw her grandfather and her second uncle, Tan Jian, rushing over to Huang Xiaolongs flying ship, she gasped in shock.

As the doors of the flying ship opened, Tan Bi saw that Tan Wei and the rest of the elders were still on their feet, he snapped at them.

“Preposterous! Why arent you on your knees!”

Their legs went numb instantly and that was the first time Tan Wei saw her grandfathers rage.

Without a doubt, all of them fell to their knees by the time Huang Xiaolong disembarked.

When Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, Huang Chenfei, and Huang Datou saw the scene before them, they felt their hearts pounding in fright.

“Xiaolong, this…” Wang Meilan turned to Huang Xiaolong and exclaimed in fright.

“All of you can get up.” With a single order, everyone slowly got to their feet.

When Huang Xiaolong saw Tan Wei in the crowd, he winked at Huang Chenfei.

Getting the message, Huang Chenfei quickly turned to Wang Meilan and spoke, “Mother, shes Young Lady Tan Wei.”

Glancing at the crowd, Wang Meilan quickly noticed the young lady as she was the only lady in the group of weird old men.

She didnt care about anyone else as she walked directly over.

Grabbing Tan Weis hand, Wang Meilan giggled, “So youre Young Lady Tan Wei! Datou that brat has always been talking about you!” She looked at Tan Wei from head to toe, and she looked like a satisfied grandmother-in-law.

Tan Weis face flushed red from all the attention she was getting from Wang Meilan.

Huang Datou wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide himself when he heard what his grandmother said, but there wasnt any chance for him to do something like that.

At a loss of how to react, Tan Wei looked at Tan Bi and her parents.

As her parents were elders of the Tan Family, they were qualified to attend the welcoming ceremony hosted by their old ancestor.

A look of encouragement could be seen in their eyes as smiles formed on their faces.

“Yes, Aunty, I am Tan Wei!” Suppressing the anxiety in her heart, she giggled, “Aunty, youre really pretty too!”

A look of joy formed on Wang Meilans face when she heard how Tan Wei addressed her.

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