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Chapter 646: Fallen In Love With This Old Man


But, what did the old man just say

‘Sissy fudges, who dares to harm my disciple’

Black lines shadowed Huang Xiaolong’s forehead.

At this rate, it wouldn't take long before all super forces and first rank forces in the Black Tortoise Galaxy found out that the Ascending Moon Old Man wanted to take him in as a personal disciple!

Initially, Huang Xiaolong did not plan to announce this matter even if he did agree to the apprenticeship, even less having everyone in the galaxy know about it.

The ceremony could be conducted in the simplest way possible, but now, it seems like it was no longer possible to keep this matter private.

“Huang Xiaolong, you actually dared to sneak in a Highgod Realm master into the Black Warrior Institute, and ambush this Principal!” At this time, Wang Na’s shrill shout sounded, a triumphant smirk on her face as she pointed at Huang Xiaolong: “You traitor, you’re dead for sure!” Wang Na laughed excitedly.

Originally, she planned to use the excuse of Huang Xiaolong killing elite disciples to kill him, but now, Huang Xiaolong actually dared to sneak in a Highgod Realm master into the Black Warrior Institute.

On top of that, the old man actually attacked her!

According to the Black Warrior Institute's rules, this kind of behavior was seen as traitorous, punishable by death! Now, she needn’t waste energy and effort looking for a plausible excuse to kill Huang Xiaolong.

The Ascending Moon Old Man raised an eyebrow staring at the obnoxiously laughing Wang Na, then his eyes narrowed into two thin slits, a wily grin spread over his face, “I say, little doxy, this old man finds your words unpleasant to the ears, what do you mean by sneak into the Black Warrior Institute Furthermore, if I’m right, the Institute Principal is Feng Yang that little kid, since when are you the Black Warrior Institute Principal You’re quite brave titling yourself as Institute Principal, eh”

At the mention of this, the Ascending Moon Old Man looked over to Huang Xiaolong, “Little disciple, I ask you, self-claiming to be the Institute Principal, what is the punishment for this according to the institute rules”

Huang Xiaolong glanced coldly in Wang Na’s direction: “Punished according to the crime of betrayal, death!”

Wang Na laughed even harder, her breasts jiggled like ripples on the water surface, as if Huang Xiaolong’s words were the funniest joke she had ever heard, “Old man, you’re trying to say that you teleported from another world surface to this place I have never heard of anybody that could do that!”

The Ascending Moon Old Man was unconcerned whether Wang Na believed him or not, his attention was more focused on the vigorous jiggles of Wang Na’s voluptuous breasts, grinning sheepishly, “Little girl, you wouldn’t have stuffed some things into that place right Hehe, not bad, it’s just that I don’t know if it feels as good as it looks…”

“Old man, do you want to die” Wang Na hollered in anger, leaping out at the same time.

With the release of bright gray sword lights from her body, a long gray sword appeared in her hand.

The moment the long gray sword appeared, the space and airflow within ten thousand li radius became turbulent, the aura of death soared into the sky.

All the Grand Elders, Elders, as well as all the elite disciples in the Red Flood Mountain Range were alerted. 

“God’s Law—Alternating Life And Death!” Wang Na bellowed, slashing with the long gray sword in her hand.

In that instant, the space in the entire Red Flood Mountain Range groaned.

Almost immediately, Huang Xiaolong, Ceng Leng, and the rest saw the long gray sword shooting out two horrifying sources of energy.

One of them was green, and caused the vitality of life to bloom in abundance wherever it passed, while the other stream of energy was gray in color, causing a despondent death aura to fill the air.

Affected by these two energies, the trees, shrubs, and flowers on the mountains grew at a rapid pace.

Blooming flowers, bearing fruits, then withering and losing vitality just as fast.

Grow, wither, then grow again!

Life, death, alternating!

Huang Xiaolong was wide-eyed, astounded.

“These are two of the many God’s Laws.” At this time, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s voice sounded in Huang Xiaolong’s mind, “You will understand when you break through to the Highgod Realm.”

In the meantime, the Ascending Moon Old Man was still wearing that sheepish grin on his face even as he looked at the two powerful energies aimed at him, totally disregarding the opponent.

Seeing this, Wang Na was even more enraged, her killing intent rose sharply.

Die! Die! Die! Die!

Even Feng Yang would be gravely injured facing her God’s Law attack, therefore she refused to believe that this unknown old man would be still fine later! Wang Na strongly believed that not even the Azure Dragon Institute Principal was capable of this feat!

Finally, the two whelming stream of energy reached a distance of ten meters from the Ascending Old Man.

But, in the next moment, a shocking scene took place.

The two powerful energy streams halted in midair as if there was an invisible energy wall blocking their path.

A loud chuckle came from the old man, who simply raised his hand and lightly pointed with a finger, causing the two powerful stream of energy to burst like bubbles.

Wang Na’s stature trembled, wobbling several steps back while dumbly shaking her head in disbelief, “N-no, not possible-not possible! How can this be!”

Next, the Ascending Moon Old Man lifted his foot and took one step.

In an instant, he was standing in front of Wang Na, his hand striking out, direct and simple.

Wang Na was jolted to her senses, the long gray sword in her hand once again thrust toward the Ascending Moon Old Man in an attempt to counter his palm strike.

However, in the eyes of Ceng Leng, Lin Tong, and the other Black Warriors Institute elite disciples, the old man’s palm struck squarely on their Vice-Principal Wang Na’s chest, and her long gray sword flew out of her hand.

She herself was slammed backward, embedded into the mountain at her back.

The long gray sword plummeted from high altitude, inserted into the opposite mountain peak.

A loud explosion shook the entire mountain, rocks and boulders crumbling down.

All the elite disciples were stupefied.

Wang Na was the Black Warrior Institute’s second strongest person, yet she was defeated in one move!

One move!

This old man, who was he exactly!

How could this be possible! Even the Azure Dragon Institute Principal couldn't defeat Vice-Principal Wang Na in just one move!

The Ascending Moon Old Man’s chuckle sounded again as he sniffed at his palm, “Quite a nice smell, the feel is not bad either.

I didn’t expect the little doxy’s two meat buns to be so bouncy, really out of my expectations ah!”

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly sweating buckets, only now did he realize that other than thick-faced, this old man was also shameless and pretty licentious.

The Ascending Moon Old Man turned toward Huang Xiaolong, saying, “Little disciple, you don’t believe Master Why don’t you go touch-touch and test for yourself See whether I’m telling the truth or not.”

Huang Xiaolong staggered, nearly tumbled down from the air.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell that little wife of yours.” Ascending Moon Old Man gave Huang Xiaolong a guarantee-you-can-trust-me look.

Huang Xiaolong felt like crying while fighting a strong impulse to strangle the old man to death; what was all this nonsense the old man was spouting!

When Wang Na, who had just extracted herself out from the mountain, heard all of the Ascending Moon Old Man’s words, her eyes became wide as plates glowering at him in anger.

Killing intent erupted in her eyes, looking as if she would chop the Ascending Moon Old Man into a million pieces in that instant.

Other than the current Jiang Family’s Patriarch, Jiang Wuhuang, this was the second person who dared to touch her breasts! Moreover, without permission!

But, recalling the frightening prowess this old man showed earlier, regardless of how much she wanted to kill him, she dared not attempt another attack.

Angered as she was, Wang Na’s mind was searching her memory for the top masters on the God Ranking List, but to her dismay, she had no recollection of this old man at all.

By this time, sounds of whistling wind could be heard from many different directions as the Black Warrior Institute’s masters who rushed over arrived in the Red Flood Mountain Range. 

Yet, the Ascending Moon Old Man acted as if he did not hear these sounds at all, grinning as he looked at Wang Na, “Little doxy, staring at this old man like this, could it be because you’ve fallen in love after this old man touched you once Although this old man admits to be extremely handsome, we’re moving a little too fast.”


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