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Chapter 3332: Climb

Rage rose in their hearts when they heard that Huang Xiaolong wanted them to kowtow as they climbed up the steps to the gates of the Purple Flame Sect.

They wanted to lash out at him, but after Huang Xiaolong killed Liu Xulong, their legs went soft from fear.

Never in their lives had they felt so afraid of somebody!

Out of the three of them, one of them was the old ancestor of the Divine Court Sect.

He was the strongest person on Earth, and the other was the Valley Master of the Ghost Valley! No one knew how strong he actually was, and the other was the old ancestor of the Blade Gate! Ordinarily, they would be feared everywhere they went!

Now, they couldn’t even breathe loudly before Huang Xiaolong.

After looking at Liu Xulong’s ashes drifting in the wind, Huang Xiaolong turned to stare at the three of them.

A smile formed on his lips as his gaze fell on Cao Gang.

“Didn’t you say that you would take care of me for Ren Qi”

Cao Gang’s expression changed drastically.

The words indeed left his lips when Ren Qi came out to welcome him, but how in the world would Huang Xiaolong know! He hadn’t even arrived!

Turning to Wang Xiwen, Huang Xiaolong continued, “Didn’t you say that I wouldn’t be able to act cool any longer when I climb up the steps”

Opening his mouth, Wang Xiwen wanted to explain himself but he managed to stop himself when he saw the look in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

“I will only give you ten breaths of time to think about it.

It's up to you whether you would like to climb or not.

If you do, you’ll get to keep your life.

If you don’t, you’ll end up like Liu Xulong.”

Liu Xulong’s ashes had already landed on their faces by the time Huang Xiaolong was done.

Uncertainty flashed in their eyes.

Ying Tian, He Yuankang, and the others were watching with bated breaths.

Everyone looked at Cao Gang and the others, and their expressions were weird.

Cao Gang was the strongest person on Earth, but now, he had to climb a mountain to keep his life! He even had to kowtow thrice every step!

What in the world is happening!

The hearts of Ying Tian and the others felt as though they would pop out of their chest by the way it was pounding.

Lin Guodong, the old ancestor of the Lin Family in the Ha Province, was also present.

He was standing quite close to Ying Tian and the others, and his pants were already wet.

His entire body was numb as he looked at Ren Qi who was still screaming at the bottom of the mountain.

The experts of the Huaxia ALliance looked at Lin Guodong’s defendant look, and they shook their heads in silence.

The Lin Family chose to submit to the Huang Family previously, and they could have hugged onto Huang Xiaolong’s large thighs.

It was too bad they betrayed the Huang Family as soon as they heard that Ren Qi was coming to Earth.

They started spreading rumors everywhere that Huang Xiaolong was doomed.

There was no way Huang Xiaolong would allow traitors like them to live.

When Huang Xiaolong returned to the Huaxia Alliance after dealing with the matters on hand, his first target would no doubt be the Lin Family!

“Lord Huang Xiaolong,  Our Divine Court Sect is the number one sect in the Flowing Flame Star.

Our founding ancestor is an existence who has surpassed the Spirit Severing Realm.

I am his grandson…” Seeing as time was about to run out, Cao Gang chose to try his best to talk his way out of it.

“Moreover, he loves me a lot, Lord Huang Xiaolong please…” 

Before he could finish his sentence, Huang Xiaolong pointed at his head and a ball of flame turned him into ashes.

“Grandson of the founding ancestor of the Divine Court Sect” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

“All the same to me.”

Everyone felt a chill running down their bodies when they saw Cao Gang turning into a pile of ash.

Even an existence that surpassed the Spirit Severing Realm wasn’t enough to stop Huang Xiaolong!

“Nine.” Huang Xiaolong looked at the other two left.

“I’ll climb! I’ll climb right now!” Wu Guangsi was afraid that he would be too slow, and he ran all the way over to the start of the steps.

Wang Xiwen was the same.

As they ascended up the mountain, they slammed their heads into the ground heavily.

The shards of glass and nails soon tore through their skin, but they didn’t dare to protect themselves with their true qi.

Everyone looked at the two of them in silence.

“Disciples of the Purple Flame Sect, Divine Court Sect, Ghost Valley, and Blade Gate, listen up.

I’ll spare everyone who kneels and submits to me in the next ten seconds,” Huang Xiaolong’s voice rang through the air again.

Ten seconds!

We will be able to keep our lives!

The faces of those from the factions changed.

Not a single person dared to jump out to scold Huang Xiaolong any longer.

Even the old ancestor of the Divine Court Sect couldn’t protect himself with the founding ancestor’s identity and strength! None of them there thought that they were more important than Cao Gang.

Time trickled on.

Ren Qi was still rolling about in pain as he tore the skin from his face with his very own hands.

“Wang Hong of the Divine Court Sect is willing to serve Lord Huang Xiaolong!” One of the experts in the Divine Court Sect got to his knees.

Wang Hong was an eminent elder of the Divine Court Sect, and he was the strongest among them all.

He was barely weaker than Cao Gang, and his prestige in the sect could be said to be skyhigh.

When they saw their strongest doyen kneeling, the members of the Divine Court Sect broke out into an uproar.

However, they soon started to get to their knees.

Ten seconds passed in the blink of an eye.

Like what he promised, Huang Xiaolong waved his hand to kill everyone who didn’t submit.

Several rays of frost turned those who didn’t submit into ice statues.

As they shattered, the bodies of those who refused to submit scattered in the wind.

“I hereby announce that my Brown Family will submit to Lord Huang Xiaolong!” George Brown of the American Alliance kneeled as his voice rang through the air.

The Brown Family was the strongest family in the American Alliance, and they weren’t just the strongest there.

They controlled the economy, and they were one of the richest members in the world!

The Brown Family had no grievances with Huang Xiaolong, but their old ancestor was so afraid after Huang Xiaolong killed Cao Gang and Liu Xulong that he chose to submit.

As the old ancestor had already given his word, the members of the family fell to their knees.

Several moments later, not a single soul was left standing.

Even the members of the Ying Family were on their knees.

As for Lin Guodong, he was trembling like a leaf in the wind.

There were more than ten thousand experts present, but almost every one of them represented some sort of power on Earth! After their submission, more than half the power on Earth surrendered!

Huang Xiaolong could be said to have gained control of Earth at that very instant!

Allowing them to get up, Huang Xiaolong took a step and entered the main hall of the Purple Flame Sect.

Even though there were tons of restrictions around the main hall, Huang Xiaolong entered as he wished.

He threw the entire treasure of the sect into the Sun Moon Furnace without saying a word.

Nothing in there was of any use to him, but the Huang Family was still a mortal family.

They were in need of treasures, and the treasury of the Purple Flame Sect was a good start.


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