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Chapter 82: Roll Out Here!


When Huang Peng heard Huang Xiaolong’s words, he smiled weakly, and exerted great effort to talk, his voice sounded small and weak, “Xiaolong, Dad is alright; really!”

Huang Peng’s words only served to make Huang Xiaolong’s heartache increased; alright Injured to this extent Dad actually insisted that he is alright!

“Mom, who injured Dad Who did it, tell me!” Huang Xiaolong turned to the side, demanding an answer from Su Yan.

Su Yan hesitated; her eyes still red and swollen from crying.

“Xiaolong, you quickly leave! Leave Huang Clan Manor!” Huang Peng suddenly urged.

“Yes ah, Xiaolong, quickly leave Huang Clan Manor, the faster the better!”  Su Yan agreed, compelling her son.

Leave Huang Clan Manor! Huang Xiaolong was stunned, and a possibility crossed his mind; enraged, he asked, “Dad, is it Huang Ming”

A trace of panic emerged in Huang Peng and Su Yan’s eyes, both refusing to answer.

Huang Ming! Really, it was him!


Seeing his parents’ reaction, Huang Xiaolong knew he had guessed correctly.

A fire of fury burned in his heart, and a killing intent flashed across his pupils and disappeared just as fast.

He turned around wanting to leave the room.

“Xiaolong!” Su Yan grabbed Huang Xiaolong’s hand, crying, she shook her head, “Don’t go, don’t go to the Northern Courtyard.

Huang Wei’s brother, Huang Jun came back! Along with Huang Jun is his master, the Big Sword Sect’s Sect Leader Liu Wei!”

“Big Sword Sect’s Sect Leader Liu Wei!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Yes; in fact, your Dad was wounded by Liu Wei.

That Liu Wei is a Xiantian realm expert!” Su Yan sobbed and choked as she told what happened, “Two days ago, Huang Jun came back and found out that you broke Huang Wei’s hands and legs during last year’s Clan Assembly, and that Senior Fei Hou wounded Huang Ming.

That was why, the day before yesterday Huang Jun, Huang Ming and Huang Wei brought that Liu Wei over to the Eastern Courtyard!”

Su Yan stopped here but anyone could have guessed what took place after that.

“Huang Wei also kicked your little sister!” Su Yan cried even louder thinking of her daughter’s tragic situation.

“Huang Jun, Huang Ming, and Huang Wei even said, when you come back, they will clear the debt with you and Senior Fei Hou.

Xiaolong, you must quickly leave Huang Clan Manor with Senior Fei Hou! Otherwise, when they know you came back, it will be too late!”

“Huang Jun, Huang Ming, Huang Wei, Liu Wei!” A sharp, piercing light gleamed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes; turning around, he looked at Marshal Haotian behind him, “Do you know this Big Sword Sect’s Sect Leader Liu Wei”

“Replying Young Master, although that Big Sword Sect’s Sect Leader Liu Wei is a Xiantian realm expert, he is only a Xiantian First Order.

He had just advanced a few years ago.”

The Big Sword Sect was a sect from the neighboring Baolong Kingdom; Liu Wei as the Sect Leader was, of course, something Marshal Haotian had knowledge of.

However, they have never met each other face to face.

“Xiantian First Order.” Huang Xiaolong smirked.

It was at this moment that Huang Peng and Su Yan noticed Marshal Haotian’s presence in the room.

Young Master Could he be Xiaolong’s new slave

But both of them did not overthink this matter; Huang Peng looked anxiously at Fei Hou, “Senior Fei Hou, I beg you, protect Xiaolong and leave Huang Clan Manor quickly before it is too late!”



At the same time in the Northern Courtyard.

A Huang Clan Manor guard came to report Huang Xiaolong’s return to the trio of father and sons, Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei.

After hearing the report, Huang Wei broke out in happy laughter, “Haha, that little doggie Huang Xiaolong, and dog slave Fei Hou really came back! This time, I want to see if they are so lucky and could escape this!” As he said this, he looked over at Huang Jun, “Big Brother, later, don’t kill that dog slave Fei Hou; first, destroyed his and Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation, and then break every bone in their bodies ruthlessly!”

“As for that little doggie Huang Xiaolong, he actually dared to break my hands and legs, I want him to suffer ten times, a hundred times worse!”

A bloodthirsty light burned in Huang Wei’s eyes.

Huang Jun looked at his brother and replied, “Rest assured, I won’t let that dog slave Fei Hou die so comfortably.

At that time, Huang Xiaolong and that Fei Hou’s cultivation will be destroyed, as for how to deal with them after that, I’ll leave it to Dad and you to decide!” He stood up after reassuring Huang Wei: “I’m going to request Master over now!”

Huang Ming nodded his head.

Thus, Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei left the main hall to ‘invite’ Liu Wei.

While the trio went to see Liu Wei, Huang Qide also got the news of Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s return.

Seated on a chair, he sighed, and to Chen Ying, he said, “Come, let’s make a trip to the Eastern Courtyard.”

Minutes later, Huang Qide and Chen Ying arrived in the Eastern Courtyard and coincidentally bumped into three people who just came out – Huang Xiaolong, Marshal Haotian, and Fei Hou.

Seeing Huang Qide, Huang Xiaolong’s gaze was icy-cold.


Earlier, when Su Yan was retelling what happened; Su Yan said two days ago, when Huang Qide found out it was Liu Wei who injured his father, Huang Qide actually smiled cordially at Liu Wei and said his father ought to be taught a lesson!


Huang Xiaolong’s eyes were like knives falling on Huang Qide’s body.

Having a guilty conscience, Huang Qide dared not meet Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.


Suddenly, loud clamoring noises were heard outside the courtyard.

“Little doggie Huang Xiaolong, I know you and that dog of a slave Fei Hou is back, roll out here!”

This was Huang Wei’s voice.

The coldness in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes dropped a few celsius lower; he had planned to go over to the Northern Courtyard, didn’t expect they would rush over here first.

This father and sons trio truly can’t wait to see him ah!

But, it isn’t bad this way, saved him the effort to walk over there.

He turned towards Fei Hou saying, “Someone told us to roll out ya, let’s go.

Since some people can’t wait to see us, we shouldn’t let others down!”

“Yes, Young Master!” Fei Hou and Marshal Haotian agreed respectfully.

The three of them brushed past Huang Qide and Chen Ying, walking out from the courtyard.

While the ashamed Huang Qide said to Chen Ying, “Come on, we are also going out.” Both of them followed behind Huang Xiaolong’s group of three, exiting the yard.



Appearing on the outer perimeter of the Eastern Courtyard, Huang Xiaolong immediately saw Huang Ming, Huang Wei, and Huang Jun standing outside.

It has been close to three years since Huang Xiaolong last saw Huang Jun.

Despite that, with just one look Huang Xiaolong could recognize him without difficulty; apart from his height and body, there weren't many changes to his facial features.

Standing one step in front of the three was a strangely dressed middle-aged man.

This person should be Huang Jun’s Master, Big Sword Sect’s Sect Leader, Liu Wei!

When Huang Ming, Huang Wei, and Huang Jun saw Huang Xiaolong appeared, Huang Wei instantly smirked, “Little doggie Huang Xiaolong, you didn’t expect us to come over so fast right.”

Listening to Huang Wei’s callous and disrespectful words, Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou was about to rush out in anger to teach that brat a lesson but Huang Xiaolong lifted his hand and stopped both of them.

He looked at Huang Wei and sneered, “I really didn’t expect you all would rush here to die so anxiously!”

Huang Wei was furious, but Huang Jun spoke faster than him, “Huang Xiaolong, this is my Master Liu Wei.

My Master Liu Wei is Big Sword Sect’s Sect Leader, a Xiantian realm expert!” His eyes swept over Fei Hou behind Huang Xiaolong, he scoffed “He is that dog slave Fei Hou You think with a tagalong peak late-Tenth Order warrior dog slave you can be arrogant and invincible in this world Let me tell you, in front of my Master, that dog slave servant of yours doesn’t even qualified as a dog!”

Just as Huang Jun finished his words, Huang Qide walked out from the Eastern Courtyard entrance with Chen Ying.

Seeing Huang Qide, Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei were stunned; Huang Qide being here in the Eastern Courtyard at this time was truly out of their expectation.


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