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Chapter 649: Have You Heard


The matter of the Ascending Moon Old Man taking Huang Xiaolong as his personal disciple was set in stone in this manner!

As for the rest, Wang Na included, they dispersed in their own way.

Staying true to his words, the Ascending Moon Old Man no longer pursued the matter with Wang Na, allowing her to leave without making things difficult.

But, Huang Xiaolong was extremely doubtful towards the sentence ‘For the sake of her Master Ancestor, who had once tried to woo me in the past’.

Judging from the beggar appearance of this old man, was there a woman who would woo him

When things were settled, Huang Xiaolong invited the Ascending Moon Old Man and his Master Feng Yang into the Nine Halls Bagua Formation palace.

During Wang Na’s initial attack on the Golden Dragon Peak, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi used his innate dragon qi to reduce the impact on the Golden Dragon Peak, therefore the Huang Family members merely fainted, without suffering any injuries.

Instead, it was the pack of demonic beasts that were in critical condition, but after some quick treatment, most of them had stabilized.

In the main hall, the Ascending Moon Old Man and Feng Yang discussed plans and details regarding the apprenticeship ceremony.

According to the old man, the apprenticeship ceremony need not be grand, a simple one would do.

As for the location, they had selected this Golden Dragon Peak.

When the details were decided, Feng Yang issued an order to all Black Warrior Institute’s Grand Elders to be present at the Golden Dragon Peak the next day as witnesses to the ceremony.

That day, Feng Yang stayed at the Golden Dragon Peak.

Due to the matter of Wang Na’s attack on the Golden Dragon Peak, both the Ascending Moon Old Man and Feng Yang worked together, laying out a new defense formation on the Golden Dragon Peak.

With both top Highgod Realm masters’ handiwork, the defense formation on the Golden Dragon Peak had more than doubled in strength.

Observing the end result of the two people’s work, even Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi couldn’t resist uttering a few words of praise.

While the Ascending Moon Old Man and Feng Yang were busy with laying down a new defense formation, the news that Wang Na attacked the Golden Dragon Peak with the aim of killing Huang Xiaolong but was hindered by a mysterious old man who stripped her off her clothes spread faster than a hurricane throughout the whole Black Warrior Institute.

“Have you heard They say that Vice-Principal Wang Na’s breasts are super huge, perky to boot.

And her lower part, a thick black bush! Her skin is no different than the softest silk, tender and smooth!”

“Tsk tsk, what a pity I wasn’t at the scene at that time.

If I could have taken a glance, it would have been worth it even if I lost a few hundred years of life.

A Highgod Realm masters’ voluptuous breasts, black forest, and rotund butt, I really have never experienced it before!”

“Rumors say that Jiang Yu is actually Vice-Principal Wang Na’s and the Jiang Family Patriarch Jiang Wuhuang’s illegitimate son, I’m so jealous of the Jiang Family Patriarch ah! He could actually embrace a woman like Vice-Principal Wang Na and ‘battle’ her as he liked, that’s what you call enjoyment ah!”

“You’re not Jiang Wuhuang, what are you getting all excited here on your own for!”

The news spread faster and grew increasingly exaggerated in the craziest direction.

It grew so much that in the end, various version could be heard; one version included Wang Na being stripped naked and was done by the mysterious old man on the spot until she cries for mercy.

At last, seeing her pitiful state, the mysterious old man let her go. 

Very soon, the news reached the higher echelons of the Black Tortoise Galaxy’s super forces.

Each of them reacted differently to the news.

Needless to say, most of them took pleasure in others’ misery, as for anger, there was probably only Jiang Wuhuang.

On the night he heard the news, Jiang Wuhuang slaughtered all the maids and slaves in his courtyard in anger.

 Despite that, the Jiang Family adopted a silent stance on the matter.


On the other hand, other super forces and families that heard the news were quick to investigate the background of this Ascending Moon Old Man.

This was someone who dared to strip Wang Na’s clothes in public!

Not to mention the respectful demeanor that Institute Principal Feng Yang had shown, to the point of placing himself in the junior position!

Where did this Ascending Moon Old Man climb out from They had never heard of this person before in the past.

Finally, when these higher echelons found out from their Ancestors that this Ascending Moon Old Man had actually been the number one person on the God Ranking List sixty thousand years ago, all of them sucked in a breath of cold air.

Top of the God Ranking List sixty thousand years ago!

Then, sixty thousand years later, what realm had his strength reached!

After finding out about the Ascending Moon Old Man’s identity, there was another piece of news: the Ascending Moon Old Man wanted to take Huang Xiaolong as his personal disciple.

When this news hit the super forces, those who had been coveting Huang Xiaolong’s Hailstone Treasure immediately nipped this thought at the bud.

They dared to risk Institute Principal Feng Yang’s anger, but they couldn't guarantee that they could survive the Ascending Moon Old Man’s wrath.

Night gradually came and the mesmerizing moon hung high in the velvet sky.

Beneath the silvery moonlight, the Golden Dragon Peak appeared ethereal, like a mirage in the desert.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the yard with his hands behind his back.

He knew that after today’s events spread out, those who had designs on his Hailstone Treasure would greatly reduce.

Then again, this wasn’t absolute.

Strong lone masters had nothing holding them back.

There was still Wang Na, that old witch, she definitely wouldn’t stop here.

In fact, what happened today only deepened her hatred and killing intent, even at this very moment she was probably wishing she could devour his flesh and drink his blood.

Thinking of his initial purpose of going to the Wintry North World, Huang Xiaolong felt a little embarrassed.

He had wanted to request pills from the Ascending Moon Old Man, instead it ended up being the old man wanting to receive him as a disciple.

After knowing the harsh requirement of the Thousand Worlds Sect in accepting disciples, Huang Xiaolong understood why the old man was so adamant in the beginning.

If the Ascending Moon Old Man missed this chance, who knows when he would be able to find another person that could refine sacred grade divine pellets below the Highgod Realm.

There was a chance he never would, for the limit of a Highgod Realm master’s lifespan was three hundred thousand years.

On average, it was no more than a hundred and fifty thousand years.

Although Huang Xiaolong had no idea how long the Ascending Moon Old Man had lived until now, he guessed that it shouldn't be less than a hundred thousand years.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong strode out from his courtyard, heading toward the courtyard arranged for the Ascending Moon Old Man.

Huang Xiaolong’s purpose was none other than the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet.

When Huang Xiaolong saw the old man, he directly stated his purpose.

The Ascending Moon Old Man pointed a finger at Huang Xiaolong, a big smile on his face, “You kid, I already guessed you didn’t come here to thank this old man.” The old man and Feng Yang were busy the entire day, laying out a new defense formation around the Golden Peak, his old set of bones was close to crumbling from exhaustion.

Huang Xiaolong revealed an embarrassed smile knowing what the old man was talking about, “Thanking you after taking the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet is the same.

I say, old man, don’t tell me you’re reluctant to part with a mere bottle of pills”

Hearing Huang Xiaolong calling him old man, the Ascending Moon Old Man fumed, his face became red and his eyes were bulging, “I say, kid, what are you saying You must call me Big Master, do you understand Do you know what respecting the elders and loving the young is Do you even know the basic etiquette of being someone’s disciple” Ascending Moon Old man went on with more than a dozen ‘do you know…’

Huang Xiaolong was speechless.

Big Master Following the order, Feng Yang should be his Big Master, whereas this Ascending Moon Old Man could only be considered Second Master.

Strictly speaking, the Asura’s Gate’s Ren Wokuan was his first  real Master, and this old man could only be ‘little three.’

Thinking of the term ‘little three’, the corner of Huang Xiaolong’s mouth curved into a faint smile.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong smiling instead of lowering his head and admitting his mistake, Ascending Moon Old Man was riled into a new sequence of ‘do you know…’

In the end, the old man still gave Huang Xiaolong a bottle of Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellets.

After all, the matter of the apprenticeship was set, whether it was sooner or later, he still needed to give them.

Just as he said before, the Chief position of the Thousand Worlds Sect would belong to Huang Xiaolong in the end.

However, the Ascending Moon Old Man did not refine too many Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellets.

In fact, he only had one bottle.

Thus, after taking the bottle of pills, Huang Xiaolong decided to first let his parents and several others, including Xie Puti, consume them.

He would later refine them for Fei Hou, Haotian, and the rest.


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