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Chapter 638: How Should I Address You


All of Zhang Han’s subordinates shuddered inwardly after listening to his evil plan.

Imagining that horrible scene, they couldn’t stop swallowing their saliva nervously, shuddering.

Forced to perform that kind of deed in front of the woman they love, this was a humiliation worse than death!

“Young Lord, other than Shi Xiaofei and that man, there’s a skinny, withered old man that looks like a beggar with them, should we investigate that old man’s identity” Chen Yun thought cautiously, reminding Zhang Han.

But Zhang Han merely waved his hand in an offhand manner, “No need, just an old beggar.

Go! Have all the Zhang Family’s mid-level and high-level God Realm masters assemble here, immediately, this instant! Also, send someone to go capture a Tyrant Boar and bring it over, one with the biggest backside!”

“Yes, Young Lord!” Chen Yun and the rest answered in unison, then retreated to their own task.

In the shortest time, all of the Zhang Family’s mid and high-level God Realm masters had assembled in front of Zhang Han.

If it was a common Zhang Family disciple, they would undoubtedly lack the authority to have all mid and high-level God Realm masters within a city gathered in such a short time.

However, Zhang Han was the current Zhang Family Patriarch’s son, he was a person holding the Zhang Family Patriarch’s token.

Therefore, it wasn’t strange that he could direct the masters under the Zhang Family.

Zhang Han’s gaze swept over the twenty-something mid and high-level God Realm masters and nodded his head.

He was very satisfied, especially when he looked to the side, where an extra large Tyrant Boar with an even larger backside was tethered, “Not bad, this Tyrant Boar is not bad.”

“That little punk is at the Epoch Cloud Street right now, correct”

“It is so, Young Lord.”

“Come to Epoch Cloud Street with me.

Also, make sure someone is tailing that kid, don’t let him escape.” Zhang Han ordered as he led the group of Zhang Family masters to the street where Huang Xiaolong’s group of three was at.

On the Epoch Cloud Street, Shi Xiaofei was holding Huang Xiaolong’s hand as she happily visited one shop after another.

Women like shopping, this was their innate nature, and Shi Xiaofei was no different.

Shi Xiaofei bought everything she liked.

Thankfully there was a thing called spatial ring, otherwise, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be able to carry everything with his two hands.

Watching the pile of things inside the Asura Ring grow bigger, Huang Xiaolong could only smile wryly.

What truly made Huang Xiaolong speechless was that the old man was another shopaholic, throwing any good stuff he spotted into his own spatial ring without scruples, leaving Huang Xiaolong to pick up the bill.

The Ascending Moon Old Man shamelessly claimed that the Thousand World Sect would belong to Huang Xiaolong in the future, and the Rising Tide Ascending Moon pill formula, Swallowing Sky Starquake Divine Pellet formula, and the other pill formulas would all be Huang Xiaolong’s, therefore, as a disciple paying for his Master’s purchases, it was something completely natural.

After half a day of shopping, the three stopped as they were passing by a restaurant by the name of La’er Wine Shop.

Sniffing at the captivating wine aroma floating out from the wine shop, the Ascending Moon Old Man pulled Huang Xiaolong in with determination.

Judging from his reaction, the old man was also a winebug like Huang Xiaolong.

Shortly after making their order, the waiter was already bringing the wine and dishes to their table, yet, at this moment, a noisy ruckus, as well as tremors in the ground, caused Huang Xiaolong to look outside, where Zhang Han and his group were rushing toward the restaurant entrance riding on enormous beast mounts.

Spotting Zhang Han, Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrow slightly rose up.

It seems like this Zhang Han did not put the warning he gave him last time in his heart.

Then again, it was normal for someone with Zhang Han’s identity and status to seek revenge.

Unfortunately, Zhang Han’s opponent this time was him.

Thinking of this, the corner of Huang Xiaolong’s mouth curved up in a devious cold sneer.

Outside the restaurant's entrance, Zhang Han did not dismount.

He directly crashed into the restaurant riding on his beast mount, destroying the restaurant entrance.

The customers yelled and shrieked in alarm while fleeing to safety.

Watching this scene, Zhang Han laughed wildly.

“You punk, we meet again.” Zhang Han stopped laughing, glaring at Huang Xiaolong with eyes spewing huge volumes of killing intent, “If you holed up in the land of new moon, with that old woman Yang Yi around, I’d still be scrupulous, but who knew that you and this Shi Xiaofei slut dare to step into Winter Moon City.

Just wait and see how I play you to death later!”

He turned back toward the group of Zhang Family masters, “Bring over the Tyrant Boar!”

One of the Zhang Family masters complied respectfully and brought over the Tyrant Boar they prepared earlier.

Huang Xiaolong was puzzled, what was this kid planning, bringing over a Tyrant Boar.

Noticing Huang Xiaolong’s confusion, Zhang Han delightedly pointed at the large-sized Tyrant Boar.

His face then turned grim, “Punk, this Tyrant Boar was specially prepared for you.

I ordered my Zhang Family masters to pick it with care, what do you think This Tyrant Boar’s butt is big enough, isn’t it In a little while, I’ll make you kneel down right in front of me, in front of Shi Xiaofei that slut, and lick this Tyrant Boar’s butt clean!”

The other customers hiding on the sides shivered, as goosebumps surfaced on their skin after hearing Zhang Han’s plan; your mother, isn’t this too forceful

This kind of punishment was really too brutal! More horrifying than what they had seen or heard so far.

They would rather die themselves than go through this!

The Ascending Moon Old Man had just raised his wine cup, greedily taking a large gulp when he happened to hear this, causing him to spit out the mouthful of wine.

Coincidentally, the direction he sprayed was right on Zhang Han’s face.

The grim smile on Zhang Han’s face froze.

His hand slowly reached up to wipe away the liquid that trickled into his mouth, leaving a strange taste.

A little pungent, a little salty, and a little stinky

Zhang Han turned to the Ascending Moon Old Man blankly, his gaze falling on the old man’s rows of yellow teeth.

“Kill that damn old dog for me!” After a brief moment of silent, Zhang Han roared with every fiber in his body, pointing a finger at the Ascending Moon Old Man.

That crazed look in Zhang Han’s eyes left no doubt that he wanted to tear the old man into shreds with his own hand.

One of the Zhang Family’s God Realm masters stepped forward and complied.

He then leaped out, aiming both fists at the Ascending Moon Old Man.

Bright lights flickered and fiery flames rose sky high—the Zhang Family’s Metallic Flames Fist.

Just when the terrified customers braced themselves, thinking that the beggar-like old man would die under that one fist, the old man stood up fiercely, his palm swung out in a quick slap while roaring in anger, “Sissy fudge! This old man rarely comes out for a breath of air and a little wine, but even at this time there are people coming to disturb me!” 

Pa! A resounding slap connected.

The Seventh Order God Realm master let out a shrill scream as his body was knocked back up into the air, flying far away and disappearing from everyone’s sight.

The entire restaurant was pin-drop silent, only the snorting sound through the Tyrant Boar’s snout could be heard.

A long time later, Zhang Han and the group of Zhang Family masters recovered from their shock of seeing the Seventh Order God Realm slapped away, but their expressions were solemn this time looking at the beggar old man.

Sending a Seventh Order God Realm out of sight with a single slap, what kind of strength was this At the very least, he should be a Ninth Order God Realm.

Not even an Eighth Order God Realm was capable of this.

This messy-haired, withered old man with the appearance of a beggar was actually a Ninth Order God Realm master! Zhang Han and the group of Zhang Family masters with him found it hard to accept this.

However, after regaining his wits, Zhang Han looked at the Ascending Moon Old Man and said, “Old man, you dare to injure my Zhang Family’s Elder You’re seeking death! No one can save you today! Grand Elder Zhi Hong, kill this old man!” Zhang Han ordered one of the high-level God Realm masters behind him.

Zhang Zhihong, the only Zhang Family Grand Elder in the group, was a Tenth Order God Realm master.

Zhang Zhihong nodded, stepping forward as he observed the Ascending Moon Old Man, “How may I address you” With his eyesight, he could tell this old man wasn’t simple, thus he wasn’t in a hurry to make his move.

Suddenly, the Ascending Moon Old Man chuckled mischievously, his palm struck out: “Sissy fudge, you want to know who I am Go back and ask Baldy Zhang, you’re not qualified to know this old man’s name!”


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