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Chapter 3292: Lin Familys Submission

The three of them didnt think that they would be greeted by such a sight the moment they entered the top floor!

Since the construction of the Heavenly Dragon Building, there hasnt been anyone who set foot on the top floor other than the leaders of the eight great alliances in the world and the upper echelons of the Ying Family.

Even elders and disciples of the Ying Family wouldnt be allowed to enter the top floor of the Heavenly Dragon Building!

Now, there were seven people walking around without a care in the world!

Moreover, two of them were brats at the Xiantian Realm!

Wang Meilan and Huang Jiyuan didnt expect anyone to appear, and the two groups stared at each other in shock.

No one moved for a solid few seconds.

“Who are you!” Ying Zhi finally reacted.

His voice was loud, and the strength of an Enlightenment Realm expert burst out from his body.

It was like a tsunami that charged towards Huang Jiyuan and the others.

As the patriarch of the number one cultivation family in the Huaxia Alliance, he wasnt a mere expert at the Enlightenment Realm.

He was a Second Level Enlightenment Realm expert who had cultivated a ton of special skills, and even Fan Yidong would have to retreat if they met!

Seeing the wave of energy rushing towards Huang Jiyuan and the others, an invisible barrier appeared to stop the wave ten meters before it could slam into them.

Ying Zhi realized that his aura couldnt advance an inch further!

The three members of the Ying Family stared at the group before them in shock.

When they were confused as to what was going on, Huang Xiaolong casually pointed at them and the pressure that emerged from their bodies dissipated.

The three of them turned into statues, and they couldnt move no matter how hard they struggled.

Trying to circulate the energy in his body, Ying Zhi realized that nothing was listening to him.

His body was completely useless and an unprecedented sense of helplessness filled him.

The two grand elders beside him were no different.

The three of them could only stare at Huang Xiaolongs group as fear gripped their hearts.

“Xiaolong, are they going to be alright!” Wang Meilan couldnt help but ask.

A chuckle left his lips as he replied, “Of course they are.

They should return to normal in three hours.

After all, I only locked them in place for the time being.”

Wang Meilan and the others heaved a sigh of relief when they heard what he said.

“Uncle, they should be pretty important people in the Ying Family if they can enter the top floor! Wouldnt they pass down the order to hunt us down after they return to normal!” Lin Kai exclaimed in shock.

As Ying Zhi wasnt wearing the robes of the patriarch of the family, Huang Jiyuan and the others failed to recognize him.

Huang Xiaolong turned to look at Ying Zhi and a smile formed on his face.

“Not to worry.

I dont think they will give the order.”

Ying Zhi wanted to nod, but he couldnt move a single muscle in his body.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong and the others continued their trip around the top floor of the Heavenly Dragon Building as they took in the sights happily.

Huang Zhi and the other two could only watch on as the members of the Huang Family walked around however they wished.

“Uncle, what special technique did you use to seal their bodies” Huang Datou couldnt help but ask.

“Yeah! I heard that that the old ancestor of the Divine Court Sect learned a freezing art that allows him to freeze the bodies of cultivators weaker than him for several seconds.” Lin Kai continued.

Didnt Huang Xiaolong say that they would be frozen for more than three hours!

Lin Kai was a fourth year student in the Eastern University, and even with his education level, he hadnt heard of a special art like the one Huang Xiaolong used.

Glancing at the two of them, Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Do you wish to learn it”

Big Headed Huang and Lin Kai nodded in haste.

“When you surpass the Enlightenment Realm, well see.”

The mouths of Huang Bisheng and Lin Kai dropped in fright.

Even Huang Jiyuan and the others were shocked at Huang Xiaolongs sudden revelation.

The three frozen statues felt beads of cold sweat starting to drop from their foreheads.

“Xiaolong, are there cultivators stronger than the Enlightenment Realm in this world” Wang Meilan asked all of a sudden.

Huang Jiyuan and the others stared at Huang Xiaolong, waiting for a reply.

“Of course there are.

Mum, with me around, all of you will soon surpass the Enlightenment Realm.” Huang Xiaolong laughed.

All of them stared at him in shock.

“Uncle, are you saying that we can do it too” Lin Kai didnt believe his ears.

Nodding slightly, Huang Xiaolong grinned at their enthusiasm.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong and the others were done.

Bringing Huang Jiyuan and the others back to the flying ship, they left the area.

When Ying Zhi and the other two saw Huang Xiaolong leaving, they realized that the entire party seemed to have phased through the space around the building.

Something in their heads clicked and they learned how Huang Xiaolong and the others entered.

Three hours later, Huang Xiaolong and the others returned to the Blue Dragon Orchard and Ying Zhis group of three regained their ability to move.

As soon as they did, they felt their hearts pounding in fear.

“Patriarch, that… that… Who in the world was that!” Ying Shiming stuttered in fright.

Keeping silent, Ying Zhi seemed to be thinking of something.

After he finally calmed down, he muttered, “Go and check up on the origins of the Senior who appeared.

The both of you better do it yourselves.

Do not cause any suspicion and do not alarm anyone else.


The Ying Family was strong, and since Huang Xiaolong and the others didnt hide their appearances, Ying Shiming and Ying Xiong quickly learned of their identities.

When they did, their jaws dropped in fright.

When Ying Zhi heard their reports, his reaction was similar to the two of them.

“Grand Elder Huang Xiaolong of the Huang Family!” Ying Zhi couldnt believe his ears.

He thought about the events that happened the past few days, and he seemed to have thought of something.

Not too long after Huang Xiaolong returned, the old ancestor of the Lin Family, Lin Jinshan, personally paid a visit to Huang Xiaolong in the Blue Dragon Orchard.

When he returned to the Lin Family, he gathered everyone from the elders to the patriarch.

“From this moment on, our Lin Family shall submit to the Huang Family.

All of you will listen to the Huang Familys command, am I clear!”

The elders of the Lin Family couldnt understand the reason behind the old ancestors orders, but Lin Guodong and the grand elders seemed to have already expected the outcome.

Lin Jinshans order soon rocked through the entire Huaxia Alliance, and the alliance broke out into a huge commotion.

First the Tan and Sun Families, and now, the Lin Family!

Even though the old ancestor of the Tan Family, Tan Bi, had already entered the Enlightenment Realm, they werent a part of the ten strongest cultivation families of the Huaxia Alliance.

Their strength couldnt be compared to the Lin Family in the slightest! However, the Lin Family was part of the ten strongest cultivation families of the Huaxia Alliance, but they chose to submit to the Huang Family!

No one could understand the meaning behind their actions!

The mystery around the Huang Family seemed to have grown a little stronger.

However, another piece of news caused the entire world to shake.

The old ancestor of the Ying Family, Ying Tian, made an announcement to the Ying Family.

“In the future, none of our disciples are allowed to cross the disciples of the Huang Family! Anyone who does will be kicked out of the Ying Family and thrown into the Heaven Citys prison!”

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