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The blue-robed young man noticed the Wangu Clan disciple in charge of keeping order approaching and he struggled to his feet with a face twisted by anger.

He was fixing a venomous stare on Huang Xiaolong and complained to the Wangu Clan disciple, “Brother Jinsong, this person forcefully snatched my place! He even attacked and injured me, I implore Brother Jinsong to revoke this persons registration qualification!”

The disciples around who witnessed the scene earlier all shook their heads, secretly cursing this blue robed young mans shamelessness.

It was clearly him who wanted to snatch someone elses spot, yet he turned the tables and slandered the black-haired young man.

But the Wangu Clan disciple did not make any move.

Instead, he looked at the young man with contempt.

He had received ten top divine grade spirit stone from him, but then again, this short-knifed young man wanted to use him as a spear for a mere ten top divine grade spirit stones

At the end of the day, the two of them had only seen each other twice, there was no relationship between them whatsoever.

The Wangu Clan disciple wore a stern expression, snapping at the blue-robed young man instead, “Who the f*ck is your brother A trash like you, a late-First Highgod Realm that cant even handle a God Realm brat, you still dare to twist the truth here”

That blue robed young man and the surrounding disciples were flabbergasted.

The young man turned red and purple, failing to think of a comeback.

“Quickly scram! Ill revoke your registration qualification if you cause any more trouble here!” The Wangu Clan disciple barked.

Only then did the blue-robed young man scamper away.

Being barked at in public by a Wangu Clan disciple made the blue-robed young man feel extremely insulted,  hatred was brimming in his heart.

Of course, he dared not hate the Wangu Clan disciple, hence all of his hate and anger was focused on Huang Xiaolong.

When the young man was leaving, he looked venomously at Huang Xiaolong.

The Wangu Clan disciple returned to his earlier position, seemingly ignoring Huang Xiaolong.

The surrounding disciples had not expected this ending.

Shortly, they began to whisper amongst themselves about Huang Xiaolong, this perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm who easily defeated a late-First Order Highgod Realm master.

Even in the powerful galaxies prominent sects or families, this was rare.

Defeating a Highgod Realm master while still a God Realm, this kind of people were the freaks among the monstrous geniuses.

A few rows away from Huang Xiaolong, two female disciples were also lining up for registration.

At this time, both of them were looking at Huang Xiaolong, discussing through voice transmission.

‘Sis, could that person have learned some concealing technique, deliberately disguising his cultivation The young woman in goose-yellow attire asked with disbelief in her tone.

The other young woman clad in an emerald green dress, appearing slightly mature, shook her head,No, that black-haired young man is indeed a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm.”

The goose-yellow dress young womans eyes widened in surprise, “A perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm can defeat a late-First Order Highgod Realm so easily Doesn\'t that mean his talent is even higher than our Senior Brothers”

Their Senior Brother was hailed as the most talented genius of their sect in the last hundred thousand years, rivaling their Founding Ancestor.

The emerald green dress young woman said,In the vast space with countless galaxies, there will naturally be geniuses with greater talent than our Senior Brother.

The Wangu Clans Wangu Yanhui, Zhou Clans Zhou Yao, Mu Clans Mu Qi, Fortune Gates Fang Chu, the Ancient Sorcerer Schools Luo Shaochen, Orthodox Yang Sects Lu Dongwei, Flying Roc Chambers Peng Xuejiao, etcetera.

Each one of them possesses talent higher than our Senior Brothers.

The goose-yellow young woman pouted,Sis, the Wangu Clans Wangu Yanhuis talent might be higher than our Senior Brother, but the others not necessarily.

The emerald green dress young woman shook her head, not wanting to discuss the subject any further.

She was still looking at Huang Xiaolong, ‘Although this persons talent is very high, it\'s a pity that his cultivation is too low, just a perfection peak late-Tenth Order God Realm.

As strong as he might be, he wont make it to the top one thousand.

Across the street from the square, inside a pavilion building, two Wangu Clan Elders had witnessed Huang Xiaolong sending the blue-robed young man flying with one punch.

“This black-haired young man is not bad, his talent is almost at the level of our Wangu Clans core disciples.” Elder Wangu Shuo said, one of his hands stroking his beard as he looked on at Huang Xiaolong with interest.

The Wangu Clan had close to a hundred million disciples, and these disciples had to go through multiple assessments before they could obtain the status of a core disciple.

Each and every one of them were geniuses.

Hence, the assessment he gave Huang Xiaolong was a recognition.

Next to Wangu Shuo was the other Wangu Clan Elder, Wangu Changqing.

He smiled as he replied, “Really not bad, but not necessarily comparable to our clans core disciples, right He most likely cultivated for no less than a thousand years...”

Wangu Shuo shook his head, “Id say around five hundred years.”

Wangu Changqing made anoh sound, adding, “Since its like that, how about we make a bet”

“Bet on what” Wangu Shuo slightly tilted his head.

“Well bet 10 billion.

If his bone-age test doesn\'t exceed five hundred years, its my loss; and if it exceeds five hundred years, then I win.” Wangu Changqing laughed.

Wangu Shuo hesitated.

In all honesty, when he said that Huang Xiaolong had cultivated for less than five hundred years it was merely a guess, not something spoken with great confidence.

After all, ten billion was not a small sum.

Wangu Changqing taunted, brightly smiling, “What You dont dare”

Wangu Shuo gritted his teeth and agreed: “Fine, well bet!”

With that, the two Wangu Clan Elders made a little bet based on Huang Xiaolongs results, of which the person himself was unaware.

After Huang Xiaolong sent that young man flying with a single punch, it served as a great deterrence as no one dared to covet his spot anymore.

Several hours passed by quickly, and all the people in front of Huang Xiaolong had registered and left.

Finally, it was his turn.

Huang Xiaolong walked up to the disciple responsible for the registration and testing the bone-age.

That disciple asked Huang Xiaolong for some basic information, which galaxy, what name, and so forth.

Huang Xiaolong answered all he was asked.

“Go stand in front of the mirror to assess your bone-age.” The Wangu Clan disciple pointed at the mirror at the side about two meters tall and one meter wide.

Just by standing in front of this mirror, it could accurately read a persons bone-age.

According to the rules of the tournament, as long as one did not exceed two thousand years in age and had reached Ninth Order God Realm cultivation, they could register their name.

Huang Xiaolong went to stand in front of the mirror as instructed.

Then, the mirror surface emitted a bright light that enveloped him within, causing a warm energy to slowly flow through Huang Xiaolongs bones.

Inside the pavilion building in the distance, Wangu Shuo and Wangu Changqing stared at Huang Xiaolong, not blinking at all.

They were waiting for the result with bated breaths, especially Wangu Shuo.

He was so nervous that his hands were clenched into fists.

Noticing Wangu Shuos nervous expression, Wangu Changqing chuckled, “Looks like youre paying me those 10 billion, I\'m sure this black-haired young man is definitely older than five hundred years.”

At this moment, Wangu Shuos intestines were twisting from regret.

Right now, he was thinking that Huang Xiaolongs bone-age couldnt possibly be lower than five hundred years, for even among their Wangu Clans core disciples who cultivated for five hundred years, only a handful had the strength to defeat a late-First Order Highgod Realm.

On the square, the light from the mirror flickered, dissipating to reveal a line of words: Bone-age, 258.


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