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Chapter 632: Not Going To Scram

King rank Emperor rank Huang Xiaolong mumbled under his breath.

Even so, neither the king rank nor the emperor rank were his goal.

Steely determination flickered in his eyes—supreme deity rank! He had a vague feeling that with his continuous evolving True Dragon Physique, he should be able to form a supreme deity rank godhead! The lord of all godheads! 

Two days passed.

Huang Xiaolong, who had been flying on his sword the entire time, finally stopped, looking the large world surface up ahead in front of him.

It was hovering in the dark boundless space, emitting a white luminance like snow reflecting sunlight. 

This was the Wintry North World!

The outer space of the Wintry North World was shrouded with a layer of gaseous white fog, condensed from the cold air.

Merely stopping for a brief second, Huang Xiaolong soon broke through the layer of vigor qi and gaseous white fog, entering the Wintry North World’s atmosphere.

Observing the new surrounding, only boundless snowfields entered Huang Xiaolong’s sight in any direction, the sky was dotted with drifting white snowflakes.

However, the Wintry North World’s snow was different from the snow on the Hailstone Mainland.

The snowflakes on the Hailstone Mainland were large and more frigid than mere cold, whereas the snowflakes here in the Wintry North World gave a soft gentle feeling, a comfortable cool feeling that wasn’t cold.

Flying in the sky, Huang Xiaolong did not circulate his god battle qi to block the falling snow off his body.

In fact, he allowed the snowflakes to fall on him naturally, quite enjoying the feeling, white and pure, adding a romantic air to the landscape, like the kingdoms in fairytales.

This hazy white landscape filled one’s senses with a different kind of beauty.

Inevitably, Shi Xiaofei’s exquisite and alluring face emerged in Huang Xiaolong’s mind.

‘I wonder if Xiaofei is doing well.’ Thinking that he was about to see Shi Xiaofei again, Huang Xiaolong’s heartbeat quickened.

According to his speed using sword flight, he would arrive at the Wintry North World’s land of new moon in two day’s time.

Huang Xiaolong planned to first meet Shi Xiaofei, and after that he would make inquiries about the Ascending Moon Old Man.

As Huang Xiaolong continued to get closer to the land of the new moon in the Wintry North World on his wooden sword, there were two young men making their way toward the same destination.

From their attire, these two men seemed to have a master-servant relationship.

“Young Lord, although that Shi Xiaofei is beautiful, she doesn’t know what’s good for herself.” Chen Yun said to his family’s Young Lord Zhang Han, “With Young Lord’s identity, she actually refused to meet with Young Lord three times.

If she weren’t that Yang Yi’s personal disciple, she wouldn't even be qualified to wash Young Lord’s feet.”

Zhang Han snorted coldly, “This Young Lord has never failed to get a woman I’ve taken interest in.

A woman like Shi Xiaofei, this Young Lord has seen his fair share, cold on the surface but nothing but a slutty wench on the inside.

However, it’s more meaningful taming this kind of woman.

Once this Young Lord tamed her, I’ll just kick her away when I’m bored!”

Chen Yun smiled flatteringly, “Kicking her away is too much of a waste.

When Young Lord is bored of her, could Young Lord reward her to this small one”

Zhang Han gave a loud cackle, “Don’t worry, there will definitely be your share of the benefits.”

The two men laughed even louder.

One hour later, the two men arrived at a residence within the land of new moon.

After being announced, both men strode into the residence and were seated in the main hall.

Almost immediately, a maid entered to serve them top quality tea, politely requesting them to kindly wait for a while as she disappeared to inform Shi Xiaofei.

But the maid returned soon, informing the two men that Shi Xiaofei was in seclusion and that it wasn’t convenient to receive any guests at this time, politely requesting them to return.

Zhang Han’s expression became turbid like muddy water, green veins popped up on his hand holding the teacup.

With a minuscule tightening of his fingers, the teacup shattered into pieces.

Despite his earlier words claiming that it was only meaningful taming this kind of women, as the son of the Zhang Family’s Patriarch, once, twice, thrice being rejected, not only him, any regular person would be angered.

A mere Saint realm cultivation level woman dared to ignore him time and again Those lowly maids that served him daily, the lowest of them was still peak half-step God Realm!

“Fine, since Miss Shi Xiaofei is busy due to cultivating, we shall come again in another two days.” In the end, Zhang Han managed to repress the anger in his hear, saying each word with deliberate slowness before standing to leave.

The two men left the residence without another word.

“Young Lord, that Shi Xiaofei is really going too far!” On the way back, Chen Yun angrily complained, “What bull** that she’s in seclusion and it's inconvenient to meet guests, that's obviously just an excuse.

That stuck-up woman, if it were me, I’d storm inside and drag her out, play her to death on the spot!”

Zhang Han sneered, “Storm inside and drag her out Do you have the guts”

Chen Yun’s reply choked in his throat.

However, Zhang Han’s expression wasn’t any better, “There’s that Crazy Lady Yang Yi behind her, even the Ancestor must give her some face.” A quick sharp glint flickered in his eyes, “But, I don’t believe Shi Xiaofei that wench can hide forever inside the residence, once she comes out…” a wicked chuckle came from Zhang Han.

“We’ll come again two days later.” With that, the master and servant’s figures disappeared in the midst of drifting snow.

Half a day later, on another side, Huang Xiaolong flew out from the endless snowfields, arriving at a large city.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not enter the city, merely flying over it at high altitude.

Looking down from above, the buildings within the city were beautiful, most of them were sculpted out from ice.

People could be seen moving about, it was prosperous and lively.

“If I remember correctly, this should be the Wintry North World’s Wuke City.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s voice sounded.

“Wuke City is one of the biggest cities in the Wintry North World.”

“You’ve been to Wuke City before” Huang Xiaolong was surprised.

A reminiscence expression appeared on Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s face, “Yes, but that year, I had just broken through to God Realm.

I was here with several others Black Warrior Institute inner disciples.” There was a slight pause before Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi continued, “This Wuke City is controlled by the Zhang Family, in fact, ninety percent of the several thousand cities in the Wintry Cold North is governed by the Zhang Family.

Other than the Wintry North World surface, the Zhang Family is also influential in over two hundred world surfaces in the proximity of the Wintry North World.”

Huang Xiaolong already knew the Zhang Family that Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi referred to, it was none other than one of the twenty-three Black Tortoise Galaxy’s super families.

Then again, among the twenty-three super forces, the Zhang Family stood at the bottom rung of the pyramid.

The difference was too great compared to other super forces like the Jiang and Zhu Families.

Still, being able to be rounded up as one of the Black Tortoise Galaxy’s twenty-three super forces, they were still a formidable force.

Two days later, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the land of new moon.

After making some inquiries, he reached the residence where Shi Xiaofei was residing in.

However, after entering the main hall, Huang Xiaolong noticed there were two young men seated inside.

The Zhang Family’s disciples Huang Xiaolong was surprised as he noted these young men’s robes.

“Punk, you’re here for Shi Xiaofei” The instant Huang Xiaolong sat down, Zhang Han, who was seated opposite him, coldly questioned, fixing an even colder stare at Huang Xiaolong: “I’m kindly advising you to scram now.”

Huang Xiaolong sat down without missing a beat, moving his arms to loosen his shoulders as he picked up the tea brought in by a maid.

After taking a slow sip, Huang Xiaolong asked, “And if I don't scram”

“Not going to scram” Chen Yun seated next to Zhang Han interjected with contempt, “Let me enlighten you, Shi Xiaofei is a woman that our Young Lord has taken an interest in, in the last two months, any male that came calling upon Shi Xiaofei had their legs broken by our Young Lord and then thrown out.

Our Young Lord is kind enough to give you a chance and let you scram by yourself, you should treasure this chance.”

Huang Xiaolong placed down his cup, speaking slowly, “Now, I’m giving you two a chance, roll out of here on your own, and remember, it is roll out, otherwise I also wouldn’t mind breaking your legs before tossing you out.”

Zhang Han blanked for a second before bursting into a frenzied laughter.


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