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Chapter 54: New Students' Assessment


Huang Xiaolong nodded, “I have a method that would help you to breakthrough to the Xiantian realm in five years!”

“Five, five years!” Fei Hou was dumbfounded.

He had advanced to peak late-Tenth Order not too long ago; following a reasonable time frame, it would take twenty to thirty years.

Instead, now Sovereign actually said that he could let him breakthrough to the Xiantian realm in merely five years!

After Fei Hou had regained his sense, excitement was written all over his face.

He had been following Sovereign for so long, he knew Sovereign would only say something he was confident in and he definitely wouldn’t lie to him!

“Come, sit down,” Huang Xiaolong said, “I’ll teach you a cultivation technique.”

“Cultivation technique!” Fei Hou was surprised for a moment and proceeded to sit down.

Then, Huang Xiaolong taught Fei Hou an internal force cultivation technique called ‘Liquid Thunder Arts’.

Although the Liquid Thunder Arts weren’t as good as the Body Metamorphose Scripture, but once it reached major completion it would be very powerful, comparable to this world’s Heaven rank cultivation technique.

Fei Hou’s martial spirits was the Silver River and his own cultivation technique coupled with ‘Liquid Thunder Arts’ will speed up his cultivation speed tremendously; to step into Xiantian realm in five years time was no problem.

“Subordinate bow down for Sovereign’s grace!” After memorizing the ‘Liquid Thunder Arts’ Fei Hou knelt down in gratitude, vowing “Subordinate will always follow Sovereign!”

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and helped Fei Hou up.

He trusts Fei Hou’s loyalty, otherwise, he wouldn’t have taught Fei Hou ‘Liquid Thunder Arts.”

“When you return to the Marshal Mansion, tell Haotian to come over.

I will also teach him a cultivation technique.”

“This Subordinate thanks Sovereign on behalf of Senior Brother!” Delight showed on Fei Hou’s face, and he knelt down to thank Huang Xiaolong again.

Telling Fei Hou to stand, he explained some of the technique’s profoundness until Fei Hou started to grasp them.

He then told Fei Hou about his plans to buy more slaves and train them to build his own power.

“Sovereign, please rest assure, Fei Hou will handle this task.” Fei Hou said with confidence. 

Huang Xiaolong nodded and allowed Fei Hou to leave.

After Fei Hou had left, Huang Xiaolong went to the yard to practice Tears of Asura for a while, then he continued with the skills he knew from his previous life: Ethereal Palm, Execute Demon Sword, Luohan Fist, etc.

And as for the Academy’s afternoon class session, Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother to attend.

The fact was, he enrolled into Cosmic Star Academy because the Dragon Flame Valley could temper his body and enhance his battle qi; and the allure of the prizes from the class competition, year competition and the Academy overall competition’s rewards – the Grade Four, and Five Spirit Dans! And of course, the representative spot to participate in Duanren Empire’s Imperial City Battle!

Attending classes to him was equivalent to wasting time; he just needs to show up and participate in the class and year competitions.

Afternoon-- it angered Xiong Meiqi even more when she noticed Huang Xiaolong was absent for afternoon class after he ignored her and left the classroom in the morning.

“That waste; three days later I will see how you bark like a dog in the square!” Xiong Meiqi laughed when she thought of this scene, but when she remembered Huang Xiaolong giving her the ‘female bear’ nickname her anger returned.

Now, the nickname ‘female bear’ had spread around the Academy.

In the Tianxuan Mansion, when Huang Xiaolong was done with his training, Fei Hou arrived with Marshal Haotian; clearly, Fei Hou already told Haotian that Huang Xiaolong was going to teach him a cultivation technique because he looked excited when Huang Xiaolong saw him. 

And Huang Xiaolong taught Marshal Haotian a cultivation technique called ‘Five Yang Tactic’.

Marshal Haotian used thirty years to break through from Xiantian First Order to Xiantian Second Order; with this, he could at least shorten the time by half to reach the Third Order.

Although a dozen years seemed very long, to breakthrough from Xiantian Second Order to Third Order in that much time was quite an amazing result; some people who have grade eleven martial spirits would need just as much time, if not more to advance to Xiantian Third Order.

It could be said, for Marshal Haotian who possessed a grade ten martial spirits, practicing the ‘Five Yang Tactic’ would speed up Martial Haotian’s cultivation, bringing a similar result as if he possessed a grade eleven martial spirits.

Even though cultivating ‘Five Yang Tactic’ can speed up Martial Haotian’s cultivation speed, it cannot change or improve his martial spirit’s natural limitation.

The chances for a top grade ten martial spirits to advance into Saint realm was slim.

Even so, Marshal Haotian was still grateful to Huang Xiaolong that tears and snot started to flow.

“Sovereign, rest assured that Haotian would live up to your expectation.

I will work hard to cultivate and breakthrough to Third Order!” after committing the ‘Five Yang Tactic’ to memory, Marshal Haotian kowtowed in gratitude.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and helped Marshal Haotian up.


A while later, Marshal Haotian left Tianxuan Mansion and Huang Xiaolong requested him to send someone to bring the little violet monkey over to the new mansion.

Huang Xiaolong returned to his room and took out the cold jade bed after the Marshal left and called out the twin dragons, but it wasn’t for practice.

He followed the method he read today in the library and ran his battle qi slowly, trying to fuse the twin dragons like it first appeared.


As Huang Xiaolong ran his battle qi, one black and one blue dragon’s body slowly coiled together as black and blue light flickered, fusing, and suddenly a glaring light glowed and the fusing was completed successfully into a double-headed dragon instead of a serpent.

When the twin dragon fused into one body, the oppressive aura belonging to a dragon increased-- even its body mass became bigger.

“But, the netherworld spiritual aura absorbing speed slowed a little in this state.” Huang Xiaolong noticed this difference.

After the successful fusion, Huang Xiaolong practiced the Asura Tactics and continued with the Body Metamorphose Scripture; he had a feeling very soon his meridians could reach the Fourth Stage of Converting Power of the Stars and he could enter the true Fifth Stage.

Once the Fourth Stage meridians opened, Huang Xiaolong’s internal force would increase a lot and at that time, even without battle qi, by solely relying on internal force, he could eliminate warriors of the Sixth Order and below. 


Time flowed and passed and three days came and went.

These past three days, Huang Xiaolong stayed and practiced in Tianxuan Mansion and didn’t attend any classes, causing Xiong Meiqi to grit her teeth in fury, but it was balanced out when thinking of the impossibility of a new waste student achieving a spot in the top ten in the assessment.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong came out from his room and stretched his limbs.

“Today’s the new students’ assessment!” Looking at the bright sky above, he really was looking forward to it.

Walking out from the yard, Fei Hou had been waiting respectfully for quite some time.

“Let’s go, we’re heading to the Academy!” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed.

“Yes, Sovereign!”

When Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Academy, Xiong Meiqi and the batch of new students were already assembled in the square and with Huang Xiaolong’s arrival, everyone’s eyes ‘shua shua shua’ towards him.  



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