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Chapter 3338: I Didnt Tell You To Come

Out of the dozens of limos, there were four of them with golden car plates.

The car plates sparkled under the midday sun, and they were extremely eye-catching.

When the passengers on the plane saw the luxurious line-up, especially the golden car plates, they were shocked.

No one was allowed to drive into the flight lines, but now, there were several dozen cars right under the plane! There were even four of them with bright golden plates!

“This… Can the car plates be actually made out of gold” one of the passengers cried out.

It was the first time many of them were seeing so many luxury limousines, much less several of them with golden plates.

“Hush! Keep quiet if you dont know whats going on,” another passenger hushed.

“The golden plates were crafted by the eight alliances three years ago! There are only a hundred golden plates in the world, and they were given to the top one hundred families and sects in the world! Only the old ancestors and patriarchs of the various factions will be able to use them…”

Only a hundred of them in the world!

“Are there actually four superpowers present at the moment” someone asked.

“They seem to be here for someone… I wonder whos the important guest.

He has to be someone special if he can get four of the top one hundred factions to personally welcome him…” someone else gasped in shock.

When Huang Jiyuan and the others disembarked, they were shocked to see the impressive lineup.

“I wonder who theyre here for… They have to be someone pretty impressive!” Huang Datou gasped in shock.

Wang Meilan tapped him lightly on the head, and she chuckled, “Theyre definitely not here to pick you up!” Turning to look all around her, she continued, “Xiaolong, didnt Uncle Dingming say that he will pick us up from the airport Why isnt he here”

Huang Chenfei snickered, “Mom, not everyone can enter this place.

Only several experts with special identities will get the chance to enter the flight line.

Uncle Dingming should be waiting for us outside.”

The Nanjing Chamber of Commerce was one of the big companies in the Japanese Alliance, but they were too weak compared to the Murasakigawa, Mitsui, Iga, and Yagyu Clan.

Huang Chenfei did his research and knew that no matter how important the chairman of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce was, he would be far too lacking compared to the patriarchs of the superfamilies.

There was no way he would be able to pick them up the moment they disembarked.

Or so he thought.

When Huang Jiyuan and the others were planning to walk towards the arrival gates, Huang Xiaolong raised his hand to stop them.

He turned and walked towards the fleet of cars.

“Oh, sh*t! Is uncle connected to the families of the Japanese Alliance!” Huang Datou stared at Huang Xiaolong in amazement.

As Huang Xiaolong didnt bring up the matter in the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce and the Purple Flame Sect, none of them knew that the families in the Japanese Alliance had already submitted to him.

When the old ancestors, patriarchs, and doyens of the superfamilies saw that Huang Xiaolong was walking towards them, they fell to their knees.

“We greet Your Highness!” they greeted him in unison, and they startled half the airport with their voice.

Everyone turned to stare at the scene playing out under the plane in shock.

Even Huang Jiyuan and the others couldnt believe what they were seeing.

“Get up,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

The members of the Murasakigawa Clan thanked Huang Xiaolong before getting to their feet.

“I didnt ask you guys to pick me up…” Huang Xiaolong continued, “Who told you guys to come” 

Huang Xiaolong had spoken to them briefly over the phone the day before, and he had said that he would be arriving at the airport, but he hadnt told any of them to welcome him.

Not to mention, they did it in such an ostentatious way.

Murasakigawa Akira and the others fell to their knees in fright when they heard what he said.

“Your Highness, we were wrong! We made the decision without consulting Your Highness, and we hope you will forgive us!”

“Get up.

Ill let it slide this time.

However, none of you are allowed to do anything like this again in the future without my permission.” Huang Xiaolong pardoned all of them while shaking his head.

“Alright, all of you can go back now.

Im here with my family for a holiday.

I do not wish to be disturbed, and Ill let you know if I need anything,” Huang Xiaolong concluded.

“Yes, Your Highness!” In an instant, all of them hopped back into their limousines, and they left the premises. 

Strange looks formed on the faces of everyone as they looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Even though they were frightened by the sudden display, no one dared to speak ill of Huang Xiaolong.

“Lets go…” Huang Xiaolong spoke after returning to Huang Jiyuans side.

Snapping back to reality, Huang Datou gasped, “Uncle… Are they your subordinates”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled in amusement and looked at Huang Datou.

“Why dont you stop them from leaving to ask them”

Staring at the golden plates on the car, Huang Datou chicken out.


“Xiaolong, are they really your subordinates!” Wang Meilan didnt plan to let the topic slide.

Nodding helplessly, Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Nine out of ten superpowers on Earth submitted to me.

Naturally, theyre part of those who surrendered.”

Wang Meilan chided him instantly, “You little brat! Stop lying to your parents!” It was clear none of them believed what he said.

A smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face, and he didnt try to explain himself.

When Huang Xiaolong and the others left the airport, a young girl around the age of seven went up to him.

“Big brother, can you give me your autograph” She handed him a piece of paper and a pen as she stared at him with a face full of anticipation.

With his eyes widening in shock, Huang Xiaolong quickly recovered as a brilliant smile formed on his face.

“Of course!” He signed his name on the piece of paper, and the words seemed to resemble lively dragons that could one day soar through the skies.

After obtaining Huang Xiaolongs signature the little girl jumped in joy.

“Big brother, I will strive to be as strong as you in the future!”

In her eyes, Huang Xiaolong was a legend for making so many Japanese experts kneel.

Rubbing her head, Huan Xiaolong chuckled, “You will have to do your best and cultivate diligently if you want that to happen!”

She nodded solemnly.

When Huang Xiaolong and the others entered the arrival hall, they saw Lu Dingming, Lu Qingwen, and Lu Anan waiting for them.

Even though Lu Dingming didnt follow the great families into the airport, the vehicles they used to welcome Huang Xiaolong and the others were also custom-ordered limousines.

With an entire convoy of them, it was extremely eye-catching.


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