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The hall fell into a heavy silence.

After a moment of silence, Saint Mother Yao Chi took out a piece of armor and a black halberd, saying, “This is an ancient divine armor I found in the past, called Glory of the Water God.

I am passing it to you as well.”

Huang Xiaolongs mouth moved, but no words were spoken, quietly receiving both the armor and black halberd.

Subsequently, Saint Mother Yao Chi also reminded Huang Xiaolong many other things, including where the Yaochi Sects treasury was and the secret method to open it.

A little over an hour later, feeling that she had nothing left to say to Huang Xiaolong, Saint Mother Yao Chi sounded jaded as she said, “You go back first.

Tomorrow, when its time for me to ascend, come see Master off.”

Huang Xiaolong stiffened, but he saluted then turned to leave.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs back as he left, a hint of sadness flickered in Saint Mother Yao Chis eyes.

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong, who already reached the door threshold, stopped and turned around facing Saint Mother Yao Chi.

Looking at her, Huang Xiaolong wavered.

“Youre really leaving” He paused, “What I mean is, you can stay a while longer.” Although Huang Xiaolong wasnt candid, nevertheless, his intention was clear.

Saint Mother was stunned, a bubble of delight rose in her heart.

However, she did not immediately answer Huang Xiaolong, hesitation and the desire to stay played tug-of-war in her heart.

It was obvious that Saint Mother Yao Chi dearly wanted to stay, but she had other concerns on her mind.

Huang Xiaolong did not say anything as he waited for Saint Mother Yao Chis decision.

A passing second felt like a day.

A while later, Saint Mother Yao sighed heavily inside as she shook her head, “If fate has it, us master and disciple will meet again in the Divine World.”

Huang Xiaolong stood at the door for a very long time before nodding slowly, indicating that he had heard Saint Mother Yao Chi, then he turned and left the hall.

If its fated What if there was no fate

The Divine World was vast and boundless.

If they were fated to meet again, when would that be

The hall was silent again.

Back in his courtyard, Huang Xiaolong leaped up and sat on the roof.

Somehow, he spent the night on the same spot until morning arrived and he headed toward Saint Mother Yao Chis yard.

When he arrived, Saint Mother Yao Chis thirty plus maids were already there.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong arrive, just like she had done so many times in the past year and a half, Saint Mother Yao Chi went and held Huang Xiaolongs hand with a gentle smile on her face.

After exhorting Huang Xiaolong about some of the things she already said yesterday, she summoned all her maids to her front, telling them to treat Huang Xiaolong as they had treated her after she ascends to the Divine World.

These maids were all orphans that Saint Mother Yao Chi had taken under her wing, and thus, her instructions were obeyed with the utmost respect.

Knowing that Saint Mother Yao Chi was going to ascend to the Divine World, each and every one of them had tears running down their cheeks, intermittent sobs and cries filled the yard.

After she finished what she wanted to say, Saint Mother Yao Chi turned and flew to the air, tore through space and disappeared.

A teardrop fell to the floor from above.

The maids cried even louder.

Huang Xiaolong remained standing where he was for a long time.

Gradually, the maids stopped crying and Huang Xiaolong ordered them, “Everyone, disperse.”

The maids wiped the tears off their faces and respectfully acknowledged his order, dispersing in different directions.

Several days later.

The Yaochi Mountain returned to its everyday quiet.

Huang Xiaolong readjusted his emotional state, then began attempting to find that legendary God of Lifes godhead in the Great Lake World using the Blood Sacrifice Law.

However, the result was disappointing.

After covering the entire Great Lake World, there wasn\'t the slightest indication of the God of Lifes godhead.

But he did find many other treasures hidden deep within the earth and unique spaces.

These treasures might be priceless in others eyes, they werent that useful to Huang Xiaolong.

Another month passed.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong decided to depart from Yaochi Mountain to search for the other sealed body parts of the Hundred Spirits Beast King.

Right now, there were less than a hundred years left to the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

Before that, he had to find all the remaining parts of the Hundred Spirits Beast King and refine them, then proceed to look for the White Tiger Divine Fire.

Other matters could be put away for the time being, and would have to wait until the Highgod Advancement Tournament ends.

In order to win the first place in the tournament, increasing his strength was in the top of the list for Huang Xiaolong!

As for Wang Na, the Jiang Family, Gudu Family, and the others, he would take care of them in one fell swoop after the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

By that time, he would have broken through to the Highgod Realm, and with the four divine fires in his hand, he need not be wary of that mysterious Great Lord.

Huang Xiaolong had all the maids of Yaochi Mountain gather before him, informing them that he would be away for some time.

They were to focus on their cultivation in the meantime.

As for the safety of Yaochi Mountain, it was an aspect he wasnt worried about.

When the ancient Seven Prism Illusion Array was activated at its full power, even First and Second Order Highgod Realm masters wouldn\'t be able to enter.

On top of that, these maids werent some weak and helpless damsels either.

All of their cultivations were at Tenth Order God Realm and above, a few of them could even be compared to the top ten on the Highgod Advancement List.

After exhorting them about a few things, Huang Xiaolong left Yaochi Mountain, exiting the Great Lake World.

Then, he flew toward the northern parts of the Azure Dragon Galaxy.

According to the Piercing Sky Beast Kings son, Liang Guang, the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body was sealed in four different world surfaces of the four galaxies.

One of them being the Dongtu World, located in the north of the Azure Dragon Galaxy.


With Huang Xiaolong flying his at top speed on the Mulberry Sword and transferring through different transmission arrays, three days later, he arrived at his destination: the Dongtu World at the far north of the Azure Dragon Galaxy.

Tearing the outer barrier of the Dongtu World, he entered its atmosphere.

High in the air, Huang Xiaolong determined his direction and flew toward the south.

According to his knowledge, the southern terrain consisted mostly of marshes, barren hills, and primeval forests where demonic beasts ran rampant.

In his opinion, a part of the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body was most likely sealed in the south side of the Dongtu World.

The potential problem were the powerful demonic beasts that resided inside the primeval forests.

More likely than not, there would be Highgod Realm demonic beasts present.

On top of that, in the barren hills close to these primeval forests was a cambion tribe, whose members were extremely hard to kill, and they could spew highly toxic poison.

Hence, despite having both the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fires as his trump cards, Huang Xiaolong darent attract any attention upon arriving at the south side of Dongtu World.

He carefully concealed his presence, flying low and careful.

Flying forward, Huang Xiaolong cautiously spread out his divine sense, everything within a ten thousand li radius showed clearly in his mind.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong noticed that several thousand li farther ahead was a group of demonic beast clan masters flying in panic in his direction.

Pursuing behind them was a strange human-shaped creature covered in black fur, with dark green pupils.

But that strange human-shaped beasts movements were slow, therefore the group of demonic beast clan masters easily outran the strange creature after some time.

“His mother, what **ty luck! Why did we run into these cambions” After shaking off the strange creatures pursuit, one of the demonic beast clan masters fumed.

“That Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body part couldnt have been sealed here! Weve been searching for over a dozen years, if it was really here in the south, how come we didnt find any clues after so long!”

 “Whether it was sealed in the primeval forests or barren hills, this is the Piercing Sky Beast Kings order.

If we fail to find the whereabouts of the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings sealed body part, we need not return to see him.” Another one snapped, “Move your asses, find it!”

“Yes, Lord Commander!”

The group of dozen demonic beast clan masters flew again, continuing their search, when a blinding sword light flashed past.

These demonic beast clan masters froze in the air for an instant before plummeting to the ground from high air, their heads separating from their bodies.

Only the Commander remained. 

In a split second, the Commander recovered from his shock, immediately turning around to flee.

Huang Xiaolongs figure appeared.

Seeing that the demonic beast clan Commander wanted to flee, a powerful suction force came from his hand, pulling the Commander to Huang Xiaolongs front.


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