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Chapter 57: What Kind of Heaven-defying Talent is this



Jiang Teng landed two meters away from Huang Xiaolong.

A brutal light shone in his eyes, suddenly a palm struck out aimed at Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

Huang Xiaolong watched Jiang Teng’s palm coming at his chest.

Suddenly, a strong battle qi aura broke out from Huang Xiaolong’s body; like a broken dam, like a thousand-year-old volcano eruption.

It happened so suddenly, and was so shocking, that before anyone could react Huang Xiaolong had punched out.

The light from his fist soared sky high and in the blink of an eye struck Jiang Teng’s torso!


There was an explosion, Jiang Teng screamed in pain as his little body reeled back.

With every step he took, blood spurted out from his mouth until he finally stopped more than ten steps later.

The sacred light that shrouded his body early dispersed from the impact; the Sacred Bright Tiger behind him dimmed, a tiger’s mightiness vanished turning into a sick cat.

All present were stunned!

The square was silent as if time froze, unmoving.

Whether it was the First Year’s new students or the older students, everyone had temporarily lost their minds after seeing what had just transpired.

Apart from a blank whiteness in their mind, there was only white blankness.

Possessing superb talent martial spirit, Sacred Bright Tiger, the Fourth Order Warrior, Jiang Teng, Cosmic Star Academy’s most talented genius in over a hundred years, lost!

One punch!

“Impossible, this cannot be! Didn’t he register with a recommendation letter How could he defeat Jiang Teng” Xiong Meiqi was rooted to the spot, as she shook her head in denial, refusing to believe what she had just witnessed.

In the far corner, the words ‘four breaths’ had just come out from Su Zhang, and stunned, he turned towards Xiong Chu whose mouth had formed an ‘o’, his jaw, nearly dropping.

“Four..., peak late-Fourth Order!” Xiong Chu’s tongue was in a knot.

The punch Huang Xiaolong sent out just now contained a peak late-Fourth Order battle qi.

Jiang Teng wiped off the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand and saw the unsightly blood patches on his robes, “My...

this is my blood” Like the others around the ring, he couldn’t believe that he was hurt!

Hearing that, Huang Xiaolong sneered coldly, “If the Blood flowing from your mouth isn’t yours, is it mine” As his question ended, Huang Xiaolong walked towards Jiang Teng without any sense of hurry.

“You!” Jiang Teng actually showed fear as he watched the approaching Huang Xiaolong and involuntarily inched back.

The previous pride and arrogance had disappeared completely to be replaced with un-surmounted fear.

That’s right, fear!

“Peak late-Fourth Order! The peak late-Fourth Order, how can this wastrel be a peak late-Fourth Order Warrior!” He muttered to himself, repeating it over and over again.

Even at this point in time, the situation hadn’t hit him yet; his mind was set to assume that all those who enrolled into the Academy with a recommendation letter were useless wastes!

Waste Catching the words Jiang Teng was muttering, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette flashed.

A palm struck out, startling Jiang Teng, by the time he tried to raise his hands to block it, Huang Xiaolong’s palm already hit his chest.

“Pa!” Mixed into the sound of the loud attack was the sound of breaking bones.

Hit by Huang Xiaolong’s palm, Jiang Teng felt as if all of his internal organs were shattered; a terrible energy was drilling around in his body, constantly biting and tearing his insides apart.

Sadly, just as a painful groan was about to escape his mouth, Huang Xiaolong struck out with a second palm and then a third one … fifth palm.

In just a short time, Huang Xiaolong had hit Jiang Teng more than a dozen times; one after another sound of ‘pipipala’ rang out as bones broke! Huang Xiaolong made sure that his strikes didn’t send Jiang Teng out of the ring area even after more than ten strikes, but by then Jiang Teng’s chest had already caved in and Jiang Teng bent over in pain like a cooked lobster.

The horrible energy from Huang Xiaolong’s palm kept tearing his insides; under the pain, tears finally flowed from Jiang Teng’s eyes!

The rare, super genius, the one that’s hard to find even one in a hundred years, daring to challenge all new students and defeating seven people straight was now beaten till he cried by Huang Xiaolong!

Everyone looked at the bent and crying Jiang Teng, yet no one had any thoughts for hi.

Throats were swallowing nervously all around.

This was not some battle assessment, it simply was an appalling wallop!

Some of the new students turned their heads away-- they couldn’t bear to look anymore.

“I, I,” Jiang Teng struggled up, exerting all his energy trying to cry out and  admit his loss, but before the sentence could be said, Huang Xiaolong sent another palm strike cutting off his words.

“Enough, stop! I said stop!” At this time, the stunned Xiong Meiqi finally regained her wits and cried out in anger; then, her palm struck out, separating Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Teng from each other.

Being separated, Jiang Teng tumbled down instantly, his body twitching on the ground with blood streaming down from the corner of his mouth.

“Jiang Teng! Jiang Teng!’ Xiong Meiqi propped Jiang Teng up quickly in a panic.

Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu in the distant corner saw Jiang Teng tumbling down and they were awakened from their daze with the shouting and screaming: this was not good!


The two figures flashed and appeared before the new students.

“Principal, Vice-Principal!”

Recognizing Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu, all the students quickly greeted them.

Even Xiong Meiqi was surprised.

Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu’s minds weren’t on the surroundings; immediately squatting down, one hand fell on the left side and another hand fell one on the right, checking Jiang Teng’s pulse, and transferring battle qi into his body.

Xiong Meiqi and the students held their breath, watching nervously.

This is Cosmic Star Academy’s Principal, Sun Zhang Huang Xiaolong observed the pair of larger than average ears.

He heard from Marshal Haotian before that Sun Zhang’s ears weren’t born this way, but it became like this due to him cultivating an Earth level battle skill.

At this time, Li Lu who watched Huang Xiaolong ‘flatten’ Jiang Teng into a pancake with the crowd realized something and went to Huang Xiaolong’s side and asked in a worried voice, “Xiaolong, will they…”

Jiang Teng was Principal’s and Vice-Principal’s pro-disciple, and Huang Xiaolong beat him into this state.

What if both of them expelled Huang Xiaolong in anger, then…

Huang Xiaolong, however, looked indifferent and comforted Li Lu, saying, “It’s nothing.”


A while later, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu stopped transferring battle qi into Jiang Teng’s body and retrieved their hands; looking at each other, they both could feel the other’s shock.

Just now, when they were transferring battle qi into Jiang Teng’s body to heal him, they found an extremely hostile battle qi within and the quality and thickness had almost reached their state of cultivation.

And this high quality battle qi was left by Huang Xiaolong’s palm.

Exchanging a knowing look unnoticeable by others, this matter was kept between them two.

What made them felt relieved was that Jiang Teng wasn’t wasted and could still cultivate! Otherwise, they would’ve felt like crying.

Both of them turned to look at Huang Xiaolong standing five to six meters away as if they were looking at a peerless treasure.

Peak late-Fourth Order! Huang Xiaolong was more or less about the same age as Jiang Teng; not even ten years old but he already reached the peak late-Fourth order! What kind of heaven-defying talent was this!

If Jiang Teng’s martial spirits was the grade eleven Sacred Bright Tiger, then what was Huang Xiaolong’s The two authority figures were trembling with excitement-- could it be a top grade eleven martial spirit 


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