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Chapter 3308: Do You Want Wang Zheng Or Do You Wish To Be Disfigured

Zhang Wanqing sneered and a sinister expression formed on her face.

“You already know the answer to that question.

Zhang Yuhan, Im telling you right now! If you refuse to marry Wang Zheng and he comes to destroy our family, Ill kill your parents right before your eyes!”

Zhang Yuhan seethed in rage, but she was a mere Seventh Level Nascent Soul Realm expert.

As the old ancestor of the family, Zhang Wanqing was a Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm expert, and she had a bunch of grand elders supporting her!

A punch landed on Zhang Yuhans chest as she was blown away.

“Im giving you all the riches in the world by allowing you to marry Wang Zheng! Know your place!” Zhang Wanqing sneered, “If not for the fact that Wang Zheng wants me to leave your appearance alone, Ill carve the wordsslut onto your face!”

“Ill carve it on both sides of your face!”

When her parents saw Zhang Yuhan spitting out blood, they screamed, “Old ancestor, please spare my daughter!”

“Spare your daughter Do you think Wang Zheng will spare our family when he comes Am I supposed to beg you to spare me!” Zhang Wanqing snorted.

Zhang Yuhan wiped the blood off the side of her lips and she glared at Zhang Wanqing.

“Are you not afraid that Ill get Wang Zheng to kill you after I marry him”

Zhang Wanqing was stunned for a second, and she sneered in the next, “Thanks for the reminder.

Ill never allow your parents to follow you to the Six Swords Gate.”

“Zhang Wanqing, youll die a horrible death!”

Roaring with laughter, Zhang Wanqing continued, “Sorry.

Ill live to a ripe old age.

When Wang Zheng sucks your yin essence dry, youll die a sorry death.

When that happens, Ill still be living happily in the Zhang Family.”

Zhang Wanqings laughter echoed through the entire hall.

When she was laughing happily at Zhang Yuhans misfortune, a chilly voice rang through the hall.


You wont be living past today.”

With their eyes widening in shock, everyone turned to stare at the source of the voice.

A terrifying force blasted off the entire ceiling as the hall collapsed onto itself.

The walls turned to dust as they disintegrated under the power of the newcomer.

The faces of Zhang Wanqing and the others changed instantly.

The hall they were in was designed to trap Zhang Yuhan, and it would take more than the strength of a Seventh Level Nascent Soul Realm expert to blow the hall open.

However, the entire structure was turning to dust before their very eyes!

Turning around, they saw that there was a young man standing in the air above them and there was a weird ancient robe around his body.

His looks were exceptional, and it was the first time they had seen someone so handsome!

Zhang Yuhan felt that the person standing in the air above them was pretty familiar, and a name flashed through her mind.

However, she shook her head helplessly as she felt that it wasnt possible.

After all, they tried so hard to look for him in the past!

“Who are you! What do you mean by that” Zhang Wanqings expression sank.

She might be shocked at the other partys display of strength, but they were in the Zhang Family! She had the backing of the various grand elders, and she even had the Zhang Family Formation to back her up!

The Zhang Family Formation was laid down by Wang Zheng of the Six Swords Gate, and Enlightenment Realm experts were said to be unable to shatter the formation even if they tried!

“My name is Huang Xiaolong.” His voice was carried by the wind as it echoed in everyones ears.

“Huang Xiaolong!” The grand elders of the Zhang Family widened their eyes in shock.

With her body trembling, Zhang Yuhans eyes widened in disbelief.

Huang Xiaolong! How could he look so familiar while also possessing the same name as…

As Zhang Yuhan had been trapped in the hall for quite some time, she had no idea what was going on in the outside world.

She didnt know anything that Huang Xiaolong did.

The same couldnt be said for the rest.

“Are you Grand Elder Huang Xiaolong of the Huang Family in the Donglin Province!” Someone asked.

They learned all about how the Sun, Tan, and Lin Family pledged their alliance to the Huang Family several days ago.

“Thats right.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

The members of the Zhang Family were stunned, and even Zhang Wanqing felt her heart jumping in fear.

As they were busy dealing with Zhang Yuhan, none of them heard about the killing of the old ancestors of the Chu and Zou Families.

However, Huang Xiaolongs identity alone was enough to cause all of them to feel some fear.

After the various families submitted to the Huang Family, the Huang Family could be said to be a true behemoth in the Huaxia Alliance.

“Greetings to Grand Elder Huang Xiaolong.” Zhang Wanqing cupped her fists respectfully.

Due to the fact that Huang Xiaolong had been missing for the past one hundred years, Zhang Wanqing had no idea about the relationship between the two.

Otherwise, she would be too afraid to speak.

Ignoring her, Huang Xiaolong turned to look at Zhang Yuhan.

He descended from the skies as he approached her.

“Is that really you!” Tears streamed down Zhang Yuhans face as her voice trembled.

She didnt believe her eyes when she looked at Huang Xiaolong whose appearance was the same as before!

“Its me.” Huang Xiaolong suppressed the waves in his heart as he nodded his head.

His voice trembled slightly when he spoke to her.

Even though they didnt say much, the look in their eyes spoke a thousand words!

“Im back.” Huang Xiaolong smiled and he seemed to have returned to his past life on Earth.

Tears flowed uncontrollably down Zhang Yuhans face.

She had been staying strong all these years, waiting for a miracle to happen.

She waited for him till her hair turned white, and her skin was starting to turn wrinkly! It had been one hundred whole years!

He was really alive!

Zhang Wanqing and the grand elders were flabbergasted at the scene.

All of a sudden, the events that happened a hundred years ago played out in Zhang Wanqings mind.

She heard that Zhang Yuhan had a childhood sweetheart called Huang Xiaolong, and a terrifying possibility flashed through her mind.

Wasnt the man standing before her also called…

Zhang Wanqings heart pounded in fear.

The Huang Family was something the Zhang Family couldnt begin to compare themselves to, but when she thought about the Six Swords Gate, a sense of superiority filled her mind.

“Grand Elder Huang Xiaolong, Zhang Yuhan is a concubine of an eminent elder of the Six Swords Gate.”

“Scram!” Waving his hand, Zhang Wanqing was sent flying.

Huang Xiaolong didnt hold back as she only stopped after she smashed through the entirety of the Zhang Family.

Everyone stared at him in shock, and Zhang Yuhan stared at Huang Xiaolong with her jaws dropping in fright.

She was shocked by his sudden revelation in strength.

Crawling to her feet, Zhang Wanqing roared, “Activate the formation right now!”

The grand elders of the Zhang Family snapped back to reality as they hastily poured their energy into the formation.

A barrier of light formed around the Zhang Family Manor.

A sinister smile formed on Zhang Wanqings face as she addressed Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, this is the Myriad Sword Killing Formation of my Zhang Family! It can injure early-stage Enlightenment Realm experts! If you apologize to me right now and promise not to interfere, Ill allow you to leave!”

“Otherwise, you wont be able to leave with your life intact!” Killing intent flashed through Zhang Wanqings eyes.

Even though the Huang Family was strong, the Zhang Family was about to hug the thighs of the Six Swords Gate! They wouldnt be afraid of a mere Huang Family!

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