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Chapter 3284: Breaking all Ties

Wang Meilan chuckled, “Youre really good with words! Im the little brats grandmother, and you can just call me grandma in the future.”

“Grandma!” Tan Wei looked at Wang Meilan who looked slightly more than forty at best.

Several days ago, Wang Meilan and Huang Jiyuan had been cultivating in the Grand Complete Heaven Formation, and their appearances returned to their youth.

Tan Weis reaction was reasonable as no one would expect Wang Meilan to be Huang Bishengs grandmother.

Even the experts of the Tan Family were shocked.

Only those who had seen Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan in the Blue Dragon Orchard that day managed to keep their calm.

As Wang Meilan chatted with Tan Wei, Huang Xiaolong and the others entered the main hall of the Tan Family with Huang Xiaolong and his parents taking the main seat.

When they were chatting happily, a different scene was playing out over in the Lin Family.

Huang Wen hugged Lin Xiaotians legs as she pleaded, “Xiaotian, please, please stop them from fighting! If this keeps up, Lin Kai will be beaten to death! Hes your son after all! You cant allow him to die before your eyes!”

Not too far away, five youngsters were kicking a scrawny young man with everything they had.

Hugging his head, Lin Kai couldnt do a thing to stop any of them.

Despite the pain, he didnt utter a single world in pain.

He didnt even frown when they kicked him in the areas that hurt.

It was as though he was numb to all pain.

Lin Xiaotian glared at Huang Wen coldly.

“This is a devil spawn you gave birth to.

How dare he steal his sisters spiritual fruits Ill cripple his hand today to see if he dares to do it again in the future!”

Hearing how Lin Xiaotian was about to cripple her sons hand, Huang Wens expression finally changed.

Tears streamed down her face and she cried, “Xiaotian, if you really cripple him today, he wont be able to live any more! Moreover, you cant even prove that he was the one who stole the fruits! Lin Shuang might be lying for all we know!”

“As a father, you didnt even check if he really stole the fruit! Now youre planning to cripple your sons hand!”

Lin Kai finally spat out whatever he wanted to say in between kicks.

“I didnt steal the fruit!”

A young lady who had her arms crossed before her chest sneered in response, “My maidservant saw you sneaking around my courtyard this morning.

What a coincidence for the fruit to go missing If you didnt do it, did I steal my own spiritual fruit”

The lady was called Lin Shuang, and she was the most talented disciple of the Lin Family.

She was the daughter of Lin Xiaotian and his second wife, and she was extremely favored by her father.

She had spiritual fruits for all her meals while Lin Kai and Huang Wens treatment were worse than dogs.

Whatever the case, the disappearance of a single Sun and Moon Spiritual Fruit wasnt cause for concern.

However, Lin Xiaotians hatred for Huang Wen and her son caused him to allow the beating to happen.

There was a woman over fifty years old standing at the side, and she was fully clad out in precious accessories.

She was Zou Xueqing, Lin Xiaotians second wife!

She was a member of the Zou Family, but her parents status in the family wasnt high at all! Otherwise, she wouldnt be a second wife in the Lin Family.

She snorted when she looked at Huang Wen, “I lost a spiritual hairpin several months ago that costed a hundred low-grade spirit stones.

Seems like it was stolen by this little b*stard too.

Its too light a punishment for you to criupple his arms…” Turning to Lin Xiaotian, she continued, “Theres no point in keeping him in the family anymore, Iets just expel them from the family in case they ruin our reputation any further!”

Huang Wens expression sank as she yelled at Zou Xueqing, “How dare you accuse him of that! Youre lying! Youre trying to Frame my son, and youll die a miserable death!”

Huang Wen could no longer control the flames of hatred in her heart.

However, Zou Xueqing wasnt a kind person either, her expression sank when she heard Huang Wens curses.

“B*tch! How dare you scold my mother!” Lin Shuang snapped as she wanted to slap Huang Wen.

Stopping her daughter in time, Zou Xueqing turned to Lin Xiaotian, “Xiaotian, you heard what she said.

That woman has a poisonous heart! She dares to curse me to die!”

“Apologize to Xueqing right now!” Lin Xiaotian snapped.

Even though Lin Xiaotian heard what happened in the Huang Family, he had no idea who were the ones in power right now.

Moreover, the Lin Family didnt send any experts over to watch the battle.

He only knew that Huang Houde was no longer the patriarch of the Huang Family.

“Apoloigize!” Huang Wen seethed in agner, “Lin Xiaotian, if you dare to cripple Lin Kais hands today, Ill break off all ties with you!”

Lin Xiaotians expression turned cold.

“Are you threatening me”

He was enraged as the once docile and quiet Huang Wen dared to defy him in front of others.

“Youll bear the consequences if you dare to do anything to Lin Kai!” Huang Wen had enough.

“Ill cripple him right now!” Lin Xiaotian erupted in rage, and he appeared right in front of Lin Kai.

Slashing down, Lin Xiaotian didnt give Huang Wen a chance to stop him.

As someone who was cultivated by the family, he had already reached the Second Level Golden Core Realm.

Huang Wen was no match for his speed.

She was sent flying at the same time the sound of bones breaking rang in the skies.

Lin Kais arms were completely shattered by Lin Xiaotian.

With blood draining from his face, beads of prespiration dripped from Lin Kais forehead.

Despite the pain, he didnt utter a single world.

“Kaier!” Huang Wen screamed as she rushed over to grab her son.

Lin Shuang and Zou Xueqing stared at the scene before them with a haughty look on their faces.

“Mother, theres no need to cry.

We shall leave this place forever.” Lin Kai stood up as he endured the pain.

Turning to his mother, a soft smile formedo n his face.

Blinking away the tears, Huang Wen nodded resolutely.

“Huang Wen, if you dare to step out of the gates, you better not come crawling back in the future.”

Glaring at Lin Xiaotian, Huang Wen gnashed her teeth in anger, “Even if you beg me, I wont ever enter the Lin Family! From today onwards, we shall no longer be husband and wife!”

“Fine! Now, we shall no longer be related.

You are not allowed to bring away anything from my Lin Family, and I would like to see you get back to your Huang Family without a single penny on you!”

Sneering in anger, Huang Wen ignored whatever he said and left the gates of the Lin Family.

Lin Shuang couldnt help but sneer at their leaving figures.

“Beg you to return Humph, who do you think you are”

Seeing the two of them leave, Lin Shuang felt a sense of happiness suring through her heart.

Even though her mother had always been favored by Lin Xiaotian, she could never be the first wife.

Now that Huang Wen had left, her mother, Zou Xueqing, was finally the first wife of Lin Xiaotian!

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