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Chapter 640: Jiang Yus Breakthrough


Sensing Zhang Dongbi’s dazed gaze on his bald head, anger inexplicably rose in Zhang Fei’s heart, sending Zhang Dongbi flying out with a merciless kick.

A breath or two later, Zhang Dongbi climbed up from the floor, once again standing in front of the Ancestor with his head lowered to his chest, not daring to look at Zhang Fei’s bald head again.

Zhang Fei did not speak for a time.

The look on this face seemed as if he was remembering something from the past, a painful memory with intermingling flashes of hate and anger, which erupted into an intense killing aura.

But, everything calmed down in the end.

Zhang Dongbi was perplexed, as he keenly sensed the volatile changes in their Ancestor.

“You’re not mistaken, that old man is the Ascending Moon Old Man!” Zhang Fei slowly sp breathed the words in a heavy mood.

Zhang Dongbi’s heart shuddered, he guessed right—the Ascending Moon Old Man!

“Ancestor, that Ascending Moon Old Man is really that powerful” Zhang Dongbi doubted.

Zhang Fei shook his head, “You don’t understand.” To him, the Ascending Moon Old Man wasn’t so simple that the word ‘powerful’ could explain it.

The number of people he was wary of in the Black Tortoise Galaxy was less than ten, and this Ascending Moon Old Man was the person he was most apprehensive of.

“Bury this matter, speak no more of it.” Zhang Fei solemnly ordered, “Pass down my order, avoid them in the future!”

Zhang Dongbi was unwilling to let the matter end this way, how could he

“Ancestor, that Ascending Moon Old Man isn’t even on the God Ranking List, why do we need to be afraid of him” Zhang Dongbi couldn’t hold himself back from blurting out his thoughts.

Hearing these words, Zhang Fei turned to look at Zhang Dongbi, then a harsh mocking snicker sounded from him, “That is because the Ascending Moon Old Man hasn’t bothered to participate in the God Ranking battle for the last five terms! Otherwise, do you think that Azure Dragon Institute Principal could sit so comfortably in the first place Would it be Feng Yang’s turn for the title of Black Tortoise Galaxy’s strongest person”

Zhang Dongbi was greatly shocked.

That so-called Ascending Moon Old Man actually hadn’t taken part in the God Ranking Battle for five terms! One term was equal to ten thousand years, five terms… fifty thousand years!!

Zhang Fei added another sentence, “Sixty thousand years ago, the Ascending Moon Old Man already stood at the top of the God Ranking List!”

A shiver ran down Zhang Dongbi’s back as he sucked in a cold breath of air, stupefied—top of the God Ranking List, sixty thousand years ago!

Zhang Fei’s ridiculing tone deepened, “Even one like the Azure Dragon Institute Principal is afraid of an old monster like the Ascending Moon Old Man, do you feel you’re better, unafraid To tell you the truth, my father actually wanted me to join the Ascending Moon Old Man’s sect.”

This was another big news to Zhang Dongbi.

“It was just that,” Zhang Fei shook his head, “That old man said that I’m not even qualified to be an outer disciple.”

Zhang Dongbi’s mind blanked.

“But, this makes me extremely curious ah, so many thousands of years have passed, who is this young man that he had finally selected as his personal disciple To have caught that old man’s interest!” Zhang Fei lamented.

“Have you found out who that black-haired young man is”

Zhang Dongbi’s throat went dry, “Not yet.

We only know that Shi Xiaofei is very close to that black-haired young man, more like lovers.

Moreover, he seems to know Crazy Lady Yang Yi as well.”

Zhang Fei grew more grim, “Go investigate clearly.

Also, the matter with Han’er ends here.

Those who have seen what happened in the restaurant, silence all of them.

Forbid the Elders and family disciples from speaking of this.

Those who violate this will get the death penalty for betrayal!”

“Yes, Ancestor!” Zhang Dongbi’s face tightened.

“Go.” Zhang Fei waved his hand, sending Zhang Dongbi away.


Back in the Zhang Family’s manor.

Seeing his father return, Zhang Han hastened to his father’s side, asking, “Respected Father, what did the honorable Ancestor say”

Zhang Dongbi opened his mouth several times, his expression grim, “This matter ends here.

In the future, you must not go provoking those three people any further.

If you see them, avoid them as far as you can.

The Elders and family disciples are forbidden from speaking of this matter, otherwise, they will be punished the same as traitors following family’s law.

This is the Ancestor’s order!”

Zhang Han’s eyes widened in disbelief, ends here! End Just like this! Moreover, he was to avoid those three people far away

“Respected Father, our Zhang Family is one of twenty-three super forces, do we need to be afraid of that crazy woman Yang Yi!” Zhang Han roared out his heart’s unwillingness.

Zhang Dongbi’s palm flew across his son’s face, sending Zhang Han reeling round and round.

“Get your ass to the back mountain yourself, you are confined for a hundred years!” Zhang Dongbi reprimand sternly.

Zhang Han clutched his swollen face, tears swirling in his eyes as he bit on his trembling lips before turning around hatefully.

‘Punk! Old man! This matter will not end here!’ Every time Zhang Han thought of the humiliation in the restaurant, the killing intent in his heart surged endlessly.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong, Shi Xiaofei, and the Ascending Moon Old Man were at Yang Yi’s residence, where Huang Xiaolong stayed for three days.

Three days later, Huang Xiaolong left the Wintry North World, returning to the Black Warrior Institute.

As for the Ascending Moon Old Man, he naturally followed Huang Xiaolong, leaving the Wintry North World.

In all honesty, having a Highgod Realm master wanting to receive one as a personal disciple, adding the inheritance and Chief position of an ancient alchemy sect was definitely something to be happy about, but Huang Xiaolong was unable to feel any joy.

On the entire journey, the old man chattered non-stop.

To Huang Xiaolong, the Ascending Moon Old Man wasn’t a twittering bird, but a whole flock of twittering birds.

From the Tanggu World to the Wintry North World, Huang Xiaolong used one month’s time on his trip, whereas on the way back, the time it took was doubled.

Despite the old man chattering non-stop like a twittering bird for two months, Huang Xiaolong did gain some benefits from it; the dao of alchemy, and the Breaking God Pellet that the old man had treasured for several thousand years, which he gave to Huang Xiaolong.

According to the Ascending Moon Old Man, this was the sole pellet left in all four galaxies, a top sacred grade divine pellet.

Consuming it would give numerous benefits to the cultivator.

Exactly how many benefits, Huang Xiaolong had no idea, but after he consumed the pellet, it pushed his initial cultivation of peak late-Fifth Order God Realm to early Sixth Order God Realm.

Also due to this, Huang Xiaolong felt that this old man wasn’t as troublesome as before.

Using the transmission array from the Tanggu World back to the Cloudseal Mainland, Huang Xiaolong breathed in relief when he stepped out; he was finally back!

Back in the Black Warrior City, Huang Xiaolong arranged for the Ascending Moon Old Man to stay in the Luo Tong Residence, which had been empty ever since Huang Xiaolong moved the Huang Family to the Golden Dragon Peak. 

Surveying the environment of the Luo Tong Residence, the Ascending Moon Old Man nodded and smiled, satisfied, “Little disciple, not bad ah, being able to buy such a big residence in the Black Warrior City.

Looks like you’re quite loaded.” His eyes sparkled as they watched Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong instantly felt like he was stripped naked and seen through.

“Go now, tell Feng Yang, that boy, that I’m waiting for him here.

Wait till he arrives, I’ll talk to him about taking you as a disciple.” Ascending Moon Old Man’s tone suddenly changed, waving Huang Xiaolong away with his hand.

Huang Xiaolong literally ran out from there as if he was given a pardon.

Watching Huang Xiaolong run away with such speed, the old man’s face split into a wide grin, “This brat!” Two months of getting along with Huang Xiaolong on the way over, he was even more satisfied with Huang Xiaolong, therefore, no one could stop him from receiving this disciple!

While Huang Xiaolong was hurrying back to the Black Warrior Institute, a mighty boom thundered on one of the All Dragons League’s mountain peaks in the Red Flood Mountain Range.

Then, a silhouette was seen flying up to the sky, laughing exuberantly, “I, Jiang Yu, have finally broken through to Seventh Order God Realm!”

The All Dragons League’s Six Enforcers, Lin Tong, Ceng Leng, Deng Xuan, and the rest all rushed out of the main hall when they heard the voice.

Each of them wore a happy expression on their faces seeing their League Leader coming out of seclusion.

Their League Leader really broke through to Seventh Order God Realm!

They had waited for this day for far, far too long!


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