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Chapter 423: Arriving in Treasure City

Hu Guang was obsessed with revenge.

He was devising plans to have his Master and father to send out Cosmos God Cult’s high-level experts once he got back, dismembering that bastard into a thousand pieces, when a sudden loud noise from outside interrupted his thoughts.

Hu Guang returned to the present and saw a Qi Family guard walk into the room.

“What’s happening outside” Hu Guang snapped at the guard.

That Qi Family guard quickly answered, “This small one heard from one of the stewards that Wang Dingzhi has personally escorted the criminal that hurt Young Noble, as for the loud noises coming from outside, this small one was just going to check.”

“Wang Dingzhi personally escorted the criminal over” Hu Guang’s eyes lit up and let out a braying laugh, “Good, good! I initially planned to request Master to send experts over here to exterminate that Wang Dingzhi, but since he’s so diplomatic, then this Young Master shall spare his life this one time!” He ordered the guard, “Come with me, we’re going to see what’s happening outside.”

Hence, Hu Guang exited the underground secret chamber with the Qi Family guard, heading to the main hall.

However, Hu Guang was only halfway there when he saw Wang Dingzhi and two Qi Family’s Saint realm Elders walking in his direction.

Hu Guang thought nothing of it and walked straight up to Wang Dingzhi, “Castellan Wang, I heard that you personally escorted that criminal over, good, very good! When I return to the Cosmos God Cult headquarters tomorrow, I will inform Father of your merit.” That tone, as if he was praising his subordinate on a job well done.

Hu Guang’s father, Hu Chen wasn’t some simple Cosmos God Cult Elder.

Elder Hu Chen was an Enforcement Elder and held high status and a significant level of authority in the sect.

Even taking the entire Starcloud Continent into consideration, Elder Hu had quite a reputation, something that a person like Wang Dingzhi couldn’t compare to.

Wang Dingzhi’s expression turned frosty at Hu Guang’s ‘praise’.

His hand reached out, clutching Hu Guang’s throat and lifting him in the air, returning to the main hall in that manner.

In fact, Wang Dingzhi and the two Qi Family Saint realm Elders were on their way to carry out Huang Xiaolong’s order—to bring Hu Guang, who was hiding in recuperation in the underground secret chamber, to the main hall.

Pity that Hu Guang had yet to realize his situation, acting arrogantly in front of Wang Dingzhi.

Hu Guang stared with disbelief at Wang Dingzhi’s hand clutching his neck.

Wang Dingzhi actually dared to insult him in this way! Hu Guang’s enraged roar rang out: “Wang Dingzhi, what do you think you’re doing! How dare you treat me this way! You’re so dead, release me! Quickly, release me this instant!” Hu Guang tried to break free, but to no avail.

His Qi Sea was damaged and he was physically handicapped, what qualifications did he have to struggle

The guard accompanying Hu Guang was rooted to the spot as he watched Wang Dingzhi lift Hu Guang up in the air with one hand, squeezing his throat.

It didn’t take long for the three people to return to the main hall with Hu Guang in hand.

Entering the hall, Wang Dingzhi threw Hu Guang down on one side and saluted Huang Xiaolong respectfully, “Sovereign, I’ve brought Hu Guang.” With that, he stepped to the side, with the two Qi Family Saint realm Elders standing behind him.

Hu Guang clutched at his neck, hawking endlessly.

Raising his head, the image of Huang Xiaolong sitting on Qi Family’s Patriarch seat entered his eyes while the Qi Family Elders stood respectfully in two lines.

Sovereign At this time, Hu Guang remembered that Wang Dingzhi called Huang Xiaolong Sovereign… A cold shiver traveled down his back and his eyes widened in shock staring at Huang Xiaolong.

A split second of shock later, Hu Guang screamed at the group of Qi Family Elders, “You bunch of no good dog slaves, how dare you betray the Cosmos God Cult, damn you all! The Cosmos God Cult will annihilate you lot of dog slaves, kill, kill all of you!” Hu Guang’s voice came out grating and hoarse, overwrought with emotions.

Hu Guang was no fool, how could he not understand looking at the scene before him Those Qi Family Elders had already sided with Huang Xiaolong.

The Qi Family Elders grimaced after being pointed at the nose and called dog slaves, especially the two Saint realm experts.

One of them took a step forward, saluting respectfully at Huang Xiaolong and ventured with caution, “Sovereign, this Hu Guang is so arrogant, this subordinate suggests to cripple both his legs as well!”

Listening to that Qi Family Saint realm expert, the other Qi Family Elders also stepped forward, each providing suggestions on how to punish Hu Guang.

After all, they had submitted to Huang Xiaolong and were branded with his soul mark, they no longer cared about Cosmos God Cult’s future retaliation.

Hu Guang watched dumbly as these Elders, who used to show him respect, flattering him in a complaisant manner to the point of licking his butt if he asked, all just to get on his good side, actually suggested to Huang Xiaolong to break his legs, cut off his tongue, dig out his eyes, and all kinds of inhuman tortures.

Hu Guang exploded with rage, waving his arm around, “A group of damn dog slaves, I’ll kill you all!”

He lunged forward, raising a leg at one of the Qi Family Elders.

That Elder didn’t even bother to move, a thin protective barrier of battle qi appeared in front of him.

Hu Guang was rebounded, stumbling back again and again.

Listening to the Qi Family Elders’ suggestions, Huang Xiaolong nodded: “Allowed.”

Hu Guang just managed get to his feet when he heard Huang Xiaolong giving them permission and he passed out on the spot.

If he was subjected to each and every punishment suggested by the Qi Family Elders, by the end of it, it would be worse than death.

Half a day later, the Qi Family was received under the Asura’s Gate, and the two Qi Family Saint realm experts were appointed as Enigma City’s Deputy Domain Leaders under Wang Dingzhi’s governance.

Later, Huang Xiaolong left many tasks to the three of them before leaving Enigma City, continuing his journey to Treasure City.

As for Hu Guang, he was eventually tortured to death by the group of Qi Family Elders.

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong gave Wang Dingzhi a strict order: all Cosmos God Cult disciples in Enigma City that don’t yield to Asura’s Gate are to be killed!

Kill all of them!

An order that dyed Enigma City red with blood.

After so many years, acting arrogant in Enigma City had become a habit of the Cosmos God Cult disciples, thus when they saw the usually cowardly Asura’s Gate disciples dare to attack them, those Cosmos God Cult retaliated with their usual arrogance.

Other than a small number that yielded to the Asura’s Gate, the rest were all killed.

Whereas many Asura’s Gate disciples harbored great hatred toward these Cosmos God Cult disciples for a long time, therefore, when these disciples attacked the Cosmos God Cult disciples, none of them showed any mercy.

Huang Xiaolong arrived in Treasure City after half a day’s journey.

Due to Huang Xiaolong’s instructions to Wang Dingzhi to lock down Enigma City, it was half a day later when Treasure City’s Castellan, Peng Zhuang, received the message that Hu Guang and all Cosmos God Cult disciples in Enigma City were killed.

“Hateful! Despicable!!” Peng Zhuang’s resounding roar thundered through the manor, violent energy blasted in the air, destroying everything around.

Treasure City Castellan Manor’s experts hid as far as they could, not daring to come close to Peng Zhuang.

Some time passed before Peng Zhuang calmed slightly, yet his eyes were blood-red crimson, “Huang Xiaolong, I vow to kill you or I’ll kill myself!”

By this time, Peng Zhuang already knew that Huang Xiaolong was in Enigma City, moreover, he was the person that injured his disciple, Hu Guang.

“Castellan.” The manor steward Tan An approached Peng Zhuang warily, reporting, “Huang Xiaolong is in Enigma City, suddenly dealing with our Cosmos God Cult disciple, would he come and make trouble in Treasure City next”

Peng Zhuang grew somber, eyebrows scrunched together in thought; what Tan An’s implying was, will Huang Xiaolong be acting against Treasure City next

“In my opinion, mad as that Huang Xiaolong might be, he wouldn’t dare to touch our Treasure City.” One of the Castellan Manor’s experts, Li Feng, stood out and stated, “Unless Huang Xiaolong wants to start a war with the Cosmos God Cult.”

Peng Zhuang contemplated Li Feng’s words and nodded in agreement.

Enigma City was within the Asura’s Gate territory, no one could find fault with Huang Xiaolong, after all, it was their Cosmos God Cult disciples acting like a host in other people’s home.

They only had themselves to blame for their deaths.

On the other hand, Treasure City was under Cosmos God Cult’s governance, if Huang Xiaolong dared to run rampant here, it would be a different matter altogether.


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