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Chapter 531: Are You Sure Youre Not Auctioning


Several hours later, Huang Xiaolong appeared outside the auction house.

This particular auction house in the Black Warrior City was opened by the Black Warrior Institute and was also one of the few biggest auction houses in the Black Tortoise Galaxy.

“May I know what this Young Noble is planning to auction” The auction house employee that approached Huang Xiaolong was a pretty maiden in a long flowing green dress with a pleasing sweet smile.

Huang Xiaolong stated his purpose: “I want to auction a spirit stone.”

“A single spirit stone” The young maiden blanked for a second and giggled, “Is Young Noble joking Does Young Noble know the rules of our auction house Our auction house only holds one auction annually, and in every auction, we only offer one hundred items.

Our auction house will definitely not merely auction a single spirit stone.”

Items auctioned by the Black Warrior Auction House had a minimum value of one million Xuanwu coins.

Such was the standard requirement.

The Black Warrior Auction House declined to auction anything outside of this requirement.

For example, the saint grade spirit stones that Huang Xiaolong sold off previously at a price of a little above four hundred thousand.

This was also the main reason why the auction house employee said that they would not auction one piece of spirit stone.

But then again, the bigger forces or families would not take out a precious item such as divine grade spirit stones for auction, thus this possibility did not cross her mind at all.

Hearing the other side decisively state that they will not auction a single spirit stone, Huang Xiaolong merely smiled, “Are you sure you’re not auctioning”

The pretty maiden’s delicate brows slightly creased, weren't her words clear enough for this young man Why did some people lack tact Thus she firmly stated once again: “That’s right, we do-not-auction.”

Just as her last word sounded, a light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s hands, like a miniature sun explosion, lightning up the whole hall in a glaring light.

A powerful wave shook the airflow and space in the hall, instantly attracting the gazes of other people around as they keenly felt the sudden richness of spiritual energy.

This is…!

In the next second, their eyes zoomed toward the piece of spirit stone in Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

“Divine grade spirit stone!”

“Heavens, that’s a divine grade spirit stone!”

In a split second, someone determined the grade of the spirit stone in Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

The auction house young maiden felt tears swimming in her eyes from the spirit stone’s bright glare, her dainty cherry blossom lips were agape exaggeratedly in shock.

Huang Xiaolong eyed her as a faint smile tilted the corner of his lips, “Since the Black Warrior Auction House does not auction divine grade spirit stones, then I shall go to another auction house.” With that said, he turned around, putting away the spirit stone in his hand and preparing to leave.

The Black Warrior Auction House was not the sole auction house in the Cloudsea Mainland.

The pretty auction house employee recovered from her shock at this point.

Anxiously watching the young man turn to leave, she blurted out: “No no no! Young Noble, our auction house will auction it, we will, we will! Please, Young Noble, wait for a moment.

I’ll go look for the supervisor.” In a moment of desperation, she grabbed Huang Xiaolong and apologized.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong smiled and took a seat.

“Fine, then.” In fact, he was just putting on a show of pretending to leave.

Inwardly relieved after seeing that Huang Xiaolong was willing to stay, she quickly left in search for the auction house supervisor.

It didn’t take long for the female auction house employee to return with several people.

Walking in front of the group was a middle-aged man clad in a pale yellow robe with a black tortoise pattern embroidered on his chest.

Behind him were several old men in light red robes.

The young maiden was at the very end of the group.

“Young Noble, this is our Supervisor, Ke Can.” Arriving in front of Huang Xiaolong, the young maiden walked up, introducing the middle-aged man to Huang Xiaolong.

“Supervisor, this is the Young Noble who would like to auction a piece of divine grade spirit stone.”

The middle-aged man, Ke Can, faced Huang Xiaolong with a beaming smile, speaking in a polite tone, “I heard that this brother wants to auction a piece of divine grade spirit stone, may I have a look at it”

“Sure.” Huang Xiaolong answered, taking out a piece of divine grade spirit stone.

The several old men in light red robes walked up and began assessing the divine grade spirit stone.

The longer they looked, the more ecstatic and excited the expression on their faces grew.

It was some time later before the several old men calmed down, ending their appraisal.

“Supervisor Ke, this spirit stone has indeed reached the standard of divine grade, moreover, the spiritual energy inside is as abundant as the sea, definitely one of the finest among divine grade spirit stones, hard to find in a hundred thousand years.

We estimate the value to be sixty million!” One of them spoke.

Finest among divine grade spirit stones, a rarity hard to find in a hundred thousand years, estimated value to be sixty million!

The other experts that came to put their items up for auction were astounded, their eyes grew feverish as they fixed their gazes on the spirit stone, hating the fact they were unable to swallow it into their bellies right that instant.

Ka Can was over the moon hearing the appraisal.

‘Finest among divine grade!’ It had been more than thirty thousand years since the Black Warrior Auction House last put up this quality of spirit stone for auction.

Subsequently, Ke Can guided Huang Xiaolong through some of the auction house rules while putting the divine grade spirit stone away for safekeeping inside the Black Warrior Auction House treasure chamber.

It would only be taken out half a month later, on the day of the auction.

He also gave Huang Xiaolong a jade token as proof of the transaction.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong walked out from the auction house.

He was assured leaving the item with the Black Warrior Auction House.

With the Black Warrior Institute’s standing and reputation, at the very least, he was confident that they wouldn't embezzle his piece of spirit stone.

Leaving the auction house, Huang Xiaolong went to a trading firm.

The several thousand Xuanwu coins left inside his Asura Ring weren't even enough to buy him a few jugs of wine, which was why he needed to exchange for some quick Xuanwu coins.

He used three pieces of saint grade spirit stones to exchange for slightly over a million Xuanwu coins.

It should be enough to last him a few days.

Then, he went around looking for an inn in close distance to the Black Warrior Auction House, renting a yard as he cultivated while waiting for the auction day’s arrival.

In less than half a day, the news that the Black Warrior Auction House would be putting up a fine quality divine grade spirit stone for auction spread in all directions, sending the entire Cloudsea Mainland into a furor of excitement as experts rushed into the Black Warrior City.

Other than that, Huang Xiaolong’s aptitude test in the Hall of Heroes also raised a small ripple.

“Did you hear, several days ago some guy tested his aptitude, his strength reached 2132, and his talent was even higher, reaching 2256.

I asked around, that guy’s name is Huang Xiaolong.”

“Huang Xiaolong There doesn’t seem to be any super forces or first rank forces in the Black Tortoise Galaxy with the surname Huang.

I wonder which world surface this small Huang Family is from, to come out with such a dazzling genius!’

“Also, Jiang Family’s Young Lord also tested that day, his strength was 2368, whereas talent is 2321, even higher than that Huang Xiaolong.

Another super genius has come out of the Jiang Family!”

On this day, while Huang Xiaolong was having a drink at the inn, these discussions fell into his ear.

‘Jiang Shaoze’ Huang Xiaolong was reminded of the Jiang Family disciple from the dim planet where he took away the innate spiritual embryo.

It seems like that Jiang Family disciple was this Jiang Shaoze.

‘Strength 2368 Not too bad.’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

If this Jiang Shaoze broke through to God Realm, his strength would most likely to exceed 3000.

Half a month passed by quickly, getting closer to the auction day.

Huang Xiaolong left the inn, heading toward the auction house.

By the time he arrived, the doors of the auction house were already crowded with people, hardly anyone moving.

In truth, the usual annual auction did not garner so much attention, however, ever since the news about the fine quality divine grade spirit stone spread out, it drew twice as many people over.

Huang Xiaolong moved toward the honored guests' entrance.

“This Young Noble, my apologies, this entrance is only for guests that hold our auction house’s special issued card.” When he was a few steps away from passing through the entrance, two pretty auction house’s female disciples politely stopped Huang Xiaolong.


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