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Hearing the announcement, everyone couldnt help but turn toward the direction of the voice.

In the distance, a group of pretty young women, Saint Mother Yao Chis maids, dressed in elaborate attires were following behind a charming, dignified, and gentle like flowing young madam that looked about twenty-five to twenty-six of age.

This was Saint Mother Yao Chi

Appreciation shone in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, he didnt expect Saint Mother Yao Chi to be such a great beauty.

In terms of her features, she didn\'t lose to Shi Xiaofei at all.

In fact, Saint Mother Yao Chi had the allure of a matured woman that Shi Xiaofei lacked.

Seeing that Saint Mother Yao Chi had arrived, everyone stood up.

With floating petals and ethereal mist in the background, Saint Mother Yao Chi and her group of maids descended in front of the guests.

Saint Mother Yao Chi wore a warm smile on her face, greeting the guests that came from various places with a nod.

Although she was first on the God Ranking List in the second last term, she wasn\'t putting on a lofty attitude due to that.

The people she invited here today were all of high status from the four galaxies.

Those who came were mostly super forces Ancestors and Patriarchs.

After making a round greeting her guests, Saint Mother Yao Chi sat down on the lotus-shaped seat positioned at the center of the banquet venue.

Whether it was intentional or otherwise, her gaze fell on the opened spatial ring on the table in front of Feng Yang.

A faint smile bloomed on her lips as she looked at Feng Yang, “Black Warrior Institute Principal, so this your personal disciple, Huang Xiaolong” She glanced at Huang Xiaolong and then back at Feng Yang.

Feng Yang grinned, “I never expected that even Saint Mother knows of my unruly disciple.”

Hearing Saint Mother Yao Chi mentioning himself, Huang Xiaolong couldnt pretend to be deaf, thus he courteously cupped his fists at Saint Mother Yao Chi.

Saint Mother Yao Chi nodded, smiling amiably, “Though I rarely left the Great Lake World in the last ten thousand years, I have still heard the name of this terms Pill King.

Institute Principal Feng Yang indeed received a commendable disciple.”

Feng Yang chuckled in a good mood hearing that, saying a few polite words in return.

“Your Master Ascending Moon and I are also old friends.” Saint Mother Yao Chi once again turned to Huang Xiaolong, “Many years ago, Senior Ascending Moon gave me some pointers in alchemy refining.

In fact, I can be considered as Senior Ascending Moons half-disciple, so you should call me Senior Sister.”

Huang Xiaolong was stumped to the core.

Who knew there was this layer of connection between the Ascending Moon Old Man and Saint Mother Yao Chi.

He had never heard about it from the old mans mouth.

However, the main character of the banquet already said so, Huang Xiaolong could only brave forward:  “Senior Sister Yao Chi.”

At Huang Xiaolongs new greeting, Saint Mother Yao Chi nodded with a satisfied smile on her face.

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi was upset watching Huang Xiaolong and Saint Mother Yao Chi chatting happily.

His face was gloomy, but it wasnt appropriate of him to say anything.

At this time, Saint Mother Yao Chi suddenly turned her attention onto Qin Yi, saying, “About Institute Principal Qin and Institute Principal Fengs side bet, I also heard of it from my maid.

How about I join in the fun Both sides, regardless of which one loses, can have one hundred Amethyst Water Droplet Divine Pills refined by me.” Saint Mother Yao Chi waved her slender hand and a jade bottle appeared in the air.

The stopper on the jade bottle uncorked, releasing bright rays of amethyst light.

For the briefest second, everyones sight was obscured by the bright light.

When everyones eyes could see again, they saw that inside the jade bottle were many round pills that resembled crystals.

Each pill emitted a spiritual energy that enticed ones soul, unable to look away.

This was the legendary pill that was ranked above the Exalted Divinity Pellet, the Amethyst Water Droplet Divine Pill!

Everyones eyes sparkled looking at that jade bottle in the air.

Soon, these hot gazes turned to extreme envy.

“Of course, other than the Azure Dragon and Black Warrior Institutes, regardless of sect or family, whether you win or lose, anyone who battles above the stage will be given ten Amethyst Water Droplet Divine Pills.”

All the guests were whispering in excitement while the disciples trembled, raring to go onto the stage.

Saint Mother Yao Chis finger pointed at the void and a several hundred square meters stage appeared above the pond.

She then explained, “For the competing disciples, other than admitting defeat, falling out of the stage area is also considered a loss.” She went on stating other rules with a smile on her face.

These excited guests and their disciples naturally didnt mind whatever rules Saint Mother Yao Chi had.

Injuries and death were all too common in a stage battle.

The moment Saint Mother Yao Chi stopped speaking, the stage battle officially began.

However, no disciple rushed up to the stage.

Some time later, a gray shadow leaped up onto the stage.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed.

This gray shadow was the Jiang Family disciple who taunted him before, the fifth-ranked on the Highgod Advancement List, Jiang Hanzhi!

After landing on the stage above, Jiang Hanzhi stood with his hands behind his back, lofty and condescending.

His gaze swept over the other disciples below, stopping when it reached Huang Xiaolong, “I am the Black Tortoise Galaxys Jiang Hanzhi, which friend is willing to enlighten me” As he said this, his gaze kept returning to Huang Xiaolong back and forth.

“Ill come!” While Jiang Hanzhi was sending provocative look at Huang Xiaolong, a penetrating voice rang.

In the next moment, a burly middle-aged man leaped onto the stage.

The middle-aged man cupped his fists at Jiang Hanzhi, “Broken Sword Sect of White Tiger Galaxy, Jia Rong.

Please enlighten me.” With that said, sword light flashed and an ancient-looking broken sword appeared, hovering around him.

“The Broken Sword Sect, Ive long heard that no other force can compare to the Broken Sword Sects swordsmanship.” Jiang Hanzhi looked disinterested, “Dont say I didnt give you a chance, make the first move with your strongest sword attack.”

Although Jia Rong was a peak late-Tenth Order God Realm, Jiang Hanzhi didnt put this challenger in his eyes.

The Broken Sword Sects Jia Rong let out a furious roar: “Broken Sword Art!” The broken sword hummed sharply and sword qi pierced the sky as it shot toward Jiang Hanzhi.

Multiple sword qi rays flew at Jiang Hanzhi, but in a shocking turn, this sword qi suddenly broke in half midway.

Jiang Hanzhis hand extended, akin to a dragon flying out from the sea, springing forward.

All the remaining sword qi rays flew straight at Jiang Hanzhis right hand, but with a push of his palm, all the sword qi rays were directed back at Jia Rong.

The middle-aged Jia Rong was stunned, dodging here and there in panic.

Still, he was a step too late and was stabbed by the returning broken swords qi rays and fell off the stage with a large hole in his chest.

Blood kept flowing out nonstop.

The Broken Sword Sects masters were shocked, several of them dashed out to rescue Jia Rong.

Low gasps sounded from below, no one thought that Jiang Hanzhi would be so tyrannical, defeating the Broken Sword Sects Jia Rong in a single move.

Watching the result of this battle, Huang Xiaolong was indifferent as usual.

That time in the Heavenly Mountain, Huang Xiaolong ran into five Broken Sword Sects disciples that harbored ill-intentions toward Shi Xiaofei.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong didn\'t have any good impression of people from the Broken Sword Sect.

After defeating the Broken Sword Sects Jia Rong in one move, Jiang Hanzhis confidence burst through the roof, “Anyone else wants to come up”

No reaction came from the disciples below.

Jiang Hangzhi once again looked at Huang Xiaolong, but just as he was about to challenge Huang Xiaolong, another figure leaped onto the stage.

A wave of excitement swept over the crowd below, for the person who went on the stage was the Azure Dragon Institutes Lu Cong. 


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