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Chapter 516: Someone the Likes of You Is Capable of Killing Our Temple Preceptor


With a single command, Huang Xiaolong led the grand parade of Saint realm experts, rushing all the way to the Duanren Empire.

Among the one thousand Saint realm experts that he brought to Deities Templar headquarters, a little more than ninety people had fallen in battle.

Over nine hundred Saint realm experts remained.

While Huang Xiaolong rushed over with Zhao Shu and the others, on the other side, the Deities Templar branch forces’ great army was getting closer to the Duanren Imperial City.

The Deities Templar branches managed to amass a great army exceeding forty million, the weaker ones were peak late-Houtian Tenth Order, and over two million Xiantian realm experts.

Those Houtian warriors and the early and mid-levels Xiantian realm experts were disciples of big families and large sects from different kingdoms on Snow Wind Continent that submitted to Deities Templar.

Even if the Duanren Empire possessed a great army of its own, before the Deities Templar’s massive army of forty million, they were nothing but vulnerable.

“Elder Zhang, in half a day’s time our Deities Templar great army will be able to suppress the Duanren Imperial City.” One of the branch leaders reported to Zhang Jingfan.

Zhang Jingfan was one of Deities Templar’s Grand Elders, responsible for overlooking all matters related to the Deities Templar branches one the Snow Wind Continent.

Zhang Jingfan nodded, “Pass down the order, full force ahead.

Within three hours’ time, suppress Duanren Imperial City and kill all who resist!”

Another branch leader hesitated before saying, “Elder Zhang, Huang Xiaolong made it clear before that the Blessed Buddha Imperial City and Duanren Imperial City are both under his protection, us attacking like this, would it anger Huang Xiaolong Moreover, the headquarters hasn’t relayed any orders to attack, shouldn’t we wait for a directive from the headquarters before acting”

The same year when Huang Xiaolong announced that he was the beastmen tribes’ new Beast God, he indeed did declare to the world that the Blessed Buddha Imperial City and Duanren Imperial City were under his protection. 

Zhang Jingfan shot a cutting glance at the branch leader, reprimanding him coldly, “All Deities Templar’s branches are overseen by me! If I say attack, that means attack! Whoever dares to doubt my command will suffer the death penalty!”

The branch leader’s heart shuddered with fear, lowering his head to show submission, he no longer dared to utter another syllable.

Zhang Jingfan then scanned the branch leaders around him, emphasizing, “Let me enlighten you lot, our Temple Preceptor has already broken through to God Realm, he is now a God Realm master! Before our Temple Preceptor, that Huang Xiaolong is just a bigger fly, a slap from our Temple Preceptor would easily kill him.

So what if we attack the Duanren Imperial City After we’ve taken down the Duanren Imperial City, our army will march north to destroy the Blessed Buddha Empire!”

“A mere Huang Xiaolong, he really thinks our Deities Templar is afraid of him!”

“When our Temple Preceptor appears, he’ll die like an ant!”

Their Deities Templar Temple Preceptor was a God Realm master! When the branch leaders heard this, all of them were ecstatic.

The shadow of worry looming over their hearts vanished into nothing, totally reassured.

“After we kill Huang Xiaolong, the Asura’s Gate, the beastmen tribes, demonic beast clans, none of those unwilling to submit will be spared!”

“That’s right, at that time, the Asura’s Gate, beastmen tribes, and demonic beast clans, all of Huang Xiaolong’s confidantes will turn into our Deities Templar’s slaves.

Also, we cannot let the members of the Huang Family die too easily.”

These branch leaders became more engrossed in their verbal exchange, laced with chuckles and laughter here and there, creating a lively atmosphere.

Under Zhang Jingfan’s command, three hours later, the Deities Templar’s great army had finally arrived at the Duanren Imperial City.

The millions of disciples surrounded the perimeter of the city in a tight encirclement.

On the top of Duanren Imperial City’s walls, Emperor Duanren, the Guo Family’s Ancestor, Guo Chen, the Xie Family’s Ancestor, and the city’s Saint realm experts wore ugly expressions on their faces looking at the tight encirclement around the Duanren Imperial City by the Deities Templar army.

Including Emperor Duanren himself, the number of Saint realm experts guarding the imperial city was only thirteen.

Whereas the Deities Templar had thirty-five branches, and each branch leader was a Saint realm expert.

On top of that, there was also the Deities Templar Grand Elder Zhang Jingfan which tallied up the enemy’s Saint realm experts to thirty-six!


Emperor Duanren took a deep breath, glaring at Zhang Jingfan on the other side, his sonorous voice extremely solemn, “Elder Zhang, are you not afraid of incurring Lord Beast God’s wrath by having the Deities Templar branches attack the Duanren Imperial City”

Zhang Jingfan smirked disdainfully, “Lord Beast God What dogfart Beast God! Don’t worry, after I destroy your Duanren Empire, the next one will be Huang Xiaolong.

Our Temple Preceptor has already broken into the God Realm! Squashing an insignificant Huang Xiaolong, just one palm slap is more than enough.

Duan Ren, if you surrender and submit to me now, becoming one of our Deities Templar’s dogs, I can spare your lives, if not, DIE!”


“Die!” “Die!” 

The millions of Deities Templar disciples hollered, waving their arms in their air.

The waves of their voices shook the sky, one could even hear it from miles away.

“Is that so” As these Deities Templar disciples waved their arms roaring to battle, a cold voice traveled from the horizon to their ears.

Though it wasn’t loud, it covered the army’s booming shouts, as if the voice contained a magical power that inspired fear and awe in their minds.

Everyone heard the voice clearly.

The Deities Templar disciples suddenly quieted down to an eerie silence.

Zhang Jingfan was stunned for a moment.

“Who’s that seeking death, acting so brazen as to deliberately muddle in others’ matters!” Zhang Jingfan snapped, “Roll out here for me!”

Just as his words ended, he spotted a black-haired young man clad in brocade robe that reflected light like the stars flying over from the distant horizon.

The black-haired young man’s speed was seemingly slow, but in fact it was horrifyingly fast.

On the black-haired young man’s star-like brocade robe were embroidered dense diagrams of mythical beasts, not too many nor too little.

Exactly three hundred of them.

“Lord Beast God!” When Emperor Duanren and the Guo Family’s Ancestor, Guo Chen, saw the black-haired young man, neither of them could conceal the joy from their faces.

Of course, there was also disbelief.

On Zhang Jingfan’s side, however, there was an opposite reaction: “Huang Xiaolong!”

The black-haired young man was none other than Huang Xiaolong.

In a what seemed like a simple few steps, Huang Xiaolong had reached the space in front of them.

“We respectfully welcome the Lord Beast God!” Emperor Duanren, Ancestor Guo Chen, and the rest of the Duanren Imperial City’s Saint realm experts knelt in salute.

Although Emperor Duanren was the ruler of an empire, he still needed to refer to Huang Xiaolong as Lord Beast God with respect when he saw him, as did Ancestor Guo and the rest.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “Everyone, please stand up.”

When everyone was on their feet, Huang Xiaolong spoke “Brother Duan Ren, just call me Brother Huang like you did in the past.”

Emperor Duanren, Ancestor Guo, and others felt overly flattered, insisting they dare not do so.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong decided against saying anything more.

He turned around, looking at Zhang Jingfan with a deadpan expression that showed neither anger nor joy, “Earlier, you said that your Temple Preceptor can kill me with a single slap”

After the initial shock, Zhang Jingfan had now calmed down and regained his composure.

Answering with a mocking sneer, he said, “That’s right.

Huang Xiaolong, our Temple Preceptor has advanced to God Realm, killing you is no different than killing a stupid Tyrant Boar.

We have an army of several million here, do you think you can stem a raging tide based on your strength alone”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “Who said that I’m alone” Then, with a wave of his hand, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the remaining nine hundred plus experts came out from the Godly Mt.


In order to travel at a faster speed, he carried them inside the Godly Mt.


Watching more than nine hundred people suddenly appear behind Huang Xiaolong, everyone on Zhang Jingfan’s side became ashen.

All— ALL of them were Saint realm experts!

More than nine hundred Saint realm experts!

Huang Xiaolong looked at Zhang Jingfan with the same expression, “I’ll tell you the truth, Ying Tian has already been killed by me.

If you choose to blow yourself up now, perhaps you might die more comfortably.”

Deities Templar’s Temple Preceptor was dead!

Emperor Duan Ren, Guo Chen, and the rest exchanged silent glances among themselves.

Because Huang Xiaolong made a clean work out of Deities Templar’s headquarters and did not order for the news to be spread out, the forces of the Martial Spirit World were still in the dark about Deities Templar’s headquarters’ destruction.

Zhang Jingfan burst out laughing for a while at Huang Xiaolong’s words, as if he had just heard the world’s biggest joke, “Huang Xiaolong, you're really skilled at bull**ting, you’re telling me that someone the likes of you is capable of killing our Temple Preceptor”

Even the Deities Templar’s branch leaders couldn’t resist laughing out loud.


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