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Huang Xiaolong sneered at Xiang Mingzhis arrogant laughter, “Are you planning to gamble like last time, baiting a white wolf with an empty hand If I lose, I have to give you the Five-colored Divine Banner, Innumerable Fortune Kasaya, and the rest of the treasures as well as the Hailstone Treasure, moreover, I have to kneel and kowtow a thousand times to you and call you Ancestor Its fine if youre an idiot, but please dont think that everyone in the world is an idiot like you!”

The many experts present in the square did not hide their snickers as they watched.

Xiang Mingzhis face reddened, glaring furiously at Huang Xiaolong, “Fine! If I lose, this Xuanji Treasure, including ten thousand Xuanji Divine Pellets, belongs to you!” Xiang Mingzhi waved both his hands and a huge golden cube appeared high in the air.

When the restrictions around the golden cube were opened, spirit stones piled mountain high, Qinglong coins, herb elixirs, and divine grade pellets could be seen inside.

“The Xuanji Treasure!”

Astounded voices reverberated above the square, eyes burning with greed stared fixedly at the golden cube.

Even old monsters like Ancestor Mountaingoat couldnt control their greed from showing for a second.

The Xuanji Treasure was a supreme treasure left behind by the ancient Xuanji Divinity Faith of the Azure Dragon Galaxy.

The degree of its preciousness and value rivaled Huang Xiaolongs Hailstone Treasure.

In truth, the Xuanji Treasure probably slightly surpassed the Hailstone Treasure because the Xuanji Divine Pellets were one of the top ten Great Divine Pills, ranked at number six!

Every divine grade pellet among the Great Divine Pills was rare and invaluable.

They were priceless and high in demand, but extremely short in supply.

Thus, they could hardly be bought even with money.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed.

This Xiang Mingzhis luck was unexpectedly good, not only did he obtain the Azure Dragon Divine Fire, even the Xuanji Treasure fell into his hands!

Huang Xiaolong was quick to converge the look in his eyes, asking indifferently, “What else”

Xiang Mingzhi was dazed momentarily, then he sneered, “At that time, Ill give you a thousand kowtows in apology, and when I run into you in the future, Ill call you Ancestor!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded with a deadpan face, then he took out the Hailstone Treasure, Innumerable Fortune Kasaya, and the remaining treasures.

Although Xiang Mingzhi noticed that the Five-colored Divine Banner was missing from the lot, he didnt mind it.

His main purpose was the Hailstone Treasure.

What he wanted the most were the one thousand kowtows from Huang Xiaolong, and Huang Xiaolong calling him Ancestor from now on!

Thinking of this, strong hatred glinted in Xiang Mingzhis eyes.

He was going to pay back the humiliation Huang Xiaolong gave him that year many times over today!

“However, three hours is too long, our bet will be decided in one hours time.

The person who can refine the Exalted Divinity Pellets in one hour, and of the highest grade, will be the winner!” Huang Xiaolong added: “And no furnace is allowed!”

Like in the preliminary stage, the latter part was also set at three hours.

The rules were to use the herbs prepared by the Alchemist Grandmaster Association to refine the Exalted Divinity Pellets.

Participant rankings would be determined according to pill quality and the time they took.

Hearing Huang Xiaolongs additional conditions, surprised gasps could be heard from the crowd.

Refining the Exalted Divinity Pellets in three hours was borderline impossible, so much that even a high level Alchemist Grandmaster dared not guarantee they could succeed.

At most, only a one-tenth chance of success existed.

Yet, Huang Xiaolong actually limited the time to one hour! 

One hour!!

This was absolutely impossible!

No one had ever heard of anyone capable of refining the Exalted Divinity Pellet in one hour.

Xiang Mingzhis expression darkened.

Within three hours time, he had full confidence of success, but it was a different matter if the time limit was set at one hour.

This had nothing to do with the Azure Dragon Divine Fire.

It was a fact that one hour was too short!

Only an Alchemist that had reached a certain level of skill would be able to do so.

“How about it, you dont dare” Huang Xiaolong snickered.

“Agreed!” Xiang Mingzhis gaze grew chilling cold: “One hour it is!”

Xiang Mingzhi naturally knew Huang Xiaolongs purpose in reducing the refining time to one hour and not allowing the use of a furnace.

However, he refused to believe that Huang Xiaolongs alchemy skills were better than his!

He possessed the Azure Dragon Divine Fire! Unless Huang Xiaolongs alchemy skills exceeded his by more than one rank, Huang Xiaolong would never beat him!

Listening to Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhis personal side bet, Lin Pinghai turned to look at the Ascending Moon Old Man, indirectly passing the final decision to him.

The Ascending Moon Old Man nodded, giving his permission toward Xiang Mingzhi and Huang Xiaolongs bet, adding coldly, “Activate the Royal Pill Citys Ancient God Slaughtering Buddha Grand Killing Formation.

When the result is determined, whoever dares to interfere with the result, no matter who it is, kill them without mercy!”

Ancient God Slaughtering Buddha Grand Killing Formation!

The surrounding masters expressions tightened hearing the Ascending Moon Old Mans order.

This Ancient God Slaughtering Buddha Grand Killing Formation was famed as an inexorable killing formation.

According to rumors, once activated, even Highgod Realm masters would be helpless when trapped inside.

It was also said to be capable of killing early level Highgod Realm masters!

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal, Qin Yi, looked grim.

Although the Ascending Moon Old Man did not give any names, it was a direct warning to him.

When the result of Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhis bet came out, if he, Qin Yi, dared to interfere when Xiang Mingzhi happened to lose, then he shouldn\'t blame the Alchemist Grandmaster Association for being ruthless!

It was also a warning to other present masters.

Cold lights flickered in Ancestor Mountaingoats eyes as intense energy roiled internally.

Despite that, he managed to suppress it.

Lin Pinghai immediately understood his meaning.

Receiving the Ascending Moon Old Mans permission, he faced the rest of the participants on the square, “Does anyone have any objections If not, shall we begin”

The Vermillion Bird Institute He Feifan and the rest naturally had no objections.

Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhis side bet was actually advantageous to them.

Initially, He Feifan was worried that Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhi might be a threat to him, but now, he breathed in relief seeing that these two were going against each other.

He strongly doubted that either Huang Xiaolong or Xiang Mingzhi would be able to successfully refine the Exalted Divinity Pellet in a mere hours time.

“Good, the competition starts now!” Seeing that no one voiced any objections, Lin Pinghai declared loudly.

All of a sudden, various colors of flame erupted in the square.

“This is the Extreme Yin Radiant Fire!”

“Primary Yang Saint Fire!”

Loud exclamations resounded in the square.

As Ancestor Mountaingoat waved his hands, black flames that emitted a metallic sheen streamed out, it was one of the stronger flames between heaven and earth—Extreme Yin Radiant Fire!

Whereas the flame produced by the Vermillion Bird Institutes He Feifan was a burning red to the point of appearing demonic.

It was a kind of flame named Primary Yang Saint Fire and it was no weaker than the Extreme Yin Radiant Fire!

The White Tiger Institutes Wan Zhenxing and the other several old monsters all summoned rarely seen flames.

During the preliminary stage, everyone held back, but now, at the final stage, everyone was going all out.

While the crowd was making a ruckus, Xiang Mingzhis hands begin to move; an azure flame flew out from his body in the shape of a dragon.

“Azure Dragon Divine Fire!”

Everyones gazes fell onto that legendary Azure Dragon Divine Fire.

As if noticing the azure dragon, the famous flames of Ancestor Mountaingoat, He Feifan, and the other participants were actually suppressed, their brilliance dimmed significantly.


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