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It was quite a while before the Ascending Moon Old Man stopped coughing, a complicated expression on his face as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

More time passed before the old man slowly spoke, “I say, you little bratty disciple, you knew this old mans heart is not good, I was nearly frightened to death because of you!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled despite the old mans scolding, “If you really can be frightened to death, then you wouldn\'t be the Ascending Moon Old Man.”

The first ranked on the God Ranking List sixty thousand years ago had a bad heart Who would believe this

On the hand other, Huang Xiaolong was curious about this old mans real strength.

Sixty thousand years ago, when the Ascending Moon Old Man grabbed the first place, the old man would at least be a Third Order Highgod Realm.

What about now, sixty thousand years later

Fourth Order or Fifth Order Highgod Realm

The Ascending Moon Old Man flashed a sheepish grin, “Didnt I say so in the past If that Xiang Mingzhi is able to obtain the Azure Dragon Divine Fire, why couldn\'t you get the other three divine fires See, I was right! Youve already integrated with the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fires!” At the mention of this, the old man sighed with envy, “You brat, your luck is so good that even this old man feels envious ah!”

Not only the Ascending Moon Old Man, anyone would be envious to death knowing this.

The legendary four great divine fires!

Being able to obtain one of the four was already the peak of ones luck, but this little brat actually obtained two divine fires!

Then the old mans attention once again fell on Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, Huang Hongtian, the three Peng brothers, and the Nine-Tailed White Fox.

“Seven Highgod Realm masters” With just a glance, the Ascending Moon Old Man saw through everyones cultivation.

Baffled, he looked at his disciple, “Brat, whats the story with these seven Highgod Realm masters Are they friends of yours” Before Huang Xiaolong could explain, the old man already shook his head, denying, “Your luck cant be this good, right Even Highgod Realm masters want to be your friend Dont you know, all God Realm cultivators are ants in the Highgod Realm masters eyes!”

At the end, the old mans tone was half joking and half serious.

Naturally, the old man would never guess that other than Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, the other six Highgod Realm masters were all Huang Xiaolongs subordinates.

Or more accurately, Huang Xiaolongs slaves.

Highgod Realm slaves!

Huang Xiaolong smiled mysteriously as he turned at the six Highgod Realm masters, “The six if you come here and greet my Master.” 

The Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the other five respectfully complied: “Yes, Master.” Then, right before the Ascending Moon Old Mans doubly shocked face, they greeted in an orderly manner, “Huang Yixiao, Huang Hongtian, Peng Dafei, Peng Erfei, Peng Xiaofei, Hu Xiaoxian, greets Senior Ascending Moon!”

When the six of them paid their respects, all of them spoke their real names and dared not used their titles.

The Ascending Moon Old Mans brain buzzed, staring agape at the six Highgod Realm masters.

“Y-you lot, what did you all said What did you call this brat Master I, I heard wrong, right” The Ascending Moon Old Man started another round of persistent and annoying questioning, occasionally digging his ears while mumbling, “Its gone bad, has this old man really gone old, my hearing has deteriorated to this degree”

Huang Xiaolong was speechless watching this, thus he could only make the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, Huang Hongtian, and the rest greet the old man again to prove that there was nothing wrong with his ears.

The Ascending Moon Old Man was dazed for a second before shrieking, “So, its not this old mans ears that have a problem, its you peoples brains that have a problem!”

A Highgod Realm powerhouse calling a God Realm cultivatorMaster, what was that if not a problem with their heads

Watching this old mans reaction, Huang Xiaolong completely ignored him, not interested in explaining at all.

So many years had passed, it could be said that he understood the old mans personality quite well.

The more he accompanied the old man to exchange nonsense, even more ridiculousness would come out from the old mans mouth.

Huang Xiaolong leaped into the air, flying toward the Huang Clan Manor with Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Phoenix Clan Ancestor, Huang Hongtian, and the others.

“I say, brat, where did you pick up these several Highgod Realm masters with brain problems” The Ascending Moon Old Man quickly caught up with Huang Xiaolong, asking, “Quick tell this old man, Ill go look for some!”

Hearing this, Huang Hongtian and the others nearly fell the ground, not knowing whether to laugh or be angry.

They were aware that this skinny old man was the person who held the most glorious position on the God Ranking List sixty thousand years ago, the Ascending Moon Old Man.

True to the legend, he was a bit crazy, a bit shameless, a little mischievous, and rumours said he was also a bit lecherous… The Nine-Tailed White Fox furtively concealed her voluptuous bosom.

“Go ask them.” Seeing the old man wasnt about to give up any time soon, Huang Xiaolong directly pointed at Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the others, throwing the old mans pestering to them. 

As expected, the Ascending Moon Old Man threw a flurry of questions at them.

The first victim was the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, Huang Yixiao.

The Phoenix Clan Ancestor dared not conceal anything, gritted his teeth and answered, “Answering Senior Ascending Moon, Im the Phoenix Clan Ancestor from the Vermilion Bird Galaxys Fire Worlds Phoenix Volcano.”

“Vermilion Bird Galaxy, Fire Worlds Phoenix Volcano” The Ascending Moon Old Man momentarily blanked, then muttered under his breath, “It has been more than fifty thousand years since I went to the Vermilion Bird Galaxys Fire World, if its like this, Ill drop by there later.”

Not far in front, Huang Xiaolong rolled his eyes, consciously shutting off his sense of hearing.

Moments later, they reached the Huang Clan Manor.

“Big brother!”

“Big Uncle!”

The second Huang Xiaolong appeared in the Huang Clan Manor, two voices called out to him.

Turning to look, who could they be but his brother Huang Xiaohai and nephew Guo Xiaofan.

A smile spread over his face.

Every time he returned, it was always these two that first noticed him.

Huang Xiaolong inwardly nodded.

Coming back this time, he noticed that the twos cultivation had risen by a rank.

Although all of his family members were provided with sacred and divine grade spirit pellets to aid their cultivation, and there was also the grand scale Spirit Amplifying Array that he arranged, if they did not make any effort, their cultivation wouldnt have improved this quick.

Not to mention, his familys talent wasnt good to begin with.

Inside the manor, Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the others heard Huang Xiaohai and Guo Xiaofans voices calling out and rushed out with joyful faces.

Shi Xiaofei was beside Su Yan.

When her beautiful eyes fell on Huang Xiaolong, they shone with tenderness.



“Lord Beast God!”

Everyone was calling out in excitement.

Huang Xiaolong grinned and nodded at them as he walked toward Huang Peng and Su Yans side, “Father, Mother.”

“Big brother, did you bring anything back for us this time” His sister, Huang Min asked, smiling brightly.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “There is, everyone has a share.”

Everyone was stunned, thinking to themselves ‘There really is 

Huang Xiaolong summoned the Godly Mt.

Xumi, then transferred all the demonic beasts as well as the Phoenix Clan out from its space.

Immediately, a phoenix aura surged out from the Huang Clan Manor, God Realm demonic beasts auras soared into the sky.

All the Huang Clan members were flabbergasted at the scene in front of them, more than ten thousand God Realm demonic beasts.

“Go pick one you like as a mount.” Huang Xiaolong was laughing softly as he said this.

Still, the Huang Clan members were far from recovering.

Huang Xiaohai and Guo Xiaofan were the first two to react, cheering at the top of their lungs and were also the first ones to rush into the herd of demonic beasts, looking for a demonic beast they liked.

Only then did Huang Min and the rest regain their senses, running into the demonic beast group while screaming in delight.


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