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Knowing that the four hegemonic powers of the Devil Domain Mainland would gather to open the Devil Cave in a years time, Huang Xiaolong stayed in West Raven City.

He focused on his cultivation as he waited for the day of the Devil Caves opening.

One year was neither long nor short, but it quickly passed by.

In this one year, Huang Xiaolong continued to absorb Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird star force to temper his physical body, enhancing his True Dragon Physiques defenses and attack power by a large degree.

His true immortal essence force and Asura god battle qi surged endlessly, inexhaustible. 

In this one years time, Huang Xiaolong also allocated time to refining some Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellets and Amethyst Water Droplet Divine Pills.

When there were three days left until the opening of the Devil Cave, Huang Xiaolong left West Raven City.

He needed to determine which forces Patriarchs and Chiefs would be following the four hegemonic powers into the Devil Cave.

Once he determined their identities, he would be able to select his target, kill them, and then replace them in entering the Devil Cave. 

After inquiring around, Huang Xiaolong decided on the Hundred Devils Gates Patriarch, Bai Zhisheng.

The reason for his choice was that Bai Zhisheng was also a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm cultivator, the same cultivation realm as himself, and understood more about the Hundred Devils Gate after soul-scouring the two Hundred Devils Gate disciples.

Another reason being that the Hundred Devils Gates headquarters was the closest to West Raven City.

After deciding on the Hundred Devils Gate Patriarch Bai Zhisheng as his target, Huang Xiaolong flew toward the sects headquarters.

Arriving in close proximity to the Hundred Devils Gate headquarters, Huang Xiaolong secretly spread out his divine sense and soon located Patriarch Bai Zhisheng, who was cultivating in an underground secret chamber.

Upon entering the secret chamber, with almost no effort at all, he killed the Hundred Devils Gate Patriarch Bai Zhisheng.

Although Bai Zhisheng was at the same cultivation realm as him and cultivated a powerful devil sutra, in front of Huang Xiaolong, Bai Zhisheng did not have the slightest power to resist.

Before killing him, Huang Xiaolong scoured Bai Zhishengs soul.

From his memories, he came to know that, among the Ghost Demon Valleys liege forces, other than the Hundred Devils Gate Patriarch Bai Zhisheng who would be following the Ghost Demon into the Devil Cave, there were eighteen more people.

All of them must gather outside the Devil Cave the day after tomorrow.

There was ample time before the gathering, therefore Huang Xiaolong stayed in the secret chamber under the Hundred Devils Gate to familiarize himself with Bai Zhishengs personality before altering his own features and physical body to Bai Zhishengs.

When morning came, Huang Xiaolong departed from the secret chamber, heading to the Devil Cave.

A day later, Huang Xiaolong arrived at his destination, the Devil Cave.

By the time he arrived, there was already a large group of devil sect Patriarchs and Chiefs waiting on the wide open space in front of the Devil Cave.

Among these devil sect Patriarchs and Chiefs, the weakest ones were still at peak late-Tenth Order God Realm.

Just asBai Zhisheng arrived, he immediately felt a strong killing intent directed at him.

This killing intent was almost tangible as if it wanted to tear Huang Xiaolong into a million pieces to vent this persons wrath.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze traced the source of the killing intent to a middle-aged man clad in a skeleton robe at the other end of the field.

He had black patterns all over his skin and was fixing a deathly cold glare at Huang Xiaolong.

Seeing this middle-aged man, Huang Xiaolong slightly frowned.

Through Bai Zhishengs memories, he found this middle-aged man to be the Chief of a sect called Skeleton Sect, named Mo Leng.

This Mo Lengs Skeleton Sect was one of the forces that swore allegiance to Crimson Devil Citys Crimson Devil and had a deep grudge with Bai Zhisheng.

There was a time in the past where Bai Zhisheng and this Mo Leng were competing for a Demonic Devil Bead, resulting in countless Hundred Devils Gate and Skeleton Sect masters death, causing blood to flow like a river.

Amongst those who died in Bai Zhishengs hand was Mo Lengs female companion.

And, the Demonic Devil Bead of that time also fell into Bai Zhishengs hand.

From then on, Mo Leng was the person who wanted Bai Zhisheng dead the most.

A moment later, the frown on Huang Xiaolongs forehead smoothened.

Even though this Mo Leng was a bit stronger than Bai Zhisheng, to Huang Xiaolong, Mo Leng was not a threat at all.

Of course, if this Mo Leng didn\'t know how to control himself after entering the Devil Cave, hindering him from searching for the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body, he would quicklysolve this Mo Leng problem.

Toward these devil cultivators, Huang Xiaolong had no humane feelings to spare.

As time trickled by, more and more devil cultivators arrived at the field, somewhere around one hundred and ten people.

With no exception, each of these people were infamous devils of the Devil Domain Mainland.

All of a sudden, more than a dozen whelming divine mights enveloped the square.

Under these frightening divine mights, all the devil cultivators on the square revealed fear and apprehension on their faces, hurrying to kneel.

Huang Xiaolong immediately understood, this meant that Crimson Devil, Gaunt Devil, Ghost Demon, and the other heads had arrived.

Imitating the other cultivators, he lowered himself to the ground with a fearful expression.

“Hahahaha, Ghost Demon, havent seen you in a thousand years, but it seems your Ghost Demon Cultivation didnt improve much ah.” A complacent laughing voice resounded in the air.

Huang Xiaolong and the other devil cultivators knelt on the field with their heads lowered.

Listening to the voice, he knew it belonged to Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian.

“Hehe, same same, I dont see much improvement in your Crimson Heart Devil Technique either.” A hoarse voice retorted.

In the next second, twenty-two figures whistled through space, descending in front of the Devil Cave entrance.

“All of you may rise.” Crimson Devil said, looking at the devil cultivators kneeling on the field.

Ghost Demon, Flaming Devil, and Gorb Fiend also said the same to the devil cultivators under them.

Huang Xiaolong stood up, the corner of his eye taking a quick glance at the Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian clad in a crimson brocade robe.

Behind Crimson Devil was Gaunt Devil Shi Jiuxin, as well as the other three Devils of Crimson Devil City. 

Beside Crimson Devil was a slightly rounded old man in a garnet-colored robe.

According to Bai Zhishengs memories, this rounded old man was the Ghost Demon Valleys Master, Pan Hai.

Behind Ghost Demon Pan Hai also stood four people, Ghost Demons four mighty Grand Enforcers.

All four of them were First Order Highgod Realm masters and above.

On the other side, next to Crimson Devil, was a thin old man that emitted a faint dark violet flame from his entire body.

Looking at this thin old man, Huang Xiaolongs pupils shrunk.

This thin old man was none other than Devil Domain Mainlands strongest person, acknowledged by everyone, nicknamed Flaming Devil.

He was Ruan Ji, the Flaming Devil Sects Sovereign, possessing unfathomable strength. 

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was a peak late-Second Order Highgod Realm master, extremely close to breaking through to Third Order, but Huang Xiaolong keenly sensed that this Flaming Devil Ruan Ji was slightly above the old dragon, just a little bit.

Beside Flaming Devil Ruan Ji was the Gorb Fiend Houses Master, Wang Han.

He was hidden entirely underneath a large black cloak, leaving only a pair of visible green eyes.

While Huang Xiaolong was secretly observing the four hegemonic powers leaders, Shi Jiutian, Pan Hai, Ruan Ji, and Wang Han each took out a stone sigil key about the size of two palms.

Then, they seemed to be chanting some kind ancient devil mantra to merge the four stone sigils, causing them to fly toward a patterned stone notch in front of the Devil Cave.

Just as the stone sigils entered the stone notch, the wall of light sealing the Devil Caves entrance gradually dimmed and lastly disappeared.

Shi Jiutian, Pan Hai, Ruan Ji, and Wang Han each collected their own stone sigil.

Then, Flaming Devil Ruan Ji led the Flaming Devil Sect and its forces into the Devil Cave, followed by Ghost Demon Valleys forces.

After Ghost Demon Valleys five Highgod Realm masters entered the Devil Cave, Huang Xiaolong and other forces under Ghost Demon Valley followed inside.

The moment Huang Xiaolong entered the Devil Cave, demonic devil qi rushed past his body like fierce winds.


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