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Chapter 58: You Didn’t Understand My Meaning


Top grade eleven martial spirit! Once the idea of Huang Xiaolong possessing a top grade eleven martial spirit became apparent, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu’s eyes grew dazzlingly bright.

That kind of gaze made Huang Xiaolong feel like a sheep in a group of hungry tigers!

Of course, the thought of Huang Xiaolong possessing a grade twelve martial spirit crossed their minds; however, such a grade was really too rare.

In all of the Duanren Empire’s territory, the number of people who possessed grade twelve martial spirits did not exceed ten people.

However, in the eyes of the watching students, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were standing there and glaring fiercely at Huang Xiaolong and this made many people feel schadenfreude.

While the new students were feeling schadenfreude, and the older students were enjoying Huang Xiaolong’s bad luck, Sun Zhang’s face suddenly became wreathed in smiles looking at Huang Xiaolong, he asked, “You are Huang Xiaolong right I’m Cosmic Star Academy’s Principal, Sun Zhang.” That tone of voice was so gentle, it was as if he was afraid that if his voice was a little too loud, it would scare away Huang Xiaolong.

All around, people wore an expression of shock and then they went into a daze looking at their Principal’s smile, which was the most brilliant smile that they had ever seen (from him) in history.

And at this point, Xiong Chu laughed out ‘haha’, saying, “I’m the Vice-Principal, Xiong Chu; we’ve met a few days ago, hello!”


Vice-Principal Xiong Chu that always had a sullen and strict face, yet he actually said hello to a new student!

Everyone looked like they had been struck by lightning.

Subsequently, Sun Zhang laughed and said, “Xiaolong ah, your attacks just now are really ruthless ah.

If we were one step too late, I’m afraid Jiang Teng would’ve been destroyed.”

Xiaolong Moments ago, he was still Huang Xiaolong and now he was directly called Xiaolong! Those who heard this felt like fainting; although Sun Zhang said those words, but the tone was so polite, not even an ounce of blame.

Suddenly, ten or so figures flew over, and the frontmost was the Third Year’s teacher, Zhong Yuan.

In the blink of an eye, Zhong Yuan’s group of people arrived and seeing that Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were present, walked over to greet them.

“Principal, Vice-Principal, it’s great that both of you are here.

I received a report saying Huang Xiaolong violated the rules during the new students’ assessment and sneak attacked Jiang Teng.

And now, Jiang Teng is heavily injured, I intend to detain this person and bring him before you-- I’m waiting for your punishment order!”

Having said this, Zhong Yuan’s turned to look at Huang Xiaolong; his hand motioned to the several Disciplinary Hall staff behind him and said, “Capture this Huang Xiaolong for me!”


Jiang Teng was both Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu’s pro-disciple and he was beaten till this state by Huang Xiaolong.

In Zhong Yuan’s thinking, this was an excellent opportunity to perform well and garner some merits in front of them.

“Yes, Leader Zhong Yuan!” acknowledged the Disciplinary Hall enforcement staff.

Other than being a Third Year teacher, Zhong Yuan was also the Disciplinary Hall’s Squad Leader. 

Just as the dozen people were about to step out and capture Huang Xiaolong, Sun Zhang’s slightly angry voice was heard, “Stop!”

On hearing Sun Zhang’s order, the group of Disciplinary Hall’s enforcers abruptly halted.

“Well, all of you may leave, I will handle this matter!” Sun Zhang waved his hand and said, but the brilliant smile had left his face.

But, it seemed like Zhong Yuan didn’t quite understand the meaning of Sun Zhang’s words; he thought that Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were trying to make them leave because they wanted to punish Huang Xiaolong personally since Huang Xiaolong hurt their pro-disciple which had angered them immeasurably.

Zhong Yuan laughed out loud, “Principal, this is just a new student.

This one doesn’t dare bother Principal to handle such a small matter.

Please rest assured and leave this to us.” As he finished saying that, his silhouette flashed towards Huang Xiaolong.

Fingers bent into claws and aimed at Huang Xiaolong, making a move himself.

When Zhong Yuan was inches away from Huang Xiaolong, a figure flashed with a speed faster than Zhong Yuan’s.

A hand lifted and a palm landed on Zhong Yuan’s cheek, slapping him away.

The square was filled with silence.

Clutching his left cheek, unbelievably, it was Sun Zhang that was guarding Huang Xiaolong; the one who slapped him was their Cosmic Star Academy’s Principal, Sun Zhang!

Zhong Yuan was shocked, Sun Zhang eyes were staring daggers at him-- he had never seen the Principal look like this before, causing his heart to shiver in fear.

“You didn’t understand my meaning” Sun Zhang turned sullen: “Scram for me!”

At this moment, even if Zhong Yuan was a pig, he could see Principal Sun Zhang’s fury.

“Yes, yes, Principal, we’re leaving now; scramming away immediately!” Zhong Yuan’s face became ashen with fear; he turned around wanting to leave quickly with the Disciplinary team.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s voice rang out: “Not so fast!”

Huang Xiaolong’s voice came out abruptly, causing everyone to look over at him.

Huang Xiaolong stared at Zhong Yuan, before turning and looking at Sun Zhang, “Expel him or expel me!”

The unexpected words stunned everyone speechless: Huang Xiaolong actually made such a request.

This Zhong Yuan displeased, and it showed in his expression.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong knew that Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu definitely wouldn’t agree to expel him if they were smart; with his talents, no matter which kingdom’s academy he chose to enter in the surrounding kingdoms, all of them would compete for him.


Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu exchanged a glance.

But, neither of them opted to speak immediately because Zhong Yuan was not only Third Year teacher and a Leader of the Disciplinary Enforcement Hall; his sister was a wangfei.

Although not favored, with her status and position, Zhong Yuan was considered as the King’s little brother-in-law.

“Expel me” Zhong Yuan paused and turned around and looked at Huang Xiaolong like he just heard the world’s funniest joke.

Huang Xiaolong ignored him and continued speaking to Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu, “At the end of the year, if I take first place in the First Year competition, you will expel him from the Academy.”

Huang Xiaolong was aware, no matter how good his talent was, both Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu won’t agree to expel a Third Year teacher just based on his words-- when he returned to the Marshal Mansion on the registration day, he had asked Marshal Haotian to investigate this Zhong Yuan’s background.

“Yearly Competition’s first place” Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu, and the surrounding people were shocked with both eyes practically popping out.

With Huang Xiaolong’s peak late-Fourth Order’s strength, the First Year competition’s first place was a sure thing; however, there were only five months to the end of the year.

Some of the older First Year students had broken through to the Sixth Order and some even reached the peak late-Sixth Order.

How could Huang Xiaolong grab the first spot With his talents, it might be possible in another two year’s time.

Hearing this, Zhong Yuan laughed aloud with mockery and ridicule as he stared at Huang Xiaolong, “Punk, did you just say you will take the First Year competition’s first place”

Huang Xiaolong kept silent, looking at Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu.

“Okay!” Moments later Sun Zhang nodded in agreement, “If you get the first place in the First year competition, apart from the standard Academy’s reward, I will add another high-grade Earth rank battle skill!”

When they heard that not only did Principal Sun Zhang agree, he had even added an extra reward, they all were dumbfounded.

Truth be told, Sun Zhang agreed because he didn’t believe Huang Xiaolong could take first place; thus, it was nothing even if he agreed to it.

This way, he could resolve Huang Xiaolong’s resentment and at the same time motivate him to practice and work harder.

“Good!” Huang Xiaolong sealed the deal.

At the side, Zhong Yuan, was angry when Sun Zhang agreed, but he didn’t dare show it in public.

Furthermore, in his opinion, it was an impossible feat for Huang Xiaolong.

And not only did he think so, basically everyone else thought so.

After that, Huang Xiaolong turned his attention towards Xiong Meiqi; without a doubt, based on the strength he exposed earlier, it was enough for him to take the first place in the new students’ assessment.

Therefore, it was time for Xiong Meiqi to fulfill her side of the bet! 

The new students who knew about Huang Xiaolong and Xiong Meiqi’s bet saw  Huang Xiaolong looking at Xiong Meiqi and all their expressions turned weird.




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