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Chapter 541: Query


Five hundred and sixty-three God Realm demonic beasts!

If the family disciples watching outside knew about this, they would probably be scared stiff on the spot.

How many God Realm demonic beast existed on the Deepwood Star Probably half of them were killed by Huang Xiaolong.

“But, this is still not enough.” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself as he put away the demonic beast’s core.

These five hundred and sixty-three pieces of beast core were insufficient for him to advance to peak half-step God Realm.

He estimated he’d need at least another thousand beast cores.

‘Looks like I need to figure out another way after leaving this place.’ Huang Xiaolong felt somewhat depressed.

At the same time, his consciousness submerged into the token.

Thirty million

‘En, I’ll be able to surpass that amount today.’

Huang Xiaolong leaped up, swinging the Blades of Asura in his hands.

Multiple blade lights gathered into a ferocious wind cyclone, carrying a skyful of beast cores rotating at high speed.

From the beginning, Huang Xiaolong had only used his Blades of Asura to attack, combined with his Wings of Demon.

Up until now, he had yet to summon the twin dragon martial spirits and soul transform. 

Neither did he use the Godly Xumi Art.

Even so, it was sufficient for Huang Xiaolong to win the first place. 

When the curtain was about to fall on day nine, the scoreboard exploded in a bright light, rivaling the sun, piercing ten thousand zhang to the heavens.

The crystal stone shook with vigor as the crowd watched with stupefied expressions.

The person who everyone acknowledged to be this round of assessment’s number one was actually relegated to second place!!

And the board leader was no longer Gudu Leng.

First place, Huang Xiaolong!

These two words at the very top of the scoreboard emitted a blinding radiance.

The moment Huang Xiaolong took over the scoreboard, the entire square quaked as the crowd erupted in a tremendous uproar. 

“He really did it, he took first place!”

“What kind of a freak is this Huang Xiaolong exactly!”

“Even Gudu Leng was overtaken by him!”

Concealed deep in the void, Li Zhiqun and Su Haodong both wore astounded expressions.

“Maybe this is temporary There is still a day’s time, Gudu Leng could still snatch the top place back!” Su Haodong said.

But, would Gudu Leng truly have any hope of regaining the top spot

What he witnessed was Huang Xiaolong pulling further away from Gudu Leng in a short time, widening the distance between them.

Thirty thousand, one hundred thousand, one million!

One hour later, Gudu Leng’s points were already ten million behind Huang Xiaolong, and the gap between them only grew wider.

On the Cloudsea Mainland, within a certain space inside Gudu City, the giant body of an old man sat atop an immense altar.

This old man’s eyes were completely cloudy white, including his pupils.

The old man’s white-colored eyes glimmered with a golden light, muttering to himself, “There’s actually someone that could overtake Leng’er points! I’m curious to know which unique physique this person possesses!”

This old man was none other than Gudu Leng’s family ancestor, Gudu Batian.

Just like Gudu Batian, other super forces’ family ancestors were guessing Huang Xiaolong’s real talent and strength.

On the other hand, Elder Zhang Tianchuan who was overseeing this time’s assessment reported the matter on the scene to the institute’s upper level with haste.

In general proceedings, an overseer like Zhang Tianchuan was not required to make any reports until after the assessment ended, but in this situation where Gudu Leng was actually surpassed by another person for more than an hour, and the difference only grew wider as time passed, prompted him to do so.

Who was Gudu Leng

A genius that even their Black Warrior Institute’s Principal wanted to receive as a personal disciple, but now, there was a possibility that someone that was even more of a monstrous genius had appeared, what did this represent

On the Black Warrior World surface, inside the Black Warrior Institute compound, Institute Principal Feng Yang was shocked listening to the report: “What! Gudu Leng was overtaken!”

“It is so, Principal.” A Grand Elder affirmed.

“This was reported by Zhang Tianchuan moments ago, it is a kid name Huang Xiaolong, but… according to them, during the aptitude test, his strength was only within the 2000 points range.”

Institute Principal Feng Yang gradually calmed down, a light flickered in his eyes.

“Principal, this Huang Xiaolong, how do you see him” That Grand Elder hesitated.

“Monitor him.” Institute Principal Feng Yang spoke in a solemn tone, “Send someone to investigate this Huang Xiaolong’s background.”

“Yes, Principal.”

While various forces lingered in shock, on Deepwood Star, Huang Xiaolong was standing above a vast expanse of sea, slaughtering ghostly creatures.

The sea water was a pure black, with an endless number of ghostly creatures emerging from the bottom of the sea.

Circulating the true essence energy in his dantian, the true essence fire spread out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, transforming the immediate several hundred li area around him into a sea of fire. 

Huang Xiaolong proceeded forward, and in his trail, all the new ghost creatures that just emerged from the sea was instantly burned to ashes, releasing their souls in the air.

Seeing this, he displayed the Blood Deed Pact, opened his mouth and inhaled deeply.

In less than a breath’s time, numerous ghost creatures’ souls were sucked into Huang Xiaolong’s body, directly refined.

As for the God Realm ghost creatures, Huang Xiaolong captured and sealed their souls before throwing them into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

By this point, Huang Xiaolong no longer bothered with the points on the scoreboard.

If there was a change in position, the token would quiver as an indication, letting him know.

Back on the square, the various forces’ experts and disciples continued to stare dumbly at the crystal stone in the air as Huang Xiaolong’s points flew up again as if gaining a second wind.

Although Gudu Leng’s points were also shooting up in a mad dash, it looked like a futile effort as the distance widened.

At one point, it passed 130 million points in difference.

Jiang Shaoze in third place looked even more pitiful with over 600 million points between him and Gudu Leng.

It would be more merciful not to mention Wang Biaoyuan.

Above the ghost sea, Huang Xiaolong had just killed a mid-First Order God Realm, sealing its soul and putting it away inside the Linglong Treasure Pagoda when the airspace on the whole Deepwood Star shook like waves.

In the blink of an eye, all the disciples re-appeared on the Hall of Heroes square.

Ten days had passed.

The assessment finally came to an end, and all the surviving students were sent out of the Deepwood Star.

Ten days ago, there were more than eighty million disciples, but after coming out, an approximate of only fifty million disciples remained, the others were turned into food for the demonic beasts, monsters, and demons.

When Huang Xiaolong appeared, all eyes zoomed onto him, whether it was disciples of the Black Warrior Institute or other families’ disciples, participants or part of the spectating crowd.

All their attention fell on Huang Xiaolong’s body.

The look in their eyes was as if they were looking at a terrifying monster.

Envy, hate, jealousy, shock, fear, all rolled into one.

At the end of the assessment, Huang Xiaolong’s final score surpassed 3.5 billion points! This was a figure that made people go crazy! A figure that conjured up a bloody picture, a figure that made it hard to imagine or believe.

Killing a half-step God Realm demonic beasts brought 800 points, an early-First Order God Realm was 10,000 points, and a mid-First Order God Realm was merely worth 50,000 points.

How many half-step God Realm and peak half-step God Realm demonic beasts did one have to kill in order to reach that staggering figure

The previous first place winner didn’t even reach 2 billion points.

Gudu Leng’s score was equally astonishing, but it paled in comparison to Huang Xiaolong’s.

Gudu Leng’s points slightly exceeded 2.8 billion points.

Whereas Jiang Shaoze at third place collected over 1 billion points.

“You’re Huang Xiaolong” At one point, Wang Biaoyuan stood in front of Huang Xiaolong, in a slightly condescending bearing.

“Right.” Huang Xiaolong replied indifferently.

“If I’m not wrong, you’re just a half-step God Realm, right I’m very curious, a half-step God Realm like you, how did you manage to accumulate more than 3.5 billion points!” Wang Biaoyuan questioned.

He ranking dropped to the fourth place.

Failing to enter the top three made his mood extremely bad.


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