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Chapter 3285: Arriving at the Lin Family

As soon as Huang Wen left, Lin Xiaotian instructed the members of the Lin Family, “No one is allowed to open the gates even if they return in the future!”

Acknowledging the order, the disciples of the Lin Family bowed respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong planned to leave after an hour, but Wang Meilans affection for Tan Wei was so obvious that Huang Xiaolong decided to stay for several more hours.

He even attended a banquet hosted by the Tan Family.

It was a grand event, and it could be said that it was a little too extravagant.

Of course, that was the standards of Earth they were talking about.

There were countless dishes of spirit beast meat, spiritual fruits, and everything they could ever think about.

Huang Xiaolongs family, along with Tan Bi, Tan Wei, and Tan Weis parents occupied a single table but there were a hundred and eight dishes.

The banquet was the most luxurious banquet ever hosted by the Tan Family since the start of time!

In the past, one of the six leaders of the Huaxia Alliance paid them a visit, but even he didnt receive such treatment.

Tan Jian and the other grand elders of the Tan Family were sitting on the other tables, and all of them toasted Huang Xiaolong with shaky hands.

Tan Wei became more and more curious about Huang Xiaolongs identity.

When she tried to ask about the matter of Huang Bisheng from her parents the day before, she learned that his uncle, Huang Xiaolong, was the supreme elder of the Huang Family.

However, how could a mere supreme grand elder, a position held by an expert in the high-level Nascent Soul Realm, command so much respect!

The banquet lasted for two whole hours, and it was two in the afternoon by the time it ended.

With the members of the Tan Family sending them off respectfully, Huang Xiaolong left on his flying ship.

Before they left, Wang Meilan held Tan Weis hand enthusiastically as she asked the lady to head over to the Blue Dragon Manor in two days.

Tan Bi was over the moon when he heard Wang Meilans invitation, and he quickly indicated for Tan Wei to accept.

Glancing at Huang Bishengs tomato-red face, Tan Wei nodded sheepishly.

Wang Meilan also invited Tan Bi and Tan Weis parents after the lady herself agreed, and Tan Bi nearly jumped in joy.

Despite his happiness, he didnt dare to nod his head.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong cautiously and only agreed when Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly.

Huang Xiaolongs flying ship left the Tan Family and disappeared into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

However, Tan Bi remained where he stood and stared into the distance.

“Grandfather, is Huang Datous uncle really so scary Why are all of you so afraid of him” Tan Wei couldnt help but ask when she saw that Huang Xiaolong was finally gone.

With his expression sinking all of a sudden, Tan Bi turned serious.

“In the future, address him as His Highness! His Highness matter isnt something you can ask about, do you understand”

As Tan Wei had always been the apple of Tan Bis eye, he never raised his voice when he spoke to her in the past.

However, his serious demeanor this time caused Tan Wei to feel a little wronged.

After all, she was merely asking a question.

“Father, Weier is merely curious.

She doesnt mean to be rude.” Tan Weis father, Tan Guanghai couldnt help but explain on her behalf.

Tan Bi frowned.

“Even if youre curious, you cannot ask about his matters!”

Since he returned from the Blue Dragon Orchard, Huang Xiaolong act of tearing off Fan Yidongs head was burned into his memory.

His heart would tremble in fear every time he recalled the scene, and cold sweat would form in his heart.

That was the Blade Demon they were talking about! He was an expert at the Second Level Enlightenment Realm! Someone like that wielded extreme power, but he was killed without putting up any resistance!

Moreover, his blade was a high-grade spiritual artifact! Huang Xiaolong shattered it with a single flick of his hand!

Tan Bi didnt dare to imagine which realm Huang Xiaolong had reached!

“Only the old ancestors of the six strongest factions should possess that level of strength…” Tan Bi guessed.

In fact, he wasnt the only one who guessed as much.

Everyone who witnessed the battle in the Blue Dragon Orchard felt the same.

The old ancestors of the six great sects were hailed as the strongest experts on Earth, and every single one of them could cause the world to shake with a stomp of their foot!

Who in their right minds would go and offend people of their level!

Even Great General Yang Yuhe and Mo Yuan didnt dare to reveal anything with the threat of Huang Xiaolong looming over their heads.

Huang Xiaolongs flying ship might be fast, but like the roads on earth, there were patrols in the skies too.

Not too long after they left the Donglin Province, they were stopped by the polive.

They were only allowed to continue on their way after Huang Xiaolong flashed his identity plaque as the supreme elder of the Huang Family.

Even though the police didnt know the specifics in the Huang Family, they knew that the Huang Family was one of the ten strongest families in the Huaxia Alliance.

The supreme elder of the family wasnt someone they could offend!

Wang Meilan, Huang Jiyuan, Huang Chenfei, and Huang Bisheng was riding in such a luxurious ship for the first time in their lives, and they looked through the windows to see the tiny earth below.

They couldnt help but point at everything that fascinated them.

“THat… Isnt that the Heavenly Dragon Building!” After three hours, Huang Datou pointed towards one of the giant buildings below them and gasped in surprise.

“Thats right!” Huang Chenfei looked at the building in awe.

“Thats the tallest building in our Huaxia Alliance!”

Wang Meilan looked at the giant building that resembled a slumbering dragon in the skies and she asked, “Wouldnt it cost a lot to build something so massive”

“Ive heard that the Ying Family used more than three billion low-grade spirit stones in order to build the Heavenly Dragon Building.” Huang Chenfei nodded.

“What! Three… Three billion!” Wang Meilan and Huang Jiyuan were stunned.

To the two of them, that amount was something they couldnt begin to imagine!

“Ive heard that the old ancestor of the Ying Family laid down several restrictions around the building.

The heavenly dragon formation itself cost more than a billion low-grade spirit stones! As for the interior of the building, it was made with the highest grade materials Earth had to offer! Even the toilets are extremely luxurious!” Huang Chenfei exclaimed in excitement.

The Heavenly Dragon Building wasnt just the pride of the Huaxia Alliance, but it was also the only building of its kind in the world! Various important activities were held in the building itself, and the supreme leaders of the various factions would be hosted there!

“I wonder what the interior of the building looks like…” Wang Meilan sighed.

A bitter smile formed on Huang Chenfeis face.

“Mother, the building isnt open the the public! Ive heard that even the six leaders of the Huaxia Alliance wouldnt be able to enter as they wished! They will only be able to enter if the upper echelons of the Ying Family extended an invitation, and even Enlightement Realm experts would be unable to force their way through!”

Looking at them, Huang Xiaolong muttered, “If you wish to enter, Ill bring you in for a tour when we get back two days later.”

Even if the heaven dragon formation was a hundred million times stronger, no one in the mortal world could stop Huang Xiaolong if he wanted to take a stroll in the building.

“Sure!” Wang Meilan smiled when she heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

Opening his mouth slightly, Huang Chenfei chose to remain silent.

The Ying Family was the strongest cultivation family in the Huaxia Alliance! Their ancestor even said that they would kill anyone who entered the building without permission!

Of course, no one knew the extent of Huang Xiaolongs powers.

Three hours passed in the blink of an eye.

The flying ship finally stopped, and they arrived at the Lin Family!

As Huang Xiaolong and his parents disembarked from the flying ship, they walked towards the entrance of the Lin Family.

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