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Chapter 532: Divine Artifact


After being blocked, Huang Xiaolong did not show any anger.

Smiling faintly, he took out the jade token that Ke Can had given him the other day, waving it in front of them, “Can I go in now”

According to auction house rules, the owners of an auction item were allowed to enter through the honored guest pathway, they were all treated the same.

The two beauties stared at the jade token in Huang Xiaolong’s hand and were dazed for a moment before respectfully making way for him to pass through.

Huang Xiaolong passed through, coming out the other side, where another beautiful young woman came up to lead him to a private room.

Sitting in the private room, looking at the extravagant decorations, he sighed a small lament in his heart.

Just the decorations in this private room alone probably cost a few million, even a simple chair in the private room was made out of heaven grade spirit stone.

Not long ago in Martial Spirit World, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t even find a piece of heaven grade spirit stone, but now, the Black Warrior auction house actually turned such a big piece of heaven grade spirit stone into a chair, and placed it here!

The other decorations in the room were also made from rare stones and ores.

Sitting comfortably on the chair, looking through a glass window, he had a view of the entire auction house hall.

The auction house’s spacious hall could fit over ten thousand people, each of them having enough space to sit.

Peering down from the private room, it was a mass of black.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t have to wait long, as the auction began shortly afterwards.

“Top divine grade spirit pellet, Immortal Phoenix Pellet, one hundred pieces, the bidding price starts at one million five hundred thousand!”

One hundred pieces of Immortal Phoenix Pellet, this was the auction house’s starting item.

A magical pellet from the Phoenix Clan with miraculous benefits.

Taking it could not only temper one’s physical body, it also brought clarity to the soul, and if one was gravely injured, all wounds could be healed almost instantly.

After the Immortal Phoenix Pellet, the second item was a lump of divine ore from the Divine World, five meters thick, the bidding price set at one million.

Although a divine ore was invaluable, it was difficult to refine.

Not only did it required a Highgod Realm master’s divine fire, it also required knowledge of the Divine World’s talisman symbols as well as transforming it into an inscribed formation.

Huang Xiaolong did not expect a lump of Divine World’s ore to be worth so much, which inexplicably made him remember the doors at the destroyed Deities Templar’s headquarters.

Those doors were also made out of Divine World’s ore.

‘En, the next time I return, I should go retrieve those doors.’ Huang Xiaolong made a mental note.

Soon, more than fifty items had breezed through the auction stage, most of them were rare items.

However, the price grew increasingly high as these items passed, even Huang Xiaolong was smacking his lips at the thought of it.

From the fiftieth item onwards, all the bidding prices started from ten million and above.

Most of all, Huang Xiaolong’s divine grade spirit stone was actually one of the few finale items of the auction.

Sitting in the private room, Huang Xiaolong heard the undulating cries of the bidding war, feeling a little depressed.

At first, he had thought that after auctioning that piece of divine grade spirit stone, his wealth would be equivalent to a small local tyrant.

However, looking down at the expressionless faces of those disciples below as they cried out millions, the few millions he was about to receive seemed like a drop in the vast sea.

Several hours later, only the last three items remained.

“Our next item is a divine artifact!”

The moment the preceding auctioneer’s voice rang, the crowd stirred with excitement.

Only a weapon forged with divine fire by a God in the Divine World had the right to be called a divine artifact!

A genuine true God! Not what they call Highgod Realm masters within the galaxy.

Huang Xiaolong too was stunned.

“How can a divine artifact appear in the lower world” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist asking Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi.

“I’m not very clear myself, but most of these weapons are left behind from the desolate era.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said, “Although a divine artifact is powerful, only a Highgod Realm master could somewhat display its power.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

By this point, the auctioneer had announced the bidding price at forty-five million.

And the bidding began.

However, due to the fact only Highgod Realm masters could display the divine artifact’s power, there weren’t many bidders.

In the end, it was won by one of the super forces, the Zhu Family, using fifty-two million.

“Next, is a divine grade spirit stone.”

“This spiritual energy contained in this divine grade spirit stone is as abundant as the sea, vibrant and endless.

One of the finest amongst its grade.

It can supply twice as much energy to large formations, increasing the effect two-fold.”

“The bidding starts at sixty million.”

The auction hall broke out in a great uproar.

A divine artifact may be a rare treasure, but it could only be used by a Highgod Realm master, however, this piece of fine quality divine grade spirit stone was a different matter altogether.

It could be used to power formations, used to arrange a spiritual energy gathering formation, refine pellets, cultivation, and most important of all, it could be used by anyone.

When the auctioneer announced the start of the bidding, everyone in the hall went crazy.

Before a flabbergasted Huang Xiaolong, the price soared to seventy million in the blink of an eye!

“Seventy-one million!

“Seventy-three million!” 

The price continued to go up.

Inside the private room, it was as if Huang Xiaolong saw the sky raining down Xuanwu coins right in front of him.

In the end, that piece of divine grade spirit stone was auctioned at a high price of eighty-three million!

Eighty-three million!

Inside his Asura Ring, he had five more similar spirit stones, adding the one that was just sold off, that was close to five hundred million!

Five hundred million Xuanwu coins, even some of the smaller families that had been accumulating their wealth for ten thousand years couldn’t take out this figure.

“The last item we’re going to auction is a treasure map.

This treasure map was left behind by the All Origins Sect.”

No one expected the final item to be a treasure map, including Huang Xiaolong.

“All Origins Sect” Huang Xiaolong was baffled.

“This All Origins Sect was one of our Black Tortoise Galaxy’s super forces, but it was destroyed a little over ten thousand years ago.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said.

Huang Xiaolong was bewildered, he didn’t expect the All Origins Sect to be a super force, but how did the sect fell It wasn’t that easy for a super force to perish completely.

“The reason why the All Origins Sect perished has always been a mystery.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi shook his head, “According to some rumors, all of the All Origins Sect’s Highgod Realm and God Realm Masters were all killed in a single night.

At that time, this news shocked the entire Black Tortoise Galaxy, Azure Dragon Galaxy, White Tiger Galaxy, and the Vermillion Bird Galaxy.”

Who had such power to be able to kill all of the All Origins Sect’s Highgod and God Realm masters! Huang Xiaolong was left reeling at the thought.

At this point, the auction house Supervisor Ke Can made his way over to Huang Xiaolong’s private room to hand over the profits from the auctioning of the divine grade spirit stone.

The auction house itself deducted slightly more than a million as processing fees, and Huang Xiaolong pocketed over eighty-one million. 

 Eighty-one million was a huge sum.

With eighty-one million in his hand, Huang Xiaolong felt much more secure.

In the end, the treasure map was bought by another super force, the Chen Family, with two hundred million.

After the auction ended, the auction house Supervisor Ke Can invite Huang Xiaolong to his residence, but Huang Xiaolong rejected the other side’s intentions.

He was headed to the big trading firm dealing in demonic beasts, purchasing all the peak half-step God Realm beast cores in their shop, coming up to slightly over nine hundred cores.

Nine hundred peak half-step God Realm beast cores cost Huang Xiaolong forty million.

Even though he was never a stingy person, it still made his heart bleed.


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