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The torn space did not mend itself.

It spread until it reached several hundred li before stopping.

Chaotic space currents flowed out from the black hole, engendering a radius of a thousand li to be filled with destructive chaotic space currents.

Some time later, the black hole gradually shrunk and the chaotic currents disappeared.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes shone with joy.

The fact that refining the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head actually enhanced his soul force to such a degree was an unexpected boon.

On top of that, he had gained a powerful soul ability.

His soul attacks could now actually materialize in the real world.

Soul force originally had neither shape nor form.

Even though cultivators that trained in soul techniques could attack using their soul force, it could only attack their opponents soul, an invisible method of attack.

Which was why a tangible attack was vastly different.

Now, Huang Xiaolong was able to use his soul force to shatter a thousand zhang tall mountain.

That black hole just now was Huang Xiaolong employing his soul force, forcefully tearing the fabric of space.

Huang Xiaolong stood up, then looked at the giant altar below.

Circulating his true immortal essence force, he stomped his foot down.

The altar below that used to seal the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head quivered, then it cracked from the center.

Deep cracks spread like spider webs all the way to the edges of the altar.

Booming sounds echoed as the altar crumbled to the ground.

Huang Xiaolong didn\'t know what material the altar was made of.

It was extremely hard, an object that had remained for an unknown number of years inside this gray space.

Yet, it crumbled under Huang Xiaolongs foot!

Looking at the pieces of the crumbled altar, he nodded with satisfaction.

Although he managed to stop his soul sea from condensing a godhead, suppressing his cultivation at perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm, his strength had undergone immeasurable changes.

He had become three times stronger than before, maybe more.

Now, if he came across Highgod Realm masters like the Evil Ghost Ancestor, he could easily kill them instead of going through a strenuous battle.

Huang Xiaolongs figure sped away, flying out of the gray space through the earth toward the surface.

Barely using any effort, the earth seemed to separate, making a path for him.

His speed going up to the surface exceeded his previous speed when he came down.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong broke past the Death God Lakes surface, hovering in the air.

The gray demonic qi around the Death God Lake had dispersed.

Towering old trees and plants were destroyed and giant fissures created zig-zagged patterns across the land.

With a single look, he knew that the surroundings destruction was caused by the shockwaves from his battle with the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings head. 

Huang Xiaolong determined his direction and flew toward the outer area of the Beast Mountain Range.

A while later he was out from the mountain range, heading toward the Sea of Flowers Worlds transmission array.

Huang Xiaolongs current speed, even without flying on a sword, was faster than any peak late-First Order Highgod Realm master.

His figure was nothing but a streak of light in the air.

Even a late-First Order Highgod Realm master could merely catch the tail of a blurred image.

No more than fifteen minutes later, Huang Xiaolong lightly descended before a city gate.

This was the Sea of Flowers Worlds biggest city, Sea Flower City.

The Sea of Flowers Worlds transmission array was located inside this city.

Entering the Sea Flower City, Huang Xiaolong passed by a restaurant as he was heading to the transmission array.

Out of impulse, he stepped in and ordered a jug of wine and some side dishes.

Sitting down, he pondered and planned his next move.

According to Liang Guangs memories, the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings last sealed location was in the White Tiger Galaxy, in a place called Devil Domain.

This Devil Domain was a big mainland floating in the White Tiger Galaxy, with a land area even bigger than the Black Tortoise Galaxys Cloudsea Mainland.

In that place, numerous cultivators dabbling in devil techniques were present.

It was the fulcrum of the White Tiger Galaxys devil cultivators.

Devil cultivators were more often than not bloodthirsty characters due to their cultivation techniques, and thus, killing and slaughter was common on the Devil Domain Mainland.

Alone, not even a First Order Highgod Realm dared to venture in carelessly.

“Rumours say that, a few days ago, the White Tiger Institute Principals personal disciple Wan Zhenxings cultivation broke through to the Highgod Realm!”

“What This terms Highgod Advancement Tournament is definitely more exciting than previous ones!”

“But there are also Xiang Mingzhi and Huang Xiaolong, two freak geniuses, in this terms tournament.

Im afraid its impossible for others who want to take the first place.

Neither He Feifan nor Wan Zhenxing are a match for them.”

“What do you guys think, between Xiang Mingzhi and Huang Xiaolong, who is stronger”

“My bet is on Xiang Mingzhi.

He is already a Highgod Realm master, but more importantly, his godhead is the only top rank ten godhead in the four galaxies that has ever appeared, and theres also his Azure Dragon Divine Fire! Though recently there are rumors spreading around that Huang Xiaolong killed the Evil Ghost Ancestor and a few other infamous Highgod Realm masters, at the end of the day, those are only rumors and cannot be taken as the truth!”

While Huang Xiaolong was pondering about the Devil Domain Mainland, at the table next to his were several disciples from various families of the Sea of Flowers World talking excitedly.

As the day of the Highgod Advancement Tournament grew closer, talks about it grew increasingly frequent, so much that one could almost hear discussions about it almost everywhere in the four galaxies.

Naturally, the top ten names on the Highgod Advancement List such as Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Mingzhi, He Feifan, Wan Zhenxing, and Wan Long were hot topics.

Huang Xiaolong was a little surprised when he heard that the White Tiger Institute Principals personal disciple had also stepped into the Highgod Realm.

He didnt have a deep impression of this Wan Zhenxing, merely catching a glimpse of him during the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition long ago; tall and muscular, with palms bigger than the average person.

His poured more wine into the cup as he listened to the discussion at the nearby table.

He didnt mind them saying that Xiang Mingzhi had a higher chance than him in taking the first place.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong left the restaurant, arriving at the Sea Flower Citys transmission array.

He paid the fees in Xuanwu coins and headed back to Martial Spirit World.

Before he went to the Devil Domain Mainland, he wanted to check on the Huang Clan Manors current situation.

This time, he was away for almost twenty years.

A day later, Huang Xiaolong was back in Martial Spirit World.

The moment he stepped out from the transmission array, the rich and abundant spiritual energy was immediately obvious.

After twenty years passed, Martial Spirit Worlds spiritual energy had once again improved.

Now, it had already surpassed the Cloudsea Mainland.

Huang Xiaolong was very satisfied with this result although he had expected it.

Arriving back at the Huang Clan Manor, Huang Xiaolong noticed that the spiritual energy here was even richer, more abundant, like tiny dew drops.

Right above the Huang Clan Manor, the dense spiritual energy formed clouds.

From a distance, the Huang Clan Manor was akin to an immortal palace in old myths.

The manor, from top to bottom, was filled with cheers and joy at Huang Xiaolongs return.

Watching his family circling around him, talking nonstop, Huang Xiaolong was helpless.

Especially his parents, Huang Peng and Su Yan, asking this and that to the point where Huang Xiaolong didn\'t know how to answer.

Only Shi Xiaofei held back, standing a few feet away with a smile on her face.

There was only Huang Xiaolong reflected in her beautiful eyes.

“Big brother, this time youll be staying for some time, right Big sister-in-law misses you every day.” His sister Huang Min said.

Huang Xiaolong was caught off guard by the question and could only nod in answer.

Hearing Huang Min call herbig sister-in-law, Shi Xiaofei blushed shyly.


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