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The two Green Icemen obediently remained where they were in apprehension.

When they saw Huang Xiaolong appear, inexplicably, their hearts jumped.

When their gazes fell onto the black godhead in Huang Xiaolongs hand, their faces tightened and paled, fear in their eyes.

Above all that was denial.

That black godhead was without a doubt the Evil Ghost Ancestors!

The Evil Ghost Ancestor was dead!

He was really killed by Huang Xiaolong, killed by a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm that was no different than an ant in their eyes!

The two of them really couldnt believe, and it was even harder for them to accept this result.

Huang Xiaolong stopped in front of the two Green Icemen, his aloof voice sounded in their ears, “Thats right, the Evil Ghost Ancestor is dead, I killed him.

Now, Im giving both of you two choices; the first choice is to submit to me with the condition of letting me brand your souls with a soul mark.

Naturally, even after you submit to me, the stated condition remains valid, every year I will provide each of you one hundred high divine grade spirits stones.

Second choice, follow in the Evil Ghost Ancestors footsteps and die.”

Huang Xiaolongs tone sounded as if he was talking about the fine weather, but the two Green Icemens expressions were as ugly as they could be.

Fury erupted in their hearts.

Huang Xiaolong actually wanted them to lower their soul barrier and allow him to taint their souls with his soul mark!

They had considered submitting, but branding their souls was out of the question!

The brothers eyes flickered with hesitation, anger, and a cold gleam.

Huang Xiaolong watched their everchanging expressions and inwardly sneered.

He looked in the direction of the Huang Clan Manor, “All of you, come join us.”

When the two Green Icemen were confused by Huang Xiaolongs words, several voices sounded at the same time, “Yes, Master!”

Following these voices, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor Huang Yixiao, Phoenix Clan Patriarch Huang Hongtian, the three Peng brothers, and the Nine-Tailed White Fox appeared before the two Green Icemen.

More accurately, the six of them encircled the Green Icemen in the middle.

Watching six Highgod Realm masters suddenly appear, the two Green Icemen were astounded.


Regardless of who it was, seeing six Highgod Realm masters actually greet Huang Xiaolong as master would shock them beyond words.

A long time later, the two Green Icemen gradually regained their senses.

Initially, their plan was to catch Huang Xiaolong off guard and attack him, finding a chance to escape.

However, when the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the other Highgod Realm masters appeared, it completely cut off all thoughts of escaping.

With six Highgod Realm masters watching them, adding a golden divine dragon that was at least a late-Second Order Highgod Realm, there was no way theyd be able to escape.

Still, they were unwilling to be controlled by Huang Xiaolong without resisting.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry as he waited for their final answer, he had already rearranged the God Restricting Golden Silkthread Rope with the two of them as the center, therefore he wasn\'t worried about them escaping.

More time passed.

After struggling back and forth emotionally and mentally, both Green Icemen chose to submit to Huang Xiaolong in the end.

Hearing their decision to submit, a radiant smile spread over Huang Xiaolongs face.

These two Green Icemen were also peak late-First Order Highgod Realm like the dead Evil Ghost Ancestor.

Together, they were definitely stronger than that Evil Ghost Ancestor.

With their addition, Huang Xiaolongs forces became stronger.

Huang Xiaolong didnt forget to brand their soul with his soul mark.

However, he had everyones mouth sealed regarding the death of the Evil Ghost Ancestor being related to him as to not leak the news to the outside world.

Soon, three months went by.

In these three months, those Ancestors and old monsters who were into seclusion within the four galaxies rushed to Martial Spirit World.

Most of them had the same idea as the Evil Ghost Ancestor, prideful and rampant.

The moment they arrived, each of them haughtily demanded an amount of high divine spirit stones that Huang Xiaolong must immediately give to them.

Just like the Evil Ghost Ancestor before them, a few wanted to use the Huang Family members to threaten Huang Xiaolong to hand over treasure.

Toward people with this particular attitude, half of the time Huang Xiaolong opted to kill them.

Some begged Huang Xiaolong to spare their lives, willing to let him brand their souls so that he could control them.

Only a small number sincerely came to serve Huang Xiaolong.

These people were naturally warmly welcomed, but even so, Huang Xiaolong was no fool to agree to whatever price they asked for.

For the people who sincerely came to serve, Huang Xiaolong drew up blood contracts with them with a hundred years of service as the minimum duration.

Both sides who signed the blood contract would also make an oath bound by heavenly law.

Whichever side violated the blood contract would suffer heavenly laws punishment, resulting in a backlash in cultivation.

After the blood contract and oath were completed, according to the agreement valid for one hundred years, First Order Highgod Realm masters would receive ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones and Second Order twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones.

In three months, Huang Xiaolong made a total of nine blood contracts—nine Highgod Realm masters! Amongst them, eight people were First Order and one person Second Order Highgod Realm!

Of those Ancestors and old monsters who came with the same intention as the Evil Ghost Ancestor, rampant and overbearing, thirteen died in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

Other than that, seven First Order and two Second Order Highgod Realm masters were willing to allow Huang Xiaolong to brand their souls!

Hence, in a short three months time, Huang Xiaolong had sixteen new Highgod Realm subordinates! With three of them being Second Order Highgod Realm masters!

Adding Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, and the remaining five, twenty-three Highgod Realm masters were now at Huang Xiaolongs side! Second Order masters stood at four!

Such a force was sufficient to flatten any one of the Black Tortoise Galaxys super families.

These Highgod Realm masters who came to work for Huang Xiaolong were mostly rogue cultivators.

Highgod Realm Ancestors and Patriarchs of prominent families needed to consider the implication and benefits to their families.

The Gudu Family, for example; if the Gudu Familys Ancestor entered into a servitude agreement with Huang Xiaolong, it would appear that the Gudu Family as a whole had submitted to him.

The benefits and influence of such action were too broad, hence, as lucrative and tempting Huang Xiaolongs conditions were, no super families Ancestors or Patriarchs would come here.

At the end of the third month, Huang Xiaolong ordered the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the others to release the news of him killing the Evil Ghost Ancestor and, at the same time, announce the names of the nine Ancestor-level Highgod Realm masters who signed a blood contract with him.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong only announced the names of the masters who signed a blood pact.

As for Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Phoenix Clan Ancestor, and the remaining five, they were kept a secret.

Even so, when Huang Xiaolong disclosed the names to the outside world, it struck the four galaxies like a giant thunderbolt.

Within the Black Warrior Institutes Wuhuang Peak.

“What did you say There are already nine Highgod Realm masters who signed blood contracts with Huang Xiaolong!” Wang Nas temper flared, yelling in rage, glaring at the Black Warrior Institute Elder He Zhiwu who came to report this matter to her.

“That is so, Vice-Principal.

The news has spread and has already been confirmed as true.” He Zhiwu continued hesitantly, “The blood contracts that Huang Xiaolong signed with them are valid for a hundred years.”

Wang Nas expression was distorted by her turmoil emotions, “I dont believe this, impossible! How can Huang Xiaolong that stray dog have so many high divine grade spirit stones!”

He Zhiwu was careful, glancing at Wang Na furtively, “This subordinate also finds it hard to believe, but this is true.

Immediately after signing the blood contract, Huang Xiaolong gave the First Order Highgod Realm masters ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones, and twenty thousand spirit stones to all Second Order Highgod Realm masters.

Wang Na returned to her seat woodenly, when all of a sudden, she jumped to her feet again.

Her eyes had a crazy look in them.

Her hand swung in the air, sending the furniture in the hall flying.

“No, no, impossible, impossible!!” She roared, as if to convince herself of something.



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