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After the two icy snow fire longswords entered Huang Xiaolongs body, snowy white fireballs that exuded a cold energy emerged to the surface of his body, gradually merging with other white fireballs into a flaming divine armor that covered Huang Xiaolong from the neck down.

On the surface of the snowy white divine flames was the emblem of a black tortoise and a snake.

It looked vivid and alive, as it was shaped by the Black Tortoise Divine Fires spirit.

Huang Xiaolong persisted in his training in these three years and he could already manipulate the Black Tortoise Divine Fire to form the Black Tortoise Divine Armor.

It would be a good defense when fighting against an enemy.

However, Huang Xiaolong had no idea how strong the Black Tortoise Divine Armor was.

To test it out, he requested Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi to attack him using a divine artifact.

When the divine artifact struck the Black Tortoise Divine Armor, it instantly turned to ash.

The black tortoise emblem opened its mouth and devoured the incoming attack force.

Huang Xiaolong did not feel the slightest discomfit.

Of course, before Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi attacked, Huang Xiaolong had him limit his strength to that of an early Tenth Order God Realm.

If Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi had used the strength of a mid-Tenth Order God Realm on top of that divine artifact, although the divine artifact would still turn to ash, the Black Tortoise Divine Armor could only devour a little more half of the attack force, the remaining portion would strike onto Huang Xiaolongs True Dragon Physique, resulting in a certain degree of injury.

Admittedly, this degree of light wounds wouldn\'t affect Huang Xiaolong much, but he was very satisfied with this result.

He, a late-Eighth Order God Realm, relying on the Black Tortoise Divine Armor, was capable of going head to head with a mid-Tenth Order God Realm master.

If word spread out, it would shock a lot of people.

On top of that, as his comprehension of Black Tortoise Divine Fire and his strength increased, the Black Tortoise Divine Armors strength would also continuously grow, its defense capabilities would become even higher.

Then again, even without the form of an armor, the Black Tortoise Divine Fire was capable of protecting its owner on its own.

In fact, a late-Tenth Order God Realm master would be hard pressed to really kill Hung Xiaolong.

‘Now that Martial Spirit World has recovered, the rank six godhead has been completely refined, and I have a better grasp of the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, its time to make a trip to Royal Pill City. Huang Xiaolong concluded to himself.

The tribulation grade Exalted Divinity Pellets that Shi Xiaofei and the other Huang Family members consumed had long finished, thus Huang Xiaolong planned to go to Royal Pill City and purchase the necessary ingredients to refine the Exalted Divinity Pellets there.

Even if he couldn\'t purchase the complete list in Royal Pill City, the Alchemist Grandmaster Association Chief Chen Ye or the Association Elders at the headquarters would definitely know where he could find them. 

The last Alchemist Grandmaster Competitions medicinal herbs were all prepared by the Association.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong wanted to see how the Ascending Moon Old Man was doing in Royal Pill City.

For so long, there hadnt been any news of the old man, Huang Xiaolong had a nagging feeling that something wasnt right.

Did something happen to the old man Otherwise, it was hard to explain the lack of news for so long. 

Having decided, Huang Xiaolong informed Shi Xiaofei and the Huang Family that hed be making a trip to the Royal Pill City.

Like last time, Shi Xiaofei insisted to go with Huang Xiaolong.

Defeated by Shi Xiaofeis sweet insistence, Huang Xiaolong finally agreed.

After all, there shouldnt be any danger when going to Royal Pill City to purchase medicinal herbs.

Before leaving with Shi Xiaofei, Huang Xiaolong added another Black Tortoise Formation to the Huang Clan Manors defenses, a formation that he comprehended from the Black Tortoise Divine Fire.

At his current strength, the Black Tortoise Formation was capable of manipulating both fire and ice elements as far as several tens of thousands of li for defense and attack purposes.

In general, Tenth Order God Realm masters would have great difficulty breaking the formation.

After he finished arranging the Black Tortoise Formation, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei left Martial Spirit World.

When they reached the Iron Radix World, the closest world surface to Martial Spirit World that had a transmission array, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei stayed there for a day before changing several transmission arrays all the way to the Cloudsea Mainland, arriving in Black Warrior City.

At Black Warrior City, the two of them rested at the Luo Tong Residence for two days before departing once more through the Black Warrior City transmission array.

After more than thirty times, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei were once again in the West Crow World.

Stepping out of the West Crowd Worlds transmission array, Huang Xiaolongs group of two did not dally around, flying out from West Crow World toward Royal Pill City.

Two weeks later, the two of them stood before the Royal Pill Citys entrance.

Looking at the majestic city from the outside still roused a sense of admiration in their hearts.

This was because Royal Pill City had surpassed all levels of imagination.

Huang Xiaolong even had a fleeting suspicion that cities in the Divine World would seem small compared to Royal Pill City.

A moment later, the pair slowly walked into the city.

In the blink of an eye, close to thirty years had passed since Huang Xiaolong left, scenes from the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition replayed in his mind.

At the time he left Royal Pill City, he wasnt even a late Seventh Order God Realm, whereas now, his strength already reached late-Eighth Order God Realm.

The pair first visited the Royal Pill House instead of heading straight to the Alchemist Grandmaster Association Chief Chen Yes residence.

Huang Xiaolong had been longing for the Royal Pill Houses Royal Pill Wine.

The Royal Pill House was just as crowded, there were barely any empty tables left, but it seems like their luck was good.

When they arrived, there was a good table close to the window.

Their orders were quickly placed; two jugs of Royal Pill Wine and some small side dishes.

Not wanting to attract attention, Huang Xiaolong did not request for the owner, Deng Caizhi.

Even after over twenty years, the Royal Pill Wine tasted just as intoxicating.

Nursing his wine cup, a notion came to him; if this Royal Pill Wine was made using one thousand kinds of saint grade and above spirit pellets, then perhaps he could use one thousand kinds of saint grade and above spirit pellets to create a variation of the Royal Pill Wine.

It would definitely surpass the Royal Pill Wine!

He himself was an Alchemist Grandmaster, not to mention the fact that the Hailstone and Xuanji Treasures didn\'t lack saint grade spirit pellets.

‘Looks like I really need to make some time to go check out the Thousand Worlds Treasure. Huang Xiaolong thought.

He remembered the Ascending Moon Old Man telling him that the Thousand Worlds Treasure contained a wealthy amount of sacred grade divine pellets, but after the old man gave him the Thousand Worlds jade token, he had yet to make the time to see the Thousand Worlds Sects treasure.

Two hours later, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei stepped out from the Royal Pill House, moving in the direction of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association Chief Chen Yes residence.

Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofeis arrival delighted Chen Ye as he warmly received them both, enthusiastically pulling Huang Xiaolong by the hand.

In the hall, he invited Huang Xiaolong to seat on the main host seat and Huang Xiaolong did not refuse.

Chen Ye was surprised after he heard Huang Xiaolongs purpose in coming to Royal Pill City, “The ingredients for refining Exalted Divinity Pellets that Senior Brother wants, we do have them in the Association, its just the stock for a few of them isn\'t too plentiful, probably enough for two or three batches.

Only the Heavenly Mountain can supply those several herbs!”

“Heavenly Mountain” Huang Xiaolongs eyes showed he was at a loss.

This was his first time hearing about this Heavenly Mountain.

Chen Ye nodded, “Yes, the Heavenly Mountain is not located within the Black Tortoise Galaxy, its in the White Tiger Galaxy, thats why Senior Brother has never heard of it before this.

Heavenly Mountain is the White Tiger Galaxys greatest mountain.

According to legend, it was a divine artifact left behind by a mighty Heavenly God master, containing numerous precious rare herb elixirs.

Some days ago, Master had departed to this Heavenly Mountain.”

Huang Xiaolong felt stirrings of shock in his heart.

The old man went to Heavenly Mountain

“Why did Master go there” Huang Xiaolong inquired, his instincts told him that the old man didnt go there for medicinal herbs.

Also, that Heavenly Mountain was actually a divine artifact left behind by Heavenly God master! Did this mean that above Highgod Realm was Heavenly God


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