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Chapter 637: Huang Xiaolong's Headaches


“Think about it, which super forces’ disciples don't have more than one Master in their life” The Ascending Moon Old Man’s voice was even softer, directing his next question to Yang Yi, “Yang Yi ah, to my knowledge, up until now, you have no less than four Masters, right”

Yang Yi did not speak, but judging from the expression on her face, she was acquiescing.

The Ascending Moon Old Man once again turned back to Huang Xiaolong, “Your Master, that Feng Yang kid, has as many as three Masters, so you’re not betraying your Master at all even if you become my disciple.”

Huang Xiaolong wavered.

Just like what the Ascending Moon Old Man said, which super forces’ disciples didn't have a few Masters Going into an apprenticeship relationship with the Ascending Moon Old Man did not mean he was betraying his other Masters.

However, this matter happened too abruptly, turning Huang Xiaolong dizzy and unable to accept the logic in a short time.

 “This… Senior Ascending Moon, it’s like this, this matter is a little sudden to me, I’d like to return to the Black Warrior Institute and meet with my Master before deciding.” Huang Xiaolong pondered for some time and finally said.

“But, about that Rising Tide Ascending Moon pill formula...”

Before Huang Xiaolong could finish, the Ascending Moon Old Man was already clamoring in dissatisfaction, “What See your Master! You’re going to become my disciple, what are you going to see your Master for Aren’t I your Master Don’t tell me Feng Yang that kid dares to have any comments! What Rising Tide Ascending Moon pill formula You ungrateful person, disrespecting your Master, already not putting this Master in your eyes, yet you still have the face to ask for the Rising Tide Ascending Moon pill formula!”

The Ascending Moon Old Man’s spittle flew in all directions as words shot out from his mouth, seemingly endless, rendering his three audience members flabbergasted.

Huang Xiaolong’s mouth was agape, thinking that this Ascending Moon Old Man’s tempo was really hard to follow.

He was still talking nicely just moments ago, but in the blink of an eye, his mood changed faster than the weather.

He was berated by the old man to the point where no tears would come even if he cried.

Ironically, he could do nothing to this withered old man; he couldn’t win against the old man in a fight, and he definitely couldn’t win in arguing.

“Senior Ascending Moon, can you be a little bit reasonable” Huang Xiaolong had a helpless bitter smile on his face, “You agreed earlier that if I could refine a sacred grade divine pellet, you would give me the pill formula for the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet.”

“What, you say I’m being unreasonable!” Ascending Moon Old Man resembled a mouse that got its tail stepped on, jumping high up into the air.

A finger that was shaking with anger pointed at Huang Xiaolong, “You unfilial disciple, how dare you say that about your Master, me! Who said I won’t give you the pill formula Who! I said that if you become my disciple, that Rising Tide Ascending Moon formula is yours!”

Huang Xiaolong was close to drowning in his own sweat, thus he chose to shut up obediently.

However, watching the Ascending Moon Old Man jumping up and down, fuming with anger, spraying spittle all over, Shi Xiaofei suddenly burst out laughing, feeling that this Ascending Moon Old Man was actually very cute.

Even with the old man’s odd temperament, it leaned more on lovable.

Hearing laughter behind him, the Ascending Moon Old Man looked over his shoulder at a laughing Shi Xiaofei, asking, “Little doll, what are you laughing at” 

Shi Xiaofei giggled, replying carefully while observing the old man’s face,  “I think Senior is very loveable.”

Huang Xiaolong was completely speechless at the side, he had never seen someone so shamelessly thick-faced.

It seems like the longer one lived, the thicker their face became.

At this time, all four people heard a weak groan.

Turning in the direction of the sound, they saw the medicine boy that was sent flying by Yang Yi over the volcano crater slowly climbing back up the crater mouth.

The medicine boy’s body was black all over with soot, with big and small holes on his robes, so numerous that that one could even see his birdie.

A very small little birdie.

The medicine boy hastened as fast as he could to the Ascending Old Man’s side, one finger pointing to Yang Yi, Huang Xiaolong, and Shi Xiaofei, whining pitifully, “Ancestor, you must help me get justice ah, these three people were too wanton, attacking me the moment they arrived, not putting you in their eyes at all ah!”

Huang Xiaolong frowned upon hearing the medicine boy’s accusation.

However, the Ascending Moon Old Man made an abrupt turn toward the medicine boy, his backhand connecting with the medicine boy’s cheek, sending the medicine boy flying once again, falling over the volcano crater.

“Spicy till your Mom cries! I’ve been waiting bitterly for a personal disciple to appear, how dare you slave talk bad about my disciple in front of me!” Ascending Moon Old Man puffed with anger.

The other three people were once again shocked speechless.

They didn’t hear anything about Huang Xiaolong agreeing to worship the Ascending Moon Old Man as Master

The old man quickly turned back to Huang Xiaolong, comforting, “Little disciple, fear not, just tell Master if anyone that dares to talk bad about you, this Master will uphold justice for you!”

Huang Xiaolong’s throat moved, wryness bitterness mingled with helplessness.

“How about this Since you need to return to the Black Warrior Institute, Master will accompany you on this trip back.” Ascending Moon Old Man then said.

“Senior wants to go to the Black Warrior Institute with me” Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

The Ascending Moon Old Man’s lips curled back into a smile, “See, you’re so happy that you can’t think straight! Not even that Zhang Family Ancestor receives this kind of treatment.” A reminiscent expression floated to the old man’s face for a brief moment, “It has been a long time since I’ve met up with some old friends, this time going out, I should go visit them.”

Huang Xiaolong didn't know what to say.

He was powerless to stop the Ascending Moon Old Man from following him back to the Black Warrior Institute, however, according to this old man’s odd temperament, he probably couldn’t help attracting some trouble upon arriving in the Black Warrior Institute.

Forget it, he would take things step by step as they come, Huang Xiaolong comforted himself.

However, after coming all the way to the Wintry North World and reuniting with Shi Xiaofei, Huang Xiaolong decided to stay for a few days before returning to the Black Warrior Institute.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s plan, Ascending Moon Old Man flashed a brilliant smile, “Brat, your eyesight is not bad, I’m very satisfied with this disciple-in-law you picked.” He took out a bottle of pills and said to Shi Xiaofei, “Master has nothing much to give you, this is a bottle of Snow Jade Pills, made from a thousand kinds of cold element herbs that I collected.

It will help greatly in your cultivation.”

Shi Xiaofei was stunned, her eyes looked over to Yang Yi, then to Huang Xiaolong.

Seeing that neither of them objected, her hand received the bottle with a pink tinge on her cheeks.

Then, the three people left the Ascending Moon Old Man’s cultivation cave, going back to the land of new moon, with the old man tagging along, claiming as Huang Xiaolong is his disciple, where the disciple goes, of course, the Master follows.

No one could win over this old man with his twisted logic, including Huang Xiaolong.

Back in Yang Yi’s residence, Shi Xiaofei suggested to Huang Xiaolong that they should go to the nearby city for a stroll since they were free.

Since she came here, she had never gone out to any of the cities.

Huang Xiaolong, of course, agreed.

But what gave Huang Xiaolong a headache was the fact that the Ascending Moon Old Man also wanted to go with them for a stroll.

Although Huang Xiaolong was extremely reluctant to drag along a super-sized light bulb, he had no other choice but to bring the old man as well.

Little more than an hour later, Huang Xiaolong, Shi Xiaofei, and the Ascending Moon Old Man appeared in the city closest to the land of new moon, Winter Moon City.


At this time, inside a grand mansion on the south side of Winter Moon City, Zhang Han was listening to one his subordinates report, saying that Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei had appeared in Winter Moon City.

A grim, hideous laughter rang in the mansion, “Little punk, in a little while, I’ll have you kneeling in front of me and lick a Tyrant Boar’s backside in front of Shi Xiaofei!”


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