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Chapter 364: All Sides Snatching

Seeing Li Molin’s group, Huang Xiaolong’s nerves stretched taut, quickly converging all the Buddhism energy flowing out from the Godly Mt.

Xumi, once again shrinking down to dust particle and naturally falling to the floor.

Although Huang Xiaolong had previously maneuvered the Godly Mt.

Xumi past the detection of peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm undead bone dragon guardian, the bone dragon was a ‘dead’ entity at its core, whereas Li Molin and her group were genuine Tenth Order Saint realm in the flesh.

If Huang Xiaolong was found, there was only death at the end of the tunnel!

Li Molin and the rest ran into the hall, eyes shining staring at the remaining twelve crystal statues on the altars, but when they spotted the dozen empty altars on the left, everyone was stunned.

“Why is this Could it be there was someone else that came in faster than us and took away the other twelve primordial divine dragons!” Yao Shan blurted.

“Not only that, the legendary Dragon Pearl is also gone!” Another Deities Templar Elder pointed out.

Li Molin’s eyes turned cold, scanning around the great hall like a hawk, her icy voice sounded: “The entire way coming in here, we did not see anyone, that person should still be inside here.

Everyone search carefully, dig that person out! The Temple Preceptor has ordered, we absolutely must get the Dragon Pearl!”

Yao Shan and the rest complied in unison, separated and went to search in different directions, looking at every nook and cranny.

Whereas Zhou Zheng, who stood beside Li Molin, two lines of flames appeared in the depth of his eyes, fine golden light beams shot out from his eyes, sweeping over the entire great hall.

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong’s nerves tightened another notch, he knew that man was displaying a kind of skill that could penetrate others’ concealment battle skill ability.

Moments later, Zhou Zheng moved as if he detected something, his feet moving slowly in the Godly Mt.

Xumi’s direction.

Seeing his actions, Li Molin followed closely behind him.

One step… two steps…! Both of them were getting closer to where Huang Xiaolong was.

Huang Xiaolong’s breathing became chaotic.

Both of them stopped three meters from Huang Xiaolong, it was at this precise moment that sounds of breaking wind came from the Dragon God Palace’s entrance as another group of people burst into the hall.

“Asura’s Gate!” Huang Xiaolong noted the way these group dressed, uttering in surprise.

His gaze shifted onto the tall man in the middle, wearing an ink black robe.

The corners of his eyes were dotted with faint black patterns.

Chen Tianqi! Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed.

So this was Asura’s Gate Domain Chief, his Senior Brother Chen Tianqi

However, instead of worrying, Huang Xiaolong was ecstatic instead with Asura’s Gate group arrival.

Sure enough, Chen Tianqi’s arrival attracted Li Molin’s group’s attention, creating a rivalry.

Deities Templar and Asura’s Gate began snatching the remaining twelve crystal sculptures of primordial ancient divine dragons.

Not long after Chen Tianqi’s group burst into the hall, the Beastmen Clan from Ten Directions Continent also arrived, joining the fray without hesitation.

Seizing the opportunity within the chaos, Huang Xiaolong carefully maneuvered the Godly Mt.

Xumi toward the exit, leaving the Dragon God Palace, flying all the way until the Dragon Tomb’s entrance, however, Huang Xiaolong did not immediately leave.

This true dragon essence was good stuff, of course he couldn’t let it go to waste.

He activated the Thousand Demon Engulfing Destruction Array inside the Thousand Beast Cauldron, sucking in all the true dragon essence in the air into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

The space within the Linglong Treasure Pagoda was limitless, therefore Huang Xiaolong placed this true dragon essence at a different place than the dragon aura clouds he sucked in earlier.

After a while, deciding it was enough, Huang Xiaolong stopped, put away the Linglong Treasure Pagoda and exited the Dragon Tomb.

When he came out, he appeared at the same square with the stone stele.

Huang Xiaolong was secretly relieved as he looked at the twelve primordial divine dragon corpses sealed inside the crystal statues in the Xumi Temple, a gush of excitement washing over him.

This trip to the Origin Forest was the biggest harvest of his life.

Especially getting the Dragon Clan’s greatest treasure, the Dragon Pearl.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong disappeared from the Dragon City square, summoning Zhao Shu, giant ghost Feng Yang, Duan Ren, and the rest using a transmission talisman.

He found Dragon Blood Crystals, Divine Dragon Pills, primordial ancient divine dragons’ corpses, and the Dragon Pearl.

It was time to leave.

He knew there would be many more treasures around the Dragon City, but Huang Xiaolong was content.

A short while later, Zhao Shu and Feng Yang regrouped with Huang Xiaolong.

When he saw their excited faces, Huang Xiaolong surmised that both found some good things as well.

Yet, Duan Ren’s group still hadn’t shown themselves after a long time.

Huang Xiaolong frowned, they might have come across some trouble, otherwise, they wouldn’t simply ignore his message.

“Most likely, something happened on Duan Ren’s side.” Zhao Shu was the first to say it out.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Then, the transmission talisman in Huang Xiaolong’s palm shook, his spiritual sense swept over it, receiving the call for help from Duan Ren’s side.

“They’re in trouble, let’s go!” Huang Xiaolong urged.

Huang Xiaolong flew in front, leading Zhao Shu and Feng Yang to Duan Ren’s location.

Huang Xiaolong flew at his fastest speed, and very soon, the three of them sensed strong fluctuations up ahead.

Clearly, there were Saint realm experts battling.

Feeling the strong energy fluctuations, Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, and Feng Yang increased their speed.

A brief moment later, Huang Xiaolong saw Duan Ren fighting with a middle-aged man wearing a dragon robe.

The dragon on the middle-aged man’s robe was a green dragon, a powerful atmosphere surging from him, overwhelming Duan Ren’s.

In their fight, Duan Ren fell at a great disadvantage, Huang Xiaolong could tell that the other side wasn’t in a hurry to kill Duan Ren, or he wouldn’t have lasted this long.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned, who was this middle-aged man He eyes surveyed the surroundings, noticing that some distance away five people were sieging the two Duanren Institute’s Honorable Saint Masters.

That five people surprised Huang Xiaolong, for he recognized them, they were Blood Dragon City’s disciples who entered the Ghost City.

At that time, Blood Dragon City, Imperial Saber City, and Green Ghost City all sent disciples to explore the Ghost King’s cultivation cave.

That’s right, amongst the five people encircling the two Duanren Institute Saint experts were Blood Dragon City’s Li Qiuping and Wang Lin.

Seeing the two of them, a thought flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s mind; Blood Dragon City’s Castellan, Silver Dragon Ao Gu One of Bedlam Lands’ top ten experts!

“You go save Duan Ren.” Huang Xiaolong said to Zhao Shu.

“Yes, Young Lord.” Zhao Shu acknowledged Huang Xiaolong’s order, disappearing in a flicker, moving to attack Silver Dragon Ao Gu.

Huang Xiaolong did not waste time himself, attacking Li Qiuping and Wang Lin together with Feng Yang.

Silver Dragon Ao Gu started to feel boring playing with Duan Ren and was about to kill him off when a powerful energy came tearing toward him.

Alarmed, Ao Gu struck an attack to the back without any hesitation.

In the collision, he was forced back several meters.

Almost at the same time, Li Qiuping and Wang Lin were also forced back by Huang Xiaolong and Feng Yang.

Silver Dragon Ao Gu looked dignified, questioning Zhao Shu: Who are you” From that attack just now, this person rivaled him in strength.

Li Qiuping retreated to Silver Dragon Ao Gu’s side, respectfully saying, “Master, that kid is Huang Xiaolong.”

“Huang Xiaolong!” Silver Dragon Ao Gu followed Li Qiuping’s line of sight, glancing at Huang Xiaolong.

He was stunned, the incident in Rising Sun City about Huang Xiaolong killing Deities Templar’s Elder Yao Fei was a hot topic, even Silver Dragon Ao Gu had inevitably heard of it.



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