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Chapter 750: If You Can Withstand One Palm Strike From Me

“Yes, Patriarch!” The Phoenix Clan’s Grand Elders all stood to their feet, respectfully acknowledging Huang Hongtian’s order and following behind him as he strode out to stop Huang Xiaolong and his demonic beasts in their tracks.

As per Huang Hongtian’s order, the entire Phoenix Clan on Phoenix Volcano from top to bottom tensed up in preparation, as if they were about to battle a mortal enemy.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong’s group was less than twenty thousand li away from Phoenix Volcano, getting closer by the hour.

Very soon, Huang Xiaolong’s group came across Huang Hongtian and the Phoenix Clan’s Grand Elders that came out to stop the uninvited guests.

With a quick glance over the Phoenix Clan group, Huang Xiaolong already noted Huang Hongtian and the Grand Elders’ strength.

Other than Huang Hongtian being an early First Order Highgod Realm, there were twenty-five Tenth Order God Realms; among these twenty-five, eight were late-Tenth Order God Realm, and four were peak late-Tenth Order God Realm.

Judging merely from strength, the group of demonic beasts behind him definitely held the upper hand over the Phoenix Clan’s Grand Elders.

And Huang Xiaolong himself could hold back Huang Hongtian.

After analyzing the situation, Huang Xiaolong was inwardly relieved.

If this was the full extent of the Phoenix Volcano’s Phoenix Clan, the amount of trouble was lesser than he expected.

Still, Huang Xiaolong dared not be negligent.

According to his estimation, the Phoenix Clan should have another Highgod Realm force behind it.

Both sides stopped a little distance away from each other in midair.

Huang Hongtian’s body exuded a faint godly aura.

His lofty gaze swept over the demonic beasts and fell on Huang Xiaolong and the Horned Fire Lion that he was riding on.

Huang Hongtian’s brows creased into deep furrows.

He recognized this Horned Fire Lion, it was the one from Firecloud Mountain that had already reached the borderline peak of God Realm; it was capable of breaking through to the Highgod Realm at any moment.

A stubborn beast that didn't leave Firecloud Mountain most of the time.

Yet, right in front of him, it had a human sitting on it, coming all the way to his Phoenix Volcano

These thoughts ran through Huang Hongtian’s mind at lightning speed, then he turned to Huang Xiaolong, “Little one, who are you Do you know that this Phoenix Volcano is my Phoenix Clan’s territory If you insist in continuing further, don’t blame me for killing you.”

The pressure from Huang Hongtian was fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

As long as Huang Xiaolong and his demonic beasts wanted to take another step forward, he would not hesitate to attack, killing Huang Xiaolong in one move!

Huang Xiaolong appeared indifferent, as if he did not hear Huang Hongtian’s threat, calmly retorting, “And who are you If you say that this Phoenix Volcano is your Phoenix Clan’s territory, then I say that this entire Fire World is my territory.”

The moment Huang Xiaolong finished, the Phoenix Clan’s Grand Elders were enraged.

A mere mid-Tenth Order God Realm human boy dared to speak to their Patriarch in this tone!

Unforgivable arrogance!

“Insolent boy, how dare to speak like that to our Patriarch!” A late-Tenth Order God Realm Phoenix Clan Grand Elder lost his temper and attacked.

His hand curled into a claw, closing in on Huang Xiaolong.

A shadow of a phoenix and a fiery red claw swooped down on Huang Xiaolong.

Flames took over the world.

The fire element energy in the surroundings roiled violently, influenced by the attack.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t even spare the attacker a side glance, retaliating with his palm.

Watching Huang Xiaolong’s action, all the Phoenix Clan Grand Elders shook their heads with mocking smiles, the same thought crossed their minds—this human overestimates his own strength.

After all, the difference in their cultivation was obvious.

Moreover, their Phoenix Clan’s most powerful weapon was none other than their Phoenix Fire Claw.

Being displayed by one of their own Phoenix Clan’s Grand Elders, forget a mid-Tenth Order God Realm human, even a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm demonic beast like that Horned Fire Lion would be hard-pressed to withstand this attack!

However, Huang Xiaolong’s seemingly casual palm strike actually dispersed the raging flames, but it did not stop there.

In the next second, the palm force struck the Phoenix Clan Grand Elder squarely on the chest.

A miserable wail rang in the air as Grand Elder was sent flying more than ten li, crashing into a small mountain peak, shattering it.

All the Phoenix Clan Grand Elders were dumbfounded watching this, unable to believe what they had just seen.

Including Huang Hongtian.

Although Huang Hongtian suspected that Huang Xiaolong may not be as simple as he seemed on the surface, he did not really place much importance on him either.

However, the sudden turn of events robbed Huang Hongtian of his ability to promptly respond.

Some time later, Huang Hongtian and the other Grand Elders finally got over their shock.

“Punk, you actually attacked and injured one of us, go die!!” A perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm of the Phoenix Clan was ired, killing intent thick in his eyes as he was about to attack. 

The others Grand Elders were also prepared to attack.

“Enough, all of you retreat!” Huang Hongtian’s majestic voice sounded.

Only then did the Phoenix Clan Grand Elders stop, yet their anger was still obvious, glaring unwillingly at Huang Xiaolong. 

Huang Hongtian looked at Huang Xiaolong and said, “Little guy, I can see that you have good talent, there’s hope for your to breakthrough to the Highgod Realm,” then he shook his head, “With a talent like yours, dying here would be a pity.

You haven’t broken through to the Highgod Realm, therefore you do not realize how big the gap between a Highgod Realm and a God Realm is.

It would be as easy as turning my palm over if I wanted to kill you.

So, I’m giving you another chance, retreat now or I can only kill you!”

Hearing this, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was snickering in contempt.

Even the Vermilion bird Institute Principal would have a hard time killing Huang Xiaolong, but this Phoenix Clan Patriarch actually said that killing Huang Xiaolong was as easy as turning his palm 

Huang Xiaolong questioned in return, “What if I win and you lose”

Huang Hongtian and the Grand Elders blanked for a second, then their rage rose to their heads.

Too arrogant!

What did this punk say just now! A mid-Tenth Order God Realm human was boasting about defeating their Patriarch Their Patriarch that had broken through to Highgod Realm!

This was simply not putting their Phoenix Clan in his eyes!

“Patriarch, let me kill this brat instead!” The Grand Elder that wanted to attack Huang Xiaolong earlier spoke with gritted teeth.

Huang Hongtian craned his neck a little, “No need,” and his cold glare once again focused on Huang Xiaolong, filled with boiling killing intent, “As long as you can withstand one palm from me, I’ll exempt you from the death penalty!”

Huang Xiaolong’s words had already touched his bottom line.

In a Highgod Realm master’s eyes, all below the Highgod Realm were ants.

An ant dared to taunt him

Looking at the other side’s killing intent, Huang Xiaolong shook his head,  “I want to enter the Phoenix Volcano to find something, if I manage to withstand this attack of yours, your Phoenix Clan will allow me entry into Phoenix Volcano.

Once I found what I’m looking for, I will lead my demonic beasts away from here.”

Before arriving at the Phoenix Volcano, Huang Xiaoling never wanted to create any conflict with the Phoenix Clan, it was best if things like that could be avoided.

Of course, at Huang Xiaolong’s current level of strength, he was not enough to fight the entire Phoenix Clan.

Then again, things would be different after he integrated with the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire.

At that time, after coming out from the Phoenix Volcano, he would tame all these phoenixes!

Hearing Huang Xiaolong say that he only wanted to enter Phoenix Volcano to search for something, Huang Hongtian and the Grand Elders were surprised.

“Fine, if you can withstand one palm strike from me, I’ll allow you to enter the Phoenix Volcano!” Huang Hongtian coldly agreed.

In his heart, he refused to believe that a mid-Tenth Order God Realm human could really withstand his attack.


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