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Chapter 40: Junior Brother’s in Trouble!

As always, Fei Hou kept silent, so it was Huang Xiaolong who replied with a sneer, “Dare to kill your Duke Mansion’s guards Don’t tell me that we should’ve stood here, and waited for you to kill us We shouldn't have moved a finger in retaliation, right”

In the eyes of dukes like Meng Chen, commoners were supposed to stand still and be killed by them.

Meng Chen’s face became darkly sullen.

“Brat, I don’t care who’s supporting you; today, you’ve killed this Duke’s guards! It doesn’t matter who it is they won’t be able to save you!”

Meng Chen’s killing intent soared as he spoke in a cold voice, then He stepped back after and said to the two Tenth Order warriors (First Mister and Second Mister) “It doesn’t matter what method you use, today, you  absolutely must chop off their arms and legs!”

“Please rest assured, Lord Duke!” First Mister and Second Mister exchanged a look and acknowledged Meng Chen’s order.

And the Ninth and Eighth Orders also replied loudly.

Meng Chen and his son then moved to the sides, expecting to see a good show.

Meng Chen coldly observed the scene before him, although he had already guessed that if a little kid like Huang Xiaolong had a Tenth Order bodyguard surely, it meant that he had an unusual background.

However, he wasn’t worried.

As a Duke of the Luo Tong Kingdom he had a high status within the kingdom, and the number of people he feared were very few, so few that they would total less than ten!

First Mister and Second Mister cautiously walked towards Fei Hou and Huang Xiaolong.

“Both of us will deal with him (Fei Hou), while the rest of you go and break both of that kid’s arms and legs!” First Mister instructed the Ninth and Eighth Order Duke Mansion guards.

“Yes, First Mister!”

First Mister made his move before they could reply and a great serpent emerged behind him.

This serpent had a large head, but a small body and its entire length were a sickly white in color; this was his martial spirit, the Heavenly Serpent!

The Heavenly Serpent belonged to the snake beast category of martial spirits and snake martial spirits are generally ranked as grade seven.

However, some powerful snake martial spirits were categorized as grade eight and this Heavenly Serpent was one of them.

First Mister immediately soul transformed after his martial spirit emerged, his body turned into the same pale white, with layers of serpent scale.

His eyes became entirely red as he pounced on Fei Hou.

Whereas Second Mister’s martial spirit was something rarely seen – a vine type plant! The vines were a purple so dark that it looked black as ink and it had thorns on it sharp as knives.

This is a type of special plant martial spirit and was highly toxic.

Second Mister’s action was as swift as First Mister’s; he immediately soul transformed after releasing his martial spirits and leaped towards Fei Hou.

At this time, the other guards of the Duke’s Mansion moved quickly towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Young Master, you must be careful!” Fei Hou said as he looked sharply at the flood of oncoming people rushing at them.

Suddenly his Silver River martial spirit emerged turning tens of meters long and enclosed Huang Xiaolong, protecting him.

His hands were deflecting the many attacks coming from the Duke Mansion’s guards.

The little violet monkey on Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder was unusually quiet.

Its pair of gemstone like blue eyes stared at the Meng Chen and his son.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Battle qi clashed, and the shock waves spread through the air of the small restaurant space.

All the furniture had turned into dust, and the customers had all run for their lives.

First Mister and Second Mister never imagined that Fei Hou could block all the attacks from more than ten people while not moving a single step.

This made their faces warped in fury.

Fei Hou’s strength had exceeded their assumptions, and most surprising was his martial spirit which had evolved to the extent that it could strengthen its owner five times.

In general, a Tenth Order warrior with Silver River martial spirit could only enhance their strength to a maximum of four times.

The warriors from the Duke Mansion were both shocked and angry at the same time, which motivated them to attack unceasingly.

Although Fei Hou was very strong, however, he couldn’t last very long against so many experts at once, and in the end, each time he blocked an attack, Fei Hou’s face lost a little color.

Fei Hou’s body had strengthened till his Silver River was so dense that it looked close to being mercury.

When Meng Chen and Meng Xia saw this, a wide smile blossomed on the faces of both father and son.

“You will regret it if my Young Master is harmed!” Seeing the father and son’s disgusting smile, Fei Hou reminded them while his hands continued to block attacks.

Meng Chen smirked, “Regret I, Meng Chen don't have the word regret in my dictionary.

Not only do I want to chop off your arms and legs, after I have you both paraded around the city streets, I will also have you beheaded in public! I want to see who can save the two of you!”

And this point, Marshal Haotian had just returned from the palace and was surprised when he sensed bursts of battle qi energy coming from the direction of the Delicious Restaurant.

And this point, Marshal Haotian had just returned from the palace and was surprised when he sensed bursts of battle qi energy coming from the direction of the Delicious Restaurant.

For the Delicious Restaurant was not far from the Marshal Mansion, and because Fei Hou’s was a peak late-Tenth Order warrior, the energy vibration could travel the distance.

“Peak late-Tenth Order” Marshal Haotian’s brows furrowed.

Although fights are very common in the Royal City, however, it rarely involved a Tenth Order warrior.


“Marshal, it seems to come from the Delicious Restaurant’s location.”A guard beside Haotian remarked.

And at this time, the guard captain who was guarding the main entrance of the Marshal Mansion saw that the Marshall had returned, quickly went up to report.

“Marshal, a few moments ago, someone came and said that he was your Junior Brother and he took out Marshal’s gold plate here, wanting to see Marshal.” The guard’s captain then took out the gold plate and showed it yo Haotian.

“Junior Brother!” Haotian took the gold plate from the guard captain, pleasure evident on his face.

This was the gold plate he gave to his Junior Brother more than a decade ago.

“Where’s my Junior Brother” He asked.

It had been a very long time since he had seen Junior Brother, Fei Hou, and he didn’t expect that his Junior Brother would be here.

When they meet up, they must drink together again.

The guard captain hesitated for a moment, then honestly reported, “Replying Marshal, when he was here, I informed him that you were summoned to the palace and he left this gold plate and left, saying that he would wait for you at the Delicious Restaurant.”

“Delicious Restaurant!” Haotian’s face sank, as he continued to sense the ever increasing battle qi energy coming from the direction of Delicious Restaurant, could it be…

“Junior Brother’s in trouble!”

Junior Brother Fei Hou is in Delicious Restaurant, and there was a clashing battle qi emitted from there! There aren’t so many coincidences in this world; it must be Junior Brother! In less than a heartbeat’s time, Haotian was sure of it.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier!” Haotian roared at the guard captain.

The guard captain was so terrified that his liver nearly cracked-- he had never seen the Marshal in such a big temper!

“Marshal, I, I…” The guard's captain tried to explain, but Haotian didn’t want to listen.

Instead, he shouted loudly towards the sky: “Ironclaw 


High up in the air the sharp cry of an eagle rang out following Haotian’s holler and a huge gray condor appeared, about five meters long, its grayish wings looked like it was made out of iron reflecting a sharp light under the sunlight.

Its big claws looked like it could tear apart an elephant with ease.

Haotian leaped up onto the Ironclaw Condor’s back, and they disappeared towards Delicious Restaurant’s direction.

In all of the Luo Tong Kingdom, other than the kingdom’s ruler, only Marshal Haotian were permitted to fly in the Royal City.

The captain guard’s knees gave out in fear and slide to the ground when he saw Marshal called out the grade four Ironclaw Condor to rush towards Delicious Restaurant.

Even though Fei Hou had given him the gold plate and asked him to send someone to the palace to inform the Marshal, he did not!

At that moment he thought that since there was no war going on, there was no point to it as the Marshal would return very soon from the palace.

That’s why he did not go and did not send anyone! He didn’t expect that an accident would happen.

And from the looks of things, it was a grave matter! If something really happened to Marshal’s Junior Brother, what would happen to him 


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