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Chapter 502: Who Dares to Act Recklessly, Seeking Death!

Law Enforcer Chen Xiaofeng joined in Xie Hui’s laughter, “What Young Lord said is right, this Zhao Shu’s order for all Asura’s Gate disciples to withdraw back to the Central Oblast territory has instead helped us save a lot of time, otherwise going around oblast by oblast to exterminate their disciples would be very troublesome and time consuming.”

“Still, Huang Xiaolong might’ve heard about our nine super forces alliance by now.” Law Enforcer Elder Hu Chen commented.

Xie Hui snickered, “It’s better that he finds out! He’s far away on the Ten Directions Continent so it’s useless even if he finds out, he has no way to stop the destruction of the Asura’s Gate!”

“Then, Young Lord, will we be using the nine super force alliance’s power and start attacking the Asura’s Gate tomorrow” Hu Chen asked.

“There's no hurry.” Xie Hui waved his hand.

“The Asura’s Gate is already a piece of meat on the cutting board, at our mercy.

Tomorrow, we’ll hold a pre-celebration feast for the nine super force alliance to relax ourselves a little and discuss how to divide the Asura’s Gate thirty-six oblasts once we’ve annihilated them.

We’ll gather the disciples the day after tomorrow to begin our attack on the Asura’s Gate!”

If things were to be divided fair and square amongst the nine super forces, each force would be getting four oblasts.

However, Xie Hui was unwilling for things to be divided in such manner.

The passage of time flowed as another day passes by.

In the end, after long deliberation, the nine super forces alliance finally reached an agreement on how the to divvy up the Asura’s Gate thirty-six oblasts as well as the treasures in its treasure trove and other resources.

On the third day, the nine super forces organized their disciples, departing from Cosmos God City, heading straight toward the Asura’s Gate headquarters.

The Cosmos God Cult had truly exerted its full force of experts, the number of their Xiantian realm disciples reached ten million!

On top of that, the Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and the other super forces assembled all their Saint realm experts.

Some brought five million Xiantian realm disciples, some six million, and others four million!

The number of Xiantian realm disciples that the nine super forces alliance brought together exceeded an earth-shattering sixty-three million!

More than sixty-three million Xiantian realm disciples! This number was enough to frighten any prominent force in the Martial Spirit World.

The nine forces alliance’s expedition cast a huge shadow over the world wherever they trampled past.

A massive army of sixty-three million Xiantian realm disciples, just their breaths alone could form a great cyclone that span for miles, raising a thick curtain of sand and dust, resembling an impending doomsday.

Two days later.

The alliance’s massive army reached a place called Large Central Plains, where Xie Hui gave the order to rest.

“What’s the place in front” Xie Hui asked.

“Replying to Young Lord, three hundred li up ahead is the Great Rift River Point Valley.” Chen Xiaofeng replied.

“Oh, Great Rift River Point Valley,” Xie Hui gave a small chuckle, “I heard that the River Point inside this Great Rift River Point Valley has a kind of delicious fish called River Point Fish.”

Hu Chen smiled widely, “Once we reach there, we’ll tell the disciples to catch some so Young Lord can have a taste.”

Xie Hui nodded.

One hour later, the massive army departed, reaching the Great Rift River Point Valley in no time.

Just when Xie Hui was about to lead the army to enter the valley, Chen Xiaofeng suddenly spoke, “Young Lord, the terrain of the Great Rift River Point Valley is dangerous, we must prioritize safety first.

This subordinate suggests sending ten thousand disciples to pass through the valley, to scout the terrain.”

When Xie Hui heard this, he and the experts from other forces laughed aloud.

The Distinct Void Door’s Sovereign, Liu Zhiding said, “Law Enforcer Chen, you’re too cautious.

Our nine super forces alliance shall kill even Gods if Gods block our path, kill Buddhas if Buddhas block our path! Even if an early God Ream master comes across us, they would need to give way to the side.

Who would dare to act recklessly, seeking death as to ambush us That’s no different than digging their own grave!”

But then again, the Distinct Void Door Sovereign’s words were no exaggeration.

With the nine super forces combining their strengths, including the families and sects under their allegiance, they had over one thousand two hundred Saint realm experts amongst them.

Adding the massive army of sixty-three million Xiantian realm disciples, even if a God Realm Master appeared, they had no need for fear.

Xie Hui lifted an arm and waved gallantly, “March on!” Riding on his mount, Xie Hui, Distinct Void Door Sovereign Liu Zhiding, and White Phoenix House’s experts led the massive army into the Great Rift River Point Valley.

High above, hidden in the void, a cold smirk appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face as he watched the situation below, looking at the nine super forces alliance army entering the Great Rift River Point Valley.

About one day prior, he had reached this Great Rift River Point Valley.

However, even he had to admit that an army of sixty-three million was a little too much, one-fourth of its number already filled the entire valley from one end to the other.

Just when Xie Hui was about to exit the Great Rift River Point Valley, the bright sun shining above suddenly dimmed, which made Xie Hui and the others look up curiously, seeing a giant flag that had appeared in midair.

In the blink of an eye, a raging ghost aura gushed out like a broken dam, covering all four directions.

Before anyone could react, the entire Great Rift River Point Valley was trapped inside an array.

“There’s an ambush!” Xie Hui yelled.

Yet, a part of him refused to believe that there really would be someone who dared to lay an ambush on the Great army of the nine super forces alliance!

Recovering quickly after a momentary shock, the Distinct Void Door Sovereign Liu Zhiding actually laughed, “I didn’t expect, ah! There really are people who aren't afraid of death, daring to ambush us.”

Experts of the Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and others echoed his laughter.

Evidently, none of them put this ambush attempt in their eyes.

Having more than a thousand Saint realm experts and over sixty million Xiantian realm disciples on their side, why would they need to sweat such a measly ambush

However, in the next second, they saw the surging ghost aura turn into evil spirits and devils, exuding monstrous momentum.

“These, these are Saint realm ghost creatures!” Faces ashen.

“Attack!” A cold voice rang in the void above, followed by a tide of fists, cutting palms, saber energies and more raining down in a torrent from above, submerging the valley below.

The nine super forces alliance’s disciples were drowned under these fists, palms, and saber attacks.

Bodies were exploding left and right, some disciples were split into halves by the sword qi.

Some Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and others of the Elder rank were also sent flying due to delayed reactions.

“It’s Huang Xiaolong!” Xie Hui blurted out in anger.

“That’s his Devils and Ghosts Flag!” A cold quiver ran down Distinct Void Door Sovereign Liu Zhiding’s body, staring in shock at the giant flag hovering above.

He finally guessed what that thing in the sky was.

When the experts heard Xie Hui and Liu Zhiding’s words, many of them turned a deathly shade of white.

Barely a second after their voices sounded, countless black spots emerged on the horizon, whistling through the air in their direction.

“Poi-Poison Corpse Scarabs!” Terrified voices sounded like undulating waves.

“Damn it, why would Huang Xiaolong appear here!”

“Isn’t he supposed to be on the Ten Directions Continent!” Xie Hui was raging at the top of his lungs.

High up in the void, a quick smirk flickered across Huang Xiaolong’s face before returning to his usual stoic face.

He ordered the Ten Direction Continent experts to continue attacking while a thousand arms fanned out behind him.

Aiming at the alliance’s group of Elders below in the Great Rift River Point Valley, Huang Xiaolong sent down a thousand Great Void Divine Fists.


The earth and mountains shook, screams and wails weaving in and out of the air.

Panicked and caught unprepared, in an instant, close to a hundred Elders from the Cosmos God Cult, Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and other super forces exploded from being hit by Huang Xiaolong’s volley of Great Void Divine Fists

Everything happened according to Huang Xiaolong’s plan, using the Devils and Ghosts Flag to support the Ten Directions Continent experts as they mainly attacked the alliance’s disciples, whereas the Poison Corpse Scarabs aided Huang Xiaolong in attacking the Elders.

After one full power Godly Xumi Art combined with the Great Void Divine Fist, Huang Xiaolong made another Godly Xumi Art attack with the Absolute Soul Finger.

The Cosmos God Cult and Distinct Void Door lost a dozen Saint realm Elders from his attack, having their foreheads pierced through.


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