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Chapter 517: One Gentle Palm Strike


You’re really skilled at bull**ting!

When Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the other Saint realm experts heard those words, rage erupted inside them.

Huang Xiaolong raised an arm to stop them from attacking, saying, “All of you go deal with the Deities Templar disciples, kill everyone who resists!”

Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the Saint realm experts immediately understood Huang Xiaolong’s meaning.

Leave no survivors among the genuine Deities Templar disciples! As for those families and sects belonging to different kingdoms that surrendered to Deities Templar, the ones who hindered them were to be killed, while the obedient ones were to stand at the side, safe!

The Saint realm experts complied and flew forward.

No formation was employed, nor any tactics.

Those nine hundred Saint realm experts merely stood in a straight line along the city walls and simultaneously struck out with powerful palm or fist attacks at the Deities Templar disciples.

In the blink of an eye, a bloodbath commenced.

Blood splattered in every direction as tragic screams shook the air.

Despite the army being a massive forty million in number, only two million of them were Xiantian realm warriors.

Zhao Shu’s group of nine hundred over Saint realm experts began their attack, and in mere seconds, tens of thousands of these Xiantian realm warriors turned into blood mist.

Therefore, two million Xiantian realm warriors were far too lacking to fill the gaps between the teeth of Zhao Shu’s group of Saint realm experts.

As for the Houtian warriors, although their number seemed terrifying, the attacks they landed on Zhao Shu’s group of Saint realm experts couldn't even be considered as scratching an itch, barely passing for a soft breeze.

Still, a gust of breeze created by forty million Houtian warriors was not to be sneezed at, at least it made Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the rest feel cool.

Zhang Jingfan was enraged and agitated as he watched the Deities Templar’s massive army turn into a pathetic mess by Huang Xiaolong’s over nine hundred Saint realm experts.

Just as he and the branch leaders prepared to attack Zhao Shu’s group, Huang Xiaolong beat them to it, blocking right in front of Zhang Jingfan and the branch leaders. 

He lightly tapped a palm toward the group of Deities Templar branch leaders, akin to a lover’s gentle spank on the derriere, however, it was enough to drench the group of branch leaders in horror.

Before they could even fart, all of them simultaneously exploded.

Blood splattered onto Zhang Jingfan’s face and body from every direction.

He could still feel the warmth from the blood which colored his hands red.

In the distance, on top of the city walls, Emperor Duanren, Ancestor Guo Chen, and others watched with their jaws dropped to their chests, big enough to stuff in a whole fist.

Just a gentle palm! 

All thirty-five Deities Templar branch leaders blew up to their deaths simultaneously!

 Ssshhhhh—! The sound of them sucking in a breath of cold air can be heard.

Emperor Duanren remembered the last time they went to Origin Forest with Huang Xiaolong to explore the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins, when Huang Xiaolong had just broken through to Saint realm.

How long had it been Now he could kill thirty-five Saint realm experts with a gentle palm attack Not to mention the fact that there were five high-level Saint realm experts in that group!

The Deities Templar disciples below the city walls that were crying for their mothers while being bombarded by Zhao Shu’s group saw Huang Xiaolong kill thirty-five Saint realm experts with a casual palm and were scared till they pissed their pants, their butt cheeks quivered like jelly.

Huang Xiaolong ignored these reactions, his eyes focused coldly on Zhang Jiangfan.

Raising his arm again, a sharp Asura qi drilled out from his pointed finger into Zhang Jingfan’s Qi Sea, sealing his battle qi.

Without any battle qi support, Zhang Jingfan plummeted to the ground, rolling around as he cried out in pain.

It didn’t take long for his screams of pain to turn into an endless plea for mercy.

“I said it, didn’t I If you chose to blow yourself up earlier, you would have died without so much pain.” Huang Xiaolong reminded with a cold expression.

The disciples belonging to big families and sects from smaller kingdoms quickly fell to their knees for mercy.

They too had thought that Huang Xiaolong’s claim of having killed Deities Templar’s Temple Preceptor Ying Tian was nothing but a fart, but now that they had seen Huang Xiaolong’s horrifying strength with their own eyes, killing thirty-five Saint realm experts with a single palm, half of their doubts were vanquished.

Since the Temple Preceptor had died, it wasn’t worth it for them to continue offending Huang Xiaolong.

Things went smoother than Huang Xiaolong expected, and soon, those disciples from various families and sects quickly surrender, completely giving up any thoughts of resistance.

As for the genuine Deities Templar disciples, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the other Saint realm experts did not show a shred of mercy, all were killed, not one left.

As for Zhang Jingfan, he was tortured by Huang Xiaolong until he was half dead before Huang Xiaolong summoned the Poison Corpse Scarabs and Devils and Ghosts Flag.

Zhang Jingfan’s flesh was gnawed away bit by bit by the Poison Corpse Scarabs.

The entire process took place right in front of those remaining family and sect disciples, stamping irremovable fear into their souls.

A long while later, Emperor Duanren finally regained his senses, ordering the Duanren army to clean up the battlefield while he went up to Huang Xiaolong, inviting him to the city.

Huang Xiaolong did not decline, heading to the Duanren Palace with Zhao Shu and the other Saint realm experts.

He ordered the submitted families and sect disciples to wait outside the imperial city for his orders and decision.


Duanren Palace.

Emperor Duanren held a big banquet, inviting Huang Xiaolong to the main seat of honor, showing utmost respect, whereas he himself sat in a lower position.

Toasts were made with cups held high, and the banquet’s atmosphere soon turned lively.

“It has been a few years since I haven’t seen Puti.” Huang Xiaolong said to the Xie Family’s Ancestor who was sitting beside Emperor Duanren with a slight smile, “By any chance, is he in the imperial city now”

Xie Family’s Ancestor sprung to his feet, replying with respectfully, “Xie Puti is in the Xie Manor now, if Lord Beast God wants to see him, I’ll immediately have him come over to pay his respects!”

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand casually, “No need, Puti and I are good friends.

Let’s do it like this, I’ll come pay a visit to Xie Manor tomorrow.”

Good friends!

Envy reared its head in Emperor Duanren’s heart.

With Huang Xiaolong’s current identity and status, who did not envy the person lucky enough to be called his good friend.

The Xie Family’s Ancestor was elated, agreeing repeatedly.

Then, Huang Xiaolong turned to Guo Chen, the Guo Family’s Ancestor, “In a few days, I’ll send Huang Min, Guo Tai, and the little one back to the imperial city.”

Now that Deities Templar became history, Huang Xiaolong had more or less unified the whole Martial Spirit World, and consequently, his family no longer needed to hide away.

When the Guo Family’s Ancestor Guo Chen heard that, he quickly stood up in delight, thanking Huang Xiaolong.

Watching the happy expression on Guo Chen’s face, Emperor Duanren was slightly sour.

If he knew earlier, he too would become in-laws with the Huang Family all those years ago.

If Huang Xiaolong’s younger brother, Huang Xiaohai, was willing, he could pick any one of his daughters for marriage, or even all of them if he wanted.

Of course, he wouldn’t dare to think of looping in Huang Xiaolong.

Quietly, the night passed.

Next morning, Huang Xiaolong headed to the Xie Manor on his own.

When he arrived at the Xie Manor’s entrance, the Xie Family’s Ancestor, Xie Family Elders, and Xie Puti were already waiting to welcome Huang Xiaolong.

When they saw Huang Xiaolong, those elders quickly knelt in salute.

Huang Xiaolong could only sigh helplessly inside, quickly telling everyone to rise.

Then he walked over to Xie Puti’s side, slapping his friend’s shoulder with a big grin, “Not bad, you’ve become even more handsome in the years I've been away.”

Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti probably had not met for almost a decade.

Ten years passed, and the once youthful arrogance on Xie Puti’s face was now replaced by a mature steadiness.

Xie Puti was really happy meeting Huang Xiaolong again.

Laughingly, he said, “Nonetheless, I still aren’t as handsome as you ah, you kid even hooked away our Snow Wind Continent’s number one beauty.”

Both of them burst out laughing.

“Let’s go in!” The two of them walked into the Xie Manor with the Xie Family Ancestor and Elders trailing behind them.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong politely sent the elders away.

Then both of them headed to Xie Puti’s yard, bottoming out hundreds of wine jugs with zeal as they talked.

They talked about many things, from the year when the two of them fought for the Duanren Imperial City Battle first place, to the days they spent in the Duanren Institute.

“That Cui Li is married now, to a Lu Family disciple from Spring Faun Empire.” Xie Puti said.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, his mind flashed back to the time when he participated in the Duanren Imperial City Battle, that young woman clad in a green dress that tried to seduce him.

But he said nothing out loud.

“How about we take a stroll around the Duanren Institute” Xie Puti suddenly suggested.

Huang Xiaolong was dazed for a moment, then he nodded his head in agreement.

He too felt like seeing if there were any changes to the Duanren Institute.


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