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Chapter 352: Huang Xiaolong!

The news was unexpected to Li Molin and the others in the hall, there were people who dared to kill the Rising Sun City Castellan’s steward inside the city area itself.

However, with the news of the Ancient Dragon Clan ruin spreading out, many outsiders gathered in Rising Sun City before entering the Origin Forest, thus it wasn’t strange to have one or two reckless daredevils amongst them.

Wang Cong looked extremely gloomy as he stared at the guard who ran back to report, “What exactly happened Start from the beginning.” His manor’s steward was killed within the Rising Sun City, moreover, a group of Deities Templar’s Elders were watching right now, this matter was making him lose great face.

That guard dared not conceal any details, truthfully spilling everything out.

Initially, Li Molin and the Deities Templar Elders weren’t so bothered with what happened, but when the guard mentioned that Steward Chen specifically informed the other party that this Origin Wine was for Deities Templar Elders’ entertainment, yet he still killed that Steward Chen and then proceeded to buy all the remaining Origin Wine, Li Molin’s face didn’t look very good.

By the time that guard finished recounting what happened, Li Molin harrumphed coldly.

The hall temperature plunged sharply.

Wang Cong and the guard shivered involuntarily at the sudden frigid air inside the hall.

A cold snicker came from Yao Fei at this moment, “There are actually people that dared not to put Deities Templar in their eyes It seems our Deities Templar is still lacking in prestige, it needs to be enhanced a little bit more.”

Yao Shan spoke in agreement, “It’s also good this way, taking this chance where there are many experts gathered here in Rising Sun City from different regions.

Kill one to deter a hundred.

Let’s see if there’s anyone who dares to look down on our Deities Templar in the future!”

Li Molin nodded her head, “Yao Shan, Yao Fei, the five of you make a trip to that Smooth Voyage Inn.

Remember, regardless of identity, whoever that person is, kill without mercy!”

Yao Shan, Yao Fei, and the other three Deities Templar Elders all stood up, acknowledging Li Molin’s order respectfully.

“Please rest assured, Elder Li, after killing those ignorant people, we will hang their corpses above the Rising Sun city gates for a full month.

Let all those experts passing by knows the consequences of offending Deities Templar!” Yao Fei stated, his voice filled with righteousness.

Li Molin nodded her head in satisfaction, “Go.”

Yao Shan and the four excused themselves and retreated from the hall.

Guided by Wang Cong and his subordinates, the five Deities Templar Elders marched toward the Smooth Voyage Inn.

Smooth Voyage Inn.

Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, Duan Ren, and the two Duanren Institute Honorable Saint Masters continued raising their wine bowls, enjoying their drinks in the same placid manner.

Early on, Huang Xiaolong had the inn owner remove Steward Chen’s corpse, as to not affect his drinking mood.

“Young Lord, I wonder who Deities Templar sent over this time.” As the drinking continues, Zhao Shu wondered.

Huang Xiaolong replied, “We’ll know in a while.”

It was not possible for Deities Templar to keep quiet and swallow down what took place earlier, perhaps right at this moment they were already making a beeline from the Rising City Castelan Manor towards Smooth Voyage Inn.

The initially full and lively ground floor was now mostly empty and quiet, the other customers were afraid that disaster would befall upon them by association, so the majority of guests had paid and ran for their lives.

Only a handful of people stayed to maintain their reputation and to watch a good show.

Huang Xiaolong did not wait long, very soon a loud commotion outside signaled the arrival of Deities Templar’s people.

“The people from Castellan Manor are here!”

“They are Deities Templar Elders! There are actually five of them!”

The crowd on the street was shocked.

Every Deities Templar Elder was a Saint realm expert.

Five Saint realm experts showed up!

Hiding in a corner, all the color drained from the inn owner’s face when he heard someone shouting that five Deities Templar Elders came.

If they directed their wrath at him, even dying a hundred times over wouldn’t be enough.

Hearing the commotion noises outside, Huang Xiaolong said to the people at the table, “Deities Templar is really generous, sending five Saint realm experts at once.

It seems we can only finish our wine later.”

Just as Huang Xiaolong finished speaking, the inn’s main entrance was blasted off.

Castellan’s Manor guards stormed inside in an instant, encircling the perimeter so tightly that even a fly couldn’t maneuver through the gaps.

Yao Fei and his group strolled into the inn leisurely, accompanied by the guards.

Strolling into the inn, Yao Fei’s eyes scanned around.

When he sighted Huang Xiaolong’s table, his expression changed, exclaiming aloud: “Huang Xiaolong!”

Yao Shan also noticed Huang Xiaolong’s group, and Duan Ren being among them: “Duan Ren!”

The crowd was stirred once again with Yao Fei’s voice echoing in the air.

“Huang Xiaolong Could it be the same Huang Xiaolong who killed Deities Templar’s Elder Ao Baixue!”

Experts from all over waiting to watch a good show were stunned knowing Huang Xiaolong’s identity.

Following the angle of Yao Fei’s eyes, everyone’s gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong.

Sensing the many gazes falling on him, Huang Xiaolong was amazed, it seems he was quite famous Even this far in High Sun Empire there were people who had heard his name.

Huang Xiaolong slowly stood up from his seat.

Zhao Shu, Duan Ren, and the others followed, whereas Yao Fei, retreated a step back out of reflex seeing Huang Xiaolong standing up.

Seeing this little action, Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Yao Fei, didn’t you want to kill me this whole time Come on, make your move.

Don’t tell me you forgot that year in Duanren Institute when I forced you to eat a big barrel of **!”

That year in Duanren Institute, Yao Fei kidnapped Huang Xiaolong’s parents.

Enraged, Huang Xiaolong made Yao Fei swallow a barrelful of feces when he found him.

At the end, if it weren’t for Li Molin, Yao Shan, and the rest appearing, Yao Fei wouldn’t have lived past that day.

Eat ** Shocked eyes from the crowd were focused on Yao Fei.

An Elder of Deities Templar was forced to eat a barrel of ** by Huang Xiaolong! All the experts had weird expressions on their faces looking at Yao Fei.

Whereas Yao Fei was extremely sullen, glowering at Huang Xiaolong, killing intent erupted in his eyes.

How could he forget what happened that year, ever since that time onward, Yao Fei’s hate toward Huang Xiaolong reached an unprecedented intensity.

In these few years, every time he remembered the scene of being forced to eat ** in front of the Duanren Institute’s students, he so dearly wished that Huang Xiaolong was right in front of him so he could tear him into pieces.

Spidery red veins appeared in Yao Fei’s eyes, turning red.

His eyes never strayed from Huang Xiaolong as he gritted his teeth.

Huang Xiaolong remained impassive.

Noticing the Deities Templar Elder robe on Yao Fei, he said, “It seems you have broken through to Saint realm.

How about this, Yao Fei, I’ll stand here, allowing you to attack.

As long as you can make me retreat half a step, I will let you go.”

At the same time, Zhao Shu, Duan Ren, and the other two Saint realm warriors had each locked onto a Deities Templar Elder opponent.

Huang Xiaolong’s words shocked the crowd agape once again.

Many of the experts present felt that Huang Xiaolong’s behavior was too audacious, even though half a year ago there was a rumor saying that Huang Xiaolong killed Deities Templar Elder, Ao Baixue, he was merely a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order.

Strong as he was, it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to stand still and take a Saint realm expert’s attack without so much as retreating half a step!

Yao Fei’s face became gloomier than before, his fists were tightly clenched with green veins jumping out.

“What’s the matter You lack the guts to attack” Huang Xiaolong taunted.

Yao Fei’s temper flared.

Roaring angrily, the energy around him escalated, releasing his Saint power with no restraint.

Yao Fei’s martial spirit materialized above him, a gigantic silhouette shrouded in darkness, the Dark Malevolent Sovereign, the king of darkness.

Yao Fei wasted no time and soul transformed immediately, a wild black fire cloaked his body.

“Huang Xiaolong, that year you were just a measly Xiantian Second Order, I don’t believe that your strength would be stronger than me today!” Yao Fei hollered.

When Yao Fei was forced to eat **, he was already a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order, while Huang Xiaolong was a mere Xiantian Second Order.

That year, he could have squashed Huang Xiaolong to death anytime, and now, several years later, he refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong could be stronger than him!

Although he had just broken through to the Saint realm not long ago, his strength was comparable to a late-First Order Saint realm.

Yao Fei’s silhouette vanished in a flicker, crossing the short distance between Huang Xiaolong and him.

His fist struck out faster than quicksilver.

A monstrous devil energy sprung forth as Huang Xiaolong transformed into the Asura Physique.

At the same time, a golden ray of light whirled endlessly around Huang Xiaolong’s body.


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