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Chapter 3294: Stronger Than You Can Ever Imagine

Once Tan Bi saw Huang Xiaolong, he jumped to his feet in fright as he greeted the man respectfully.

Everyone else got to their feet when they saw Tan Bis reaction.

This time, Tan Bi only brought along Tan Wei and her parents.

“Theres no need for formalities.

Please take a seat.” Huang Xiaolong laughed as he entered the hall.

When everyone took their seats again, the hall was filled with casual conversation.

Tan Bi was a little uptight at first, but he slowly started to open up when he saw that Huang Xiaolong wasnt someone who cared too much about their difference in status.

As he started to spew all his nonsense, Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan were so entertained that they were laughing happily.

As for Tan Wei and her parents, they felt a little awkward as they sat there.

That was the first time they had seen the Blue Dragon Orchard, and they were shocked by the scene that greeted them.

They couldnt calm their hearts down as they gawked at their surroundings.

That was the first time they had seen so many top-grade spiritual trees and spiritual herbs ranging in the thousand year old level!

There were even palaces that were comparable to stuff in the legends around the entire orchard!

They never thought that they could transform their residence in such a way!

Tan Bi and the three of them remained in the Blue Dragon Orchard till night fell.

According to Wang Meilans plan, she wanted them to stay for the night.

However, Tan Wei was too embarrassed to stay with Huang Bisheng through the night.

When the members of the Tan Family left, Huang Xiaolong handed ten Blue Dragon Pills to Tan Bi.

Tan Bi had been stuck at his current cultivation realm for a long time.

With the assistance of the ten pills, he would be able to finally break through the bottleneck!

When Tan Bi heard what the pills could do, his admiration for Huang Xiaolong reached a whole new level.

For someone who had been stuck at his current cultivation realm for such a long time, he thought that there was no longer any hope of going any further! Now that Huang Xiaolong had given him a chance to break through, he was moved to tears.

When Tan Weis parents heard that their old ancestor would finally be able to increase his cultivation realm once again, they were shocked.

When they left, Wang Meilan didnt forget to hand them loads of spiritual fruits and spiritual herbs.

Smiles could be seen on the faces of Tan Wei and the others.

“Father, is His Highness really in control of the entire Huang Family” Tan Guanghai, Tan Weis father, couldnt help but ask after they had left the orchard.

Staring at the three of them, Tan Bi sighed, “You should keep this to yourself.

There is no point in leaking any news of the Huang Family.

Do you really think that Huang Shengan managed to defeat Huang Ming alone”

When he thought about how Huang Xiaolong tore off Fan Yidongs head three days ago, he felt his heart palpitating in fear.

Of course, he didnt dare to say a word about the battle.

When Tan Guanghai and the others were still stuck in a state of shock, Tan Bi muttered, “Just yesterday, the Lin Family announced their allegiance to the Huang Family.”

“What!” Tan Guanghai gasped in shock.

“Are you talking about the Lin Family of the Ha Province!”

Tan Bi nodded slightly without speaking.

The three of them felt their jaws dropping in fright.

They were one of the ten strongest cultivation families in the Huaxia Alliance.

Since the news had only just got out, not too many people knew about it.

Only several important people of the stronger families heard of it.

Tan Bi continued, “After the old ancestor of the Lin Family announced the allegiance, the old ancestor of the Ying Family ordered every single member of the Ying Family to avoid clashing with the members of the Huang Family.

Anyone who disobeys will be thrown in the Heavenly Citys prison!”

“Ying…THE Ying family!” Tan Guanghai and the other two stared at Tan Bi in shock.

There was only one Ying Family in the Huaxia Alliance, and they were the ones who ruled supreme.

“Grandpa, whats going on!” Tan Wei asked.

One had to know that the old ancestor of the Ying Family was the strongest cultivator in the entire Huaxia Alliance!

Theyve heard that he had already entered the Ninth Order Enlightenment Realm!

“Thats because…” Tan Bi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and continued, “Thats because theres someone in the Huang Family that terrifies the old ancestor of the Ying Family!”

Tan Wei and her parents felt a bolt of lightning running through their bodies as they sucked in a cold breath.

Even a cultivator at the Ninth Level Enlightenment Realm was afraid of that existence!

What in the world could scare him so much that he would order the members of his family to avoid offending the Huang Family!

In the past, the three of them might not know what it was, but a terrifying image flashed through their minds.

The figure of the youngster who was laughing and chatting with them the whole afternoon appeared in their heads.

“Is… Is Huang Datous uncle really so strong!” Tan Wei felt her heart palpitating in fear.

Sucking in a cold breath, Tan Bi explained, “His Highness… Hes stronger than you can ever imagine.”

In the Blue Dragon Orchard, Wang Meilan was joking around with Huang Jiyuan.

“I like her more and more!”

Huang Jiyuan looked at Huang Xiaolong and Huang Chenfei.

“Old lady, stop it with your praises! We know shes great! Youve been at it for the entire day!” Huang Jiyuan sighed.

“Whats your problem Ill say whatever I like! If you dont like it, shut your ears!” Wang Meilan snapped.

A bitter smile formed on Huang Jiyuans face.

“Alright, alright… But how am I supposed to shut my ears!”

Laughter rang through the courtyard.

Half a day later, the news of Huang Xins breakthrough to the Enlightenment Realm started to spread through the lands.

The various factions in the Huaxia Alliance broke out into a huge commotion.

Huang Shengan broke through several days ago, and Huang Xin came right after! With Huang Ming, the Huang Family would have three experts at the Enlightenment Realm! If they added Sun Yao and Lin Jinshan, they would have five experts at the Enlightenment Realm!

As night fell, Wang Meilan nagged at Huang Xiaolong, “Xiaolong, when you enter the university tomorrow, you need to look for Zhang Yuhan! Speak to her nicely! She has been waiting for you all this time, and her life hasnt been an easy one!”

“In fact, I really wish that the two of you can continue your relationship…”

When she learned that Huang Xiaolong was going to the Eastern University with Lin Kai, the floodgates opened.

A helpless smile could be seen on Huang Xiaolongs face.

“Im not the one calling the shots! She might have forgotten all about me! Also, Ive heard from Lin Kai that many professors, and even the vice principal of the school, are chasing her!”

Wang Meilan stared at Lin Kai and saw him nod his head slowly.

“So what if they are Youre so handsome… Dont tell me those people there are better looking than you…” Wang Meilan snorted.

Beads of cold sweat dripped from Huang Xiaolongs forehead.

As an existence no weaker than a God of Creation, Wang Meilan was planning to ask Huang Xiaolong to fight with several mortals over a woman! Moreover, his main goal was to look for clues on the Pangu Axe.

“Grandma is right! Uncle will definitely be the number one target for all the ladies!” Lin Kai interrupted.

‘Glaring at Lin Kai, Huang Xiaolong scared the little brat so much he didnt dare to speak another word.

The night passed eventually, and as Wang Meilan continued her nagging, Huang Xiaolong ran to board his flying ship to leave the Blue Dragon Orchard.

Seeing how Huang Xiaolong left in a haste, Wang Meilan sighed, “This little brat…”

Even after learning that Huang Xiaolong was an expert who surpassed the Enlightenment Realm, she still treated him like the little kid he was a hundred years ago.

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