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Chapter 534: First Encounter With Gudu Leng


Night gradually gave way to dawn as the sun spread its sunshine over the land.

Huang Xiaolong, who has been standing in the yard, suddenly quivered, shaking the morning dew drops off his body.

He turned around and walked out of the yard, heading toward the Hall of Heroes’ square.

The new disciple assessment’s transmission array was in the square itself.

Due to the close distance between the inn he lived in and the Hall of Heroes, Huang Xiaolong arrived within minutes.

By the time Huang Xiaolong arrived, the square was already packed with a large crowd.

Numerous geniuses from different world surface gathered on the Hall of Heroes square.

“That kid should be that Huang Xiaolong.”

When Huang Xiaolong appeared in the square, quite a few people recognized his face.

There would be many people paying attention to those like Huang Xiaolong who scored above 2000 points in strength.

Moments after he arrived, the square broke out in a big commotion.

“It’s Gudu Leng! The one who scored 3156 points, Gudu Leng!”

“So unexpected, such a monstrous genius came from the Gudu Family this time!”

Huang Xiaolong looked over, following the crowd’s gaze to a young man clad in the blackest brocade robe under an eye-catching silver cloak stepping onto the square, firm and steady.

His pupils an obsidian black that seemed to have a magical allure, a glance and one would be pulled in unknowingly.

This was the sole genius in the hundred thousands years of the Black Warrior Institute’s assessment that scored above 3000 points, shocking an entire galaxy, Gudu Leng!

A light flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

Gudu Leng, the person was like his name—cold.

Despite the large space between Huang Xiaolong and Gudu Leng, he felt the wisps of coldness emitting from the other young man.

‘Very pure dark element force.’ Huang Xiaolong thought inwardly.

From a general point of view, the dark element was always considered evil, but Gudu Leng’s dark element felt pure instead.

“If I’m not wrong, he cultivates the Underworld Blackfrost Technique,” Dragon Emperor Taiyi said.

“Legend has it, the Underworld Blackfrost Technique was a cultivation technique created by one of the Kings of Hell that wasn't passed to outsiders, no one knows how the Gudu ancestor got his hands on it.

However, the number of people in the Gudu Family that successfully cultivated this technique does not exceed three in the last ten thousand years.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded as he listened.

Underworld Blackfrost Technique His Asura Tactics was also a cultivation legacy from Hell.

“Jiang Shaoze is here! Rumors say that Jiang Shaoze has broken through to God Realm!”

“When he tested earlier, he hadn’t broken through yet, I wonder what is his strength score would be now”

The crowd waiting in the square broke out in another small commotion.

Huang Xiaolong looked over and saw the same Jiang Family young man he saw when he collected the innate spiritual embryo.

Huang Xiaolong half expected him to break through to God Realm.

Jiang Shaoze cut through the noisy crowd, heading straight towards Gudu Leng.

Stopping in front of Gudu Leng, Jiang Shaoze declared, “Gudu Leng, don’t assume that you’ll place first in the assessment, I will definitely defeat you.”

Gudu Leng glanced at Jiang Shaoze with a stoic face, “I’ll be waiting.”

Jiang Shaoze snorted grumpily and walked away.

“Xu Shaoqing! Wang Biaoyuan!” 

Someone exclaimed, stirring the crowd.

Huang Xiaolong too looked over and saw a pair of a young man and woman walking in holding hands.

The woman was attired in a green dress and had cute and lovely features, with two prominent dimples, whereas the young man beside her was clad in a simple two-piece blue tunic and pants with an ancient looking sword hanging from his waist.

His handsome face exuded a domineering aura.

“These two are not simple, the girl’s body is the Veluriya Hundred Soft Physique and the young man's physique is called Indestructible Vajra Physique.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s voice sounded.

“If you run into these two people later, be a little more careful.”

Although surprised, Huang Xiaolong nodded nonetheless.

In the past nine months, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi had described some of the three thousand unique physiques and some of their potential to him.

Both the Veluriya Hundred Soft Physique and Indestructible Vajra Physique ranked within the top one hundred among three thousand.

Both of these unique physiques were formidable, but then again, hey couldn't be compared with Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique.

Both types of physiques ranked after the top thirties.

Still, he could see that these two people were strong opponents, both of them had advanced into the God Realm.

Geniuses arrived one after another.

Every time someone who scored 2000 points and above appeared, the crowd went into a frenzy mode.

Somewhere hidden in the deep void above Black Warrior City, stood two middle-aged men clad in robes representing the Black Warrior Institute.

However, their robes were golden in color, including the tortoise pattern on their chests, proof of their high status, identity, and authority.

Despite the flashy golden color of their robes, it was not vulgar to the eyes.

“That Gudu Leng is indeed a once in a million years rare talent, I heard that the Institute Principal wanted to take him as a personal disciple but was declined.” Su Haodong said.

“No doubt the first place this time is none other than Gudu Leng.” Li Zhiqun then chuckled, “But those Jiang Shaoze, Xu Shaoqing, Wang Biaoyuan, Li Mingxuan, Jiang Wei, Zhu Haixiang, Yang Shiqi, He Xiu and Su Meiyi are also not bad.”

Su Haodong nodded in agreement, “With Gudu Leng in the first place, the second and third place holders would most likely be Jiang Shaoze, Wang Biaoyuan, Xu Shaoqing in the fourth place, with Li Mingxuan and the rest taking fifth to tenth places.”

These ten people were the most promising candidates to sweep the top ten places in the eyes of those two middle-aged men.

In fact, not only these two middle-aged men, most of the big forces were optimistic about these ten people.

“I heard there is one named Huang Xiaolong, his talent and strength aren’t too bad.” Li Zhiqun suddenly said.

“I wonder which world surface’s small family he comes from.”

Su Haodong agreed, “The fact that a small world surface could nurture a genius of 2000 points of strength is truly rare.

This Huang Xiaolong is very likely to enter the top thirty.”

“Able to secure a place within the top thirty is considered quite good.”

While the two continued with their small talk, the square below went abruptly quiet as the Elder overseeing this time’s assessment walked out from the Hall of Heroes.

“I believe everyone here is very clear in regards to the new disciple selection assessment,” Black Warrior Institute’s Elder Zhang Tianchuan scanned the family disciples in the square and around the square’s perimeter, “therefore I won’t bother repeating the rules.

Instead, I will announce the rewards for the top ten places.”

“First place reward, ten million Xuanwu coins, one thousand pieces of Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets, one thousand pieces of saint grade spirit stones, and one divine rank battle skill.”

When Elder Zhang Tianchuan’s voice spoke the last word, the entire square buzzed with excitement and shock.

Although there were rumors flying around earlier saying that the first place rewards was increased, no one was able to guess the extent of the increase.

But now, even disciples from prominent big forces were tempted after hearing the rewards.

Huang Xiaolong also did not imagine the first place reward to be so lucrative.

Ten million Xuanwu coins was a tempting amount even for disciples from big forces.

However, what really caught Huang Xiaolong’s interest was the one thousand  Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets and that divine rank battle skill.

He had heard of the Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets from Dragon Emperor Taiyi.

Taking one could not only help enhance his strength and temper his body, it could even cleanse his soul.

Moreover, a divine rank battle skill from the Black Warrior Institute was not something like a heaven rank battle skill from the Martial Spirit World could compare to.

They were on totally different levels.

A fleeting light flickered in Gudu Leng’s eyes when he heard the first place rewards, clearly, it sparked his interest.

As did Jiang Shaoze, Wang Biaoyuan, Xu Shaoqing, and the rest.

Subsequently, Elder Zhang Tianchuan continued with the rewards for the second to the fourth places.

Although the rewards were higher than the norm, it was a lot less compared to the first place rewards.

Still, it was sufficient to spur these hot-blooded youngsters, roaring to go.

Zhang Tianchuan proceeded to start the transmission array after announcing the rewards.

In the airspace above the square, a large black hole appeared, covering at least half of the square area.

The participants would be sent to the Deepwood Star through this black hole.

“Assessment begin!” Zhang Tianchuan declared.

In the blink of an eye, the sky was filled with silhouettes leaping from the ground, drilling into the black hole.


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