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Chapter 631: Godhead Strata


Upon their arrival, all five men made quick observations of the surroundings, then under the command of a middle-aged man clad in golden brocade robe, all five flew in the direction Huang Xiaolong had left earlier.

The five pursued more than ten thousand li before stopping on an uninhabited planet.

The eyes of the middle-aged man were sharp like an eagle as his gaze swept over the surrounding, ordering the other four: “Separate and search, that brat cannot run far!”

“Yes, Great King!” The other four respectfully complied, each picked a direction and sped off.

Whereas the golden brocade robed middle-aged man himself blurred into a flicker, appearing on a tall peak on the planet.

As his feet landed, the ground sunk slightly, and then, with the mountain peak under his feet as the center, the mountains within a hundred thousand li radius erupted like volcanoes, scorching magma glowing like fiery ember red shot out from deep underground like geysers.

“Logically, that brat shouldn’t be able to avoid my Soul Lock Oculus.” Golden brocade robed middle-aged man muttered to himself as a light glimmered in his eyes, “On top of that, how did those three people from the Azure Dragon Institute go missing”

Not long after, the four people who left earlier returned, each of them shaking their heads, revealing the result of their pursuit.

None of them managed to find any clues about Huang Xiaolong’s whereabouts.

This made the golden brocade robed man’s expression turned grim.

He led the four people, making another attempt to locate Huang Xiaolong, but to no avail.

Only then did the group of five gave up and left.

Shortly after the five men left, on the spot where the golden brocade robed man stood earlier on the mountain peak, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette emerged.

“What a scary demonic qi and whelming pressure!” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed with a look of lingering apprehension on his face.

If it weren’t for the Godly Mt.

Xumi and Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi helping to hide all of his aura, in front of this golden brocade robed middle-aged man, he had zero chances of hiding.

“That golden brocade robed man is definitely a Highgod Realm master of the demonic beasts faction!” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi too breathed in relief seeing that the five men had left, “Moreover, I estimate that his strength, amongst the four galaxies’ top demonic beast clan masters, could definitely enter the top five! Even if he isn’t your Master’s opponent, his strength is only slightly weaker.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

In the four galaxies: Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Vermillion Bird, although the human race forces were powerful, the demonic beast clans were by no means weaker.

Being able to enter the top five among the demonic beast clans in all four galaxies, one could imagine that man's terrifying strength!

“However, without the shackles that bind me to the Dragon Pearl, I wouldn't be afraid of that golden brocade robed man.’ Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi declared confidently.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “Let’s not discuss this now, let’s first get away from here, who knows if that demonic beast king will suddenly backtrack here.” Even as he said that, Huang Xiaolong had already taken out his Mulberry Sword, flying off at high speed.

Huang Xiaolong was accurate with his prediction.

In less than half an hour after Huang Xiaolong sped off on his sword, the golden brocade robed man returned with his four subordinates.

As for Huang Xiaolong, he kept a steady flying speed after leaving the uninhabited planet, continuing to absorb the lightning force hidden in the deep void as he flew.

When his energy depleted, he would choose an uninhabited planet to rest, consuming the Three Revolutions Golden Pills to cultivate.

One month later, Huang Xiaolong’s strength, which had reached peak late-Fifth Order God Realm, once again improved, bringing him closer to his breakthrough to Sixth Order God Realm.

On top of that, one month of absorbing the lightning force had helped his soul become more limpid than before.

Previously, if Huang Xiaolong’s soul resembled a grayish-white paper, now, most of the grayness was ‘washed’ away, cleansed, revealing the white brightness underneath.

But according to Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, this method of using the hidden lightning force in the deep void like a baptism to purify his soul would require at least a hundred years to reach an optimum state.

At that point, he would have a seventy percent chance of success in forming his godhead after reaching Tenth Order God Realm.

“One hundred years and only a seventy percent chance” Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows rose to his forehead at Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s explanation.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi harrumphed at Huang Xiaolong’s doubt, “If not for your True Dragon Physique enabling you to absorb the lightning force hidden within the deep void, purifying your soul, forget one hundred years, you’d be hard pressed to touch a seventy percent chance even if you were given ten thousand years! You think it's so easy to form a godhead If it were so, Highgod Realm masters would be overcrowding the galaxies everywhere.

Just like that Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother Liu Yun of your, he had at least ten thousand years of cultivation, right If he forcefully makes a breakthrough attempt at this stage, his success rate would not even be half!”

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied.

“What, cat got your tongue” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi taunted, “Still, your condition may not necessarily take a hundred years, if you can find some naturally born lightning treasure, there would be a chance of reducing it down to a dozen years or so.

Then again, achieving complete soul purity can only form an average godhead.”  

Huang Xiaolong ate another piece of shock pie, “Then what level of soul purity does one need to be considered high level Wait, godheads have different ranks too!”

A lazy laugh came from Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi before he continued, “When you awoke your martial spirits at age seven, martial spirits were also divided into strong and weak, a total of fourteen grades, no Just the same, godheads have their own distinctions and levels, from rank one to rank ten.

Above rank ten, there are even king rank and emperor rank.

Above the emperor rank is the supreme deity godhead  The supreme deity godhead is the strongest of all, also known as the lord of godheads! Under the heavens, each individual that was able to form a lord of godheads were all lauded monstrous geniuses with astonishing growth, a hegemony existence spanning across worlds! However, as far as I know, there has never been anyone from the Black Tortoise Galaxy able to form a lord of godheads !”

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a breath of cold air, “Not a single person in tens of thousands of years!” 

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi nodded, “That’s right, not only the Black Tortoise Galaxy, even the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Vermillion Bird Galaxies don't have anyone who succeeded in forming that level of godhead in numerous thousands of years.

A completely limpid soul, in general, could form a rank four or five godhead, which would be average.

If it is a rank seven godhead, that is considered a high-rank godhead.

In all four galaxies, the number of people who could form a godhead above rank seven is very little, the probability is one or two in a hundred.”

Huang Xiaolong could barely retain his calm hearing this.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s tone suddenly turned complacent, “My original body is a Five-clawed Golden Dragon.

Cultivating in the ancient Dragon Clan’s supreme techniques, the godhead I formed that year was known as the Heavenly Dragon Godhead, a rank seven godhead that borders the eighth rank.”

Capable of forming a rank seven godhead infinitely close to rank eight, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi indeed had the capital to feel proud!

“When I formed my godhead, my soul’s clarity was like a jewel radiating reflections of white light.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi described.

“With your True Dragon Physique, you have a very high chance of forming a rank ten godhead.”

Huang Xiaolong’s brows were tightly scrunched, “Only rank ten”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was genuinely rendered speechless by Huang Xiaolong, “What do you mean ‘only rank ten’! You think forming a rank ten godhead is an easy achievement In the four galaxies, the highest ranking godhead ever formed was only rank nine, and that’s the first Black Warrior Institute Principal! Saying that you’re able to form a rank ten godhead is already tagging you as the freak genius amongst monstrous geniuses!”

Huang Xiaolong made a sheepish grin, “Oh, so the highest ranking godhead formed in the four galaxies was only rank nine ah.”

“You’re taking a rank ten godhead too lightly.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said, “A person’s talent determines the extent of clarity that one’s soul can achieve.

For some, regardless of how many innate lightning treasures they consume to purify their souls, it would never achieve a state where their clarity rivals a clear jewel, therefore, they would never be able to form a high-rank godhead.”

‘So, it’s like that’, Huang Xiaolong was hit with a sudden realization.

Just moments ago, he was still thinking that if the clarity of one’s soul determines the rank of godhead one can form, then he only needed to search for innate lightning element treasures to help him purify his soul.

But now it seems like merely continuously purifying the soul was no panacea, since the extent of a person’s soul clarity was limited by their innate talent.

“Then again, your True Dragon Physique evolves continuously.

Who knows, the godhead you will form might not be a ‘mere’ rank ten.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi added, “There’s a slim chance you could form a king rank godhead, or even an emperor rank!”


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